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Catch of The Day 75%, 60%, 50%, 40% off Sale


Catch of The Day 75%, 60%, 50%, 40% Sale. Act Fast!

Discount applies in cart.

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    Any 100% bargains?

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      404, bargain not found

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      Any 100% bargains?

      0% bargains based on title and description…

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    Hopefully servers handle this one better than last time.

    • Seem to be doing really well

      • Because not many people care about COTD because it runs on commodore 64's for servers

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    Hurry up! Act fast!!

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    Mehhh same crap as last week
    some of the 50% now was 60% last week

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    no deals listed

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      Not sure why you're being negged.. What you said is true.

      • I've noticed a lot of circle jerking on OZBargain…

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    A quick tip to HOPEFULLY find some deals.. for one of the categories (ie. 75%) go and filter the brands/sizes you want, then grab the long string that appears after the last / in the URL bar

    ie. ?sort=0&brand%5B%5D=3963&brand%5B%5D=2837&brand%5B%5D=2954&brand%5B%5D=3637

    Add that to the end of any of the other categories (ie. 75%) and it can save you some time sorting through all the "cheap" undies :)

  • Damn, no bargains for 1000TC King Sheet Set ?

    • Doesn't look like it

  • umm wtf is this sale, any bargains?
    Not deals listed?
    Everything looks RRP as well……

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      Discount is applied in cart

      • i'm not getting any discount in cart, ?

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          You do have to login for discount to show.

          TBH, this is a really poor effort by the OP. No deal listed, no clear info on how to get the discount.

        • @highdealer: Sorry, it's my first post…

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        Discount is applied in cart

        Discount for what ?? There are no bargains in the posting…

        read the posting rules… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guidelin...

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          Then don't post it at all.

          General etiquette is at least to post one or two good bargains and then you can say a general 'more items on the site.'

          Posted as it is, people are just going to go through pages and pages and jv is right, there's nothing there bargain worthy and it just wastes everyone's time.

          Deal is neg worthy based on that.

          However there are exceptions made for deals that have gotten a bunch of votes before getting removed.

          I wonder how many of the people who actually voted on the deal actually bought something.

          If there's no specific bargains then it's as good as spam advertisement, like those 'up to 80% off' signs you see in stores and when you walk in there isn't really anything close to that actually discounted even if you were the first person in the store.

          And by the way please don't take it as a personal attack. Negs and comments are in relation to the deal, not on the person posting it.

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          @natsumezoku: Take it easy it is their first post.

        • @knick007:

          I reiterate, the comments are not an attack on the person.

          The comments are in relations to the deal posted and how it could be improved.

          Personally I'd rather be treated as an adult and told what mistakes I've made instead of being patronized and coddled in order to spare feelings but to each their own.

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    These are the left-overs from last sale.
    Though there are still some Timberland shoes on sale (50% or 60% not sure).

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    I hate this % off in cart business. Don't make me do maths in my head as a browse ya damn site.

  • Some Onitsuka Tigers still available - got two pairs in decent colours for just over $100 - happy.

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      There's also no shame in buying women's onitsukas in larger sizes if you can't get your size in men's

      • -1

        No, there is shame in being a male in women's clothing.
        Unless it matches your makeup and purse.

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    Better deals this time. Sheridan ryan 4pack $15. Converse small sizes-3 pairs for $40.

    • Damn, I bought the Ryan 4 pack last time too.

      • I came for the Ryan pack as I missed out last time and it's sold out! Nice pick Shining.

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    I don't think it was as good as last time but I managed to get 2 pairs of converse for $39.97 delivered so thanks OP :)

    • You could vote to say thanks also.

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        Thought I did. Obviously not

        • Voted now thanks
    • The last sale had some converse at 50% off so much cheaper this time at 75% off.

  • Trust me most of the things you buy in this sale

    will end up in the bin

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    Kambrook planetary mixer $48. Not bad. I've got the Adesso branded mixer from Woolworths which is from the same factory and almost identical other than the splash guard and differently styled top. I paid $39.50, and it's been great for the price. Managed many loafs of bread, pizza doughs and cakes so far.

    Thermomix knockoff for $150. Although chances are you're better off getting the Target one which can be had for $200 at the moment.

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    Used my store credit and got a Huawei 6.1” Ascend Mate for $160 (Paid $15 Out of pocket)

    Today I got my Samsung S6 Edge that i won from a competition so not sure why i bought it

    • +20

      so that you'd have a mate for your S6?

      • +1

        lol. i see what you did here.

    • +1

      what competition? so lucky…

    • +1

      I'd sell it while the going is good and either drop the money into a decent share or buy a flagship Xiaomi or something then pocket the change.

  • Some of the LED lenser torches can be had for a very good price. I've already got one myself and they are very well made.

    For example this one is showing as $59 plus p&H, but comes down to $24.74 delivered - https://www.catchoftheday.com.au/event/adventure-accessories...

    According to the 3 camels, the cheapest this torch has been is $62.36 US. The cheapest on ebay is $82.90 Aus

    • Showing as sold out now.

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    Browse through 70%,60%,50%,40% still couldn't find something I want to buy.

    • ditto

    • dittto

    • Didnt even click through to cotd.


    • Yep, went through everything, but couldn't find anything worth buying.

  • Used some some store credit that I didn't realised that I had!

    Got some baby stuff.

  • Kardashian handbags and sunglasses…hahahahaha

  • reject shop

  • +2

    Catch of The Day 75%, 60%, 50%, 40% off Sale

    Cheaper here88% off !!!

    No Deal…..

  • Beep, not cheap unless it's free.

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    I found crap I didn't know I needed, so thanks for that.

  • filth

  • +2

    Wtf 6ft rubber ducky for $169.

  • -3

    led lenser u have been served.

  • +5

    Bought a fluffy penguin ottoman, the wife will kill me.

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    The amount of crap here is shocking. Last time was better.

  • honestly can't remember when's the last time I bought anything from COTD? …

  • lol loads of crap

    • +3

      You mean crap of the day

  • why??? One of the most corrupt ridden caps in history!


  • You can leaaaaaaaaaave your hat on!

    I just bought some from Kmart :(


    Rio undies in my size, 70 for 32.1c each POSTED! That is jaw dropping, not even my Chinese overlords can match that!

  • link for the converse two for $40 please?

  • +5

    Pretty much all the stuff listed on there are junk..

  • +1

    Lucky I didn't rely on the comments here. Theres some good stuff. Wish I had checked earlier

  • Click-bait, as usual. No, thanks.

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    Thanks so much!!! Checked out $180 worth of stuff for $54 incl postage :) awesome stuff

    • +3

      Care to list what you bought?

  • +1

    Trash of the Day, no thanks!

  • I thought ozbargainers are allergic to catch of the day?

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    Dammit, the product i really wanted wasn't on sale ;(


    • +1

      I don't believe in wiping

    • an interesting alternative to toilet wet wipes

  • The Emporio Armani AR1604 is pretty cheap at $119. Not sure if the IPad Air keyboard cases at $20-$25 are worth it but haven't seen any recent deals. Not much else of interest.

  • +1

    well done COTD..you managed to squeeze $100 out of me. bought some tees, a beanie, random household goods and even bought another maglite 3d for my collection. could've easily been ~$130 if i didn't check myself before financially wrecking myself :p

  • Ordered Onitsuka Tiger, how fast is their processing time until it's shipped?

    • 2 to 3 days, their shipping is slow

  • +1

    Drill bits, screw driver bits, 20 t-shirts, 20 pairs of underpants, a Belkin TV, a Black and Decker palm sander and some socks for $100. Just wow.

    Makes me forget some of the loathing I feel for COTD.

    • Which socks did you go with?