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[VPN Offer] Buy 1 Year Purevpn Account and Get 1 Year Extra PureVPN Account Free $49.95


o Duration of any add-ons you purchase will also be doubled!
o Servers in 100+ countries
o 450+ VPN servers at 205 locations
o 80,000+ IPs to go anonymous with
o Free App for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
o Support gaming consoles, routers, SmartTVs and many other devices.
o 5 multi login feature
o 24/7/365 customer support

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  • +1

    Anyone used them and can comment about speed and if there's local servers in AUS that are relatively fast?

    ExpressVPN is one that a lot of security people use, much more expensive but are fast.

    Wonder if this a US based company, in which case comes under the NSA….

    Most good services have multiple accounts and if you have a router that runs DDWRT then can setup different machines to go through different VPNs (and hence terminate in different locations/regions). Handy for Netflix and other services.

    • PureVPN is HK based, so no issues of NSA.

      • Oh.. Ok.. Cool…. So the Chinese aren't spying on everyone anymore?

        I'll move on then.

        • -1

          I found it's laughable to say Chinese spy/hack on others is bad because
          1 EVERY country does that, if not then the secret service agencies are incompetent - just look at USA spying EU leaders
          2 when some sensitive been hacked it's always Chinese or Russia at fault - why did you get hacked in the first place?
          3 if you still arguing- read more about Edward Snowdon & don't be a simpleton

        • Unlike NSA, Chinese don't force companies to give up personal records and data of their users. When it comes to maintaining privacy of their users, HK-based VPNs are far superior to US or UK based VPNs. Still, it's all about what you're comfortable with.

    • Im interested in the speed as well. im on cable getting roughly 100/5 no vpn
      On ExpressVPN i get 20/2 (via Sydney server)

      • Tried them 2 weeks ago, as soon as i got connected, the internet got cut-out, tried different servers/settings etc. still no luck.

        Apparently i had to re-configure my router to make the VPN work, by-pass the firewall on my router so the internet can go through when using PureVPN. Out of all other VPN's i've tried this was the only one that needed to do that, don't think i should modify my router and disable any form of firewall/protection my computer has just so this VPN could work, seems a bit far-fetched i'd say.

        Before committing with their plans, request for a trial version, saves you the hassle requesting for a refund, which took me 72+ hours before i got my money back.

        Sticking to VyprVPN for now.

  • This is US$ I am guessing?

    • yes, it's US$.

  • I am on telstra cable which sets on 14MB/S, with pureVPN i get about 8.5MB/S, which is acceptable for me personally..

    • I had a free month and worst was 83K with 200+ seeding generally better then cyberghost but peek times i found it crawl. Maybe they have upgraded their network in the last 6 months

  • -3

    Best way to turn you adsl2 into dialup

  • I'm connected with PureVPN right now as it happens. Used them for the last month. I'm very impressed. Way better connections and software experience than my previous CyberGhost and Okay Freedom attempts. Choice rated them equal top in a recent test

  • I'm going to oversea countries who may block google services. any android app? so I can use my gmail service?

    • +1

      Install openVPN connect..works with nearly all providers

    • PureVPN has an android app, as well, along with apps for Windows, Mac and iOS. To download the app, please go here: http://www.purevpn.com/download.php

  • I'm on Telstra cable I get 70-80mbs when I turn on pure vpn still get 30-40mb not bad

  • one more question. how can you use the vpn only for specific website/ip (on android/windows pc)?

    • For this purpose, PureVPN offers a unique feature called "Split Tunneling". This tool can be used on Windows system (PC/laptop) and is integrated in the PureVPN Windows Software.

  • Just bought a 12 month subscription, but on the invoice it still shows that I'll be billed in a year with no indications of receiving an extra 12 months.

    Is the 1+1 deal done automatically?

    • It'll be updated automatically after the deal expires. Did you talk to the live chat reps btw?

      • Ah right, cheers. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

        Live chat doesn't seem to be working for me, but thanks for the clarification.

  • how is this compare to the much cheaper VPN.SH? interested to find out from speed perspective.. any idea thx..

    • PureVPN has a gigabit server network so it provides really good speeds as pointed out by a few people above. Besides, it's got 450+ servers in 100+ countries with special P2P file-sharing servers and 24/7 support and 5 simultaneous logins.

  • For torrenting and Netflix, would I be requiring to buy any addons?

    • Not really. For P2P file-sharing, we have dedicated servers in countries like Brunei, Turkey, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, etc. For Netflix, and I'm assuming you're talking about US Netflix, you can connect to any of our 160+ servers in the US. However, if your ISP is throttling your traffic or you're having speed issues on your network then you'll need the SmartDNS add-on.

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