MacBook Air i5 128GB or Surface Pro 3 i5 128GB?

Hey guys~

So tomorrow I am going to need to buy myself a new laptop, with a budget of around $1350 max, Deciding between Surface Pro 3 i5 128Gb $1147 + keyboard (


MacBook Air 13" i5 128gb (
$1277 + $50 gift card + office,

I like the higher res of the Surface personally, but also love the battery on the Mac, and since I have never had a Mac before and live / work in a primarily windows environment, I would have to buy Windows and install it on the Mac.

Just after opinions though! Thanks :)

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    MacBook Air
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    Surface Pro 3


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    dude go for the black macbook!
    if i didnt already have a MBA id go for it in a heartbeat. only castle hill good guys has stock left so better act quickly.
    EDIT: soz i didnt realise you're in QLD, they're already sold out up there.
    I've got a MBA, pretty happy with everything except the screen. but sometimes i wish i had a tablet for using in bed. hope this helps.

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    Go for the MBA. I recently got a MBPr because i got sick of the surface pro 3. While it is great device with the specs it has, it got quite annoying with the keyboard not supporting the tablet. It is totally fine when you are working on it on the table, but once you start moving around to the bed and couch, then the surface will become a pain to use.
    But i do miss the touch screen on the surface. And with the battery on the surface pro 3, expect to get around 7-8 hours with normal usage.

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    Why do you need a laptop? If you are thinking about going with Surface Pro 3, are you going to utilise the stylus and the tablet function? If you are going to use the stylus to jot things down, draw graphs, write notes on PDF while highlighting etc, then I think Surface Pro 3 would have more values to you. If not then would you benefit from having a clamshell design laptop? Ask those questions yourself and you'd get an answer. I frankly think the design that surfaces come in have both positives and negatives, but if you are not going to use the stylus and tablet function effectively and just rely on it as a laptop…

    Of course, this is just my personal opinion.

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      I have a Surface Pro 2 and I do like it, but it's not a laptop.
      I had a MBA for work which was lighter and the clam shell just felt more "work" whereas the SP was more "play and casual work". If you ever play in Photoshop, just get the SP - the Wacom digitiser is brilliant.

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        3 is using different technology, n-trig. If you like to take notes, I've heard that it makes little different (to an extent you can ignore), if you are drawing, I've heard that n-trig are worse than wacom in few areas (At least from what I've seen in other non-English forums I've visited, some people were automatically put off from getting a Surface Pro 3 because of that).

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    Have a look at other tablet convertibles as well mate, some are more bang for buck. It's not just Microsoft in the race.

    I'm not sure whether there's still stock but we were selling i5 Toshiba convertibles with 4Gb and 128Gb SSD for only $750 on run-out only a few weeks ago! Sure a slightly older gen i5 but for that price…….

    • Who is we?
      That sounds interesting to me…

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    Thanks for the comments guys, going to go with the SP3 mainly for portability and screen resolution! :)

    • good choice!