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50,000 Reward / QFF Points with ANZ Platinum, Black, Rewards Credit Card (1st Year Annual Fee Waived)


Same deal as per recently expired offer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/193092

ANZ Rewards points offer
ANZ Qantas FF points offer

You need to spend $3000 in the first 3 months to get the reward points or Frequent Flyer points. Can then be used in the ANZ rewards store or Qantas store.

You can get the points and cancel before the annual fee in the second year applies.

Can be used to take advantage of the current AMEX offers.

A $200 Woolworths gift card is nearly 40,000 ANZ reward points. A $250 Woolworths gift card is 37,500 Qantas frequent flyer points.
Browse ANZ store here: https://anzrewards.com/public/redeem.aspx
Browse Qantas store here: https://store.qantas.com/

Not valid for existing ANZ credit card holders or if you have closed an account in the previous 12 months.

Frequent Flyer Card:
Available with the standard, black and platinum frequent flyer card. Eligibility criteria applies depending on what card you apply for. Just for the standard FF card you need an annual income of 15k, platinum is 50k, and black is 75k.

Black card also gets you 2x Qantas club passes (~$80-100 resale value) and a discount on Qantas club membership. Also gets you access to participating airport lounges worldwide, regardless of which airline you are flying with.
Platinum and Black give you complimentary travel/medical insurance and car rental excess cover.
Complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership included.

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    Offer available to new and approved applicants ONLY :(

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    'Unfortunately the promotional offer you have selected cannot be found or has expired.
    You can view ANZ's wide range of credit cards at https://www.anz.com/creditcards. If you are not automatically redirected within 10 seconds, please click on https://www.anz.com/creditcards'

    • Same thing here, takes me to a page with expired promotion when you press Apply.

      • same here.

        • You are right, just saw that.

          Something must be broken on their site, maybe give it until the end of the day to get fixed.
          T&C's state though that offer expires on the 20th August 2015, so hopefully its just some temporary issue on the backend.

        • It has since gone through to the correct page now.

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    If you don't think you will spend $3000 in 3 months, remember that business class flights are fully refundable.

    • what do you mean by that?

      • +3

        book flight, get points refund it…..

        also just pay $3000 on ur electric in advance, not like u will never use it

        • lol I see

        • It shouldn't be an issue, but in case they get narky about refunds, you can book your flights for a date 6 months away, wait for the 3 months to roll past, collect the bonus points and then refund the flights.

        • -1


          if u live in qld, like me just go but 12 go cards at $250, get ur points, refund them…
          even better book a hotel in las vegas on expedia for 2 weeks, at $3100.. get ur points and cancel.

          i just hope points dont go negative…

          do qff etc remove points earned on refunds.

        • @unclesnake:

          You will not get the points from the flights as you won't be using them, it's purely just a means to spend the money on something that can easily be refunded so you can get the bonus points.

        • @cymon:

          didnt say u would, u just wanna blow 3000 bucks in 3 months, why f*rt about with an airline, just go buy $1000 of groceries, electricity and other stuff you will consume.

        • +2

          Because some people can't afford to pay off a $3000 credit card debt before the interest starts. My method means that you can buy the flights near the end of the 3rd month, get bonus points, refund flights and not worry about having to pay the closing balance at the end of the statement period. The flights can be subbed for anything that is fully refundable, it was just a suggestion.

        • @cymon:

          Great idea. Not sure I could spend 3k in 3months

          So you get the refund; is it credited back to the card? Any way of then releasing that 3k into a bank account or cash? Or do you just have to slowly spend it down?


        • @roddo:
          If you had a $3k debt on your card and got a $3k refund credited to it, your balance would be $0.

        • @roddo: I talked to ANZ about exactly this once. They said it was like a debit card. You can withdraw the cash from an ATM, or just use it to pay for other things along the way. Not sure if there is a fee for ATM withdrawl, so better check that first.

        • @cymon: This gets complicated if the bonus points are credited further in advance than you would start paying interest. E.g. 44 days interest free, but if the points are credited after 60-90 days, then you would have to refund before you get the points. That may prevent you from getting them.

        • @therog1:
          This bloke reported a 2 week turnaround for the bonus points.

        • @cymon: Ah OK, that's interesting to know. My comment was in relation to another card, but good to know for this card.

        • +1

          Cheers guys. I will apply for this card. And hope I don't screw up the business class tix/refund situation :P

          Don't tell ANZ about this.

        • @roddo: your secret is safe with ozbargain and the internet! ;-)

        • @therog1: cash advance fee only, i balance transfered 25k to a credit credit card that had no debt, and it involved 5 withdrawels a day apart of 5k, and the fee was 5 bucks or so each time.

          cheap price for an int free loan for a year.

          close the card and just get a cheque

        • @unclesnake: actually i guess u could go to woolies and just withdraw it these days

        • @unclesnake: You would still pay the $5 fee as that is charged by your bank to you rather than it being a merchant cost.

        • @cymon: fair enough..

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    "This offer applies only once per customer"
    Probably rules most of ozbargain out!

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    Please consider which product you want to sign up for and make doubly sure you have used the correct link!

    ANZ are pretty useless at (anything) so when you go to collect your cards, if you have a change of address label on the back of your ID, make sure they photocopy both sides of your ID. Otherwise they change your address to match your ID and then more ANZ stupidity ensues :/

  • "Not valid for existing ANZ credit card holders"

    wasn't a TnC last time as I was an ANZ CC holder. Last time also didn't have minimum spend at all.

    They're wising up!

  • The bonus Qantas Points will be credited to your ANZ account

    Does that mean it can't be added to an existing QFF account?

    • +1

      any Qantas points will be put in your bank/credit card account first, then at the end of the month will be credited to your Qantas account

  • I already got this card for 3 months. From my experience I spent 3k on first month and 50k Qantas points transferred to my QFF in 2 weeks. That's cool. Save me half airfare for the next trip.

    • Hi @cmines, was that 2 weeks after your spending reached 3k or 3 weeks after 3 months passed?

      I have spent my 3k and I am on the second month but I have not seen any points transferred. Thanks.

  • 1 point per $2 on Visa, right?
    No deal.
    QCU is 1/1.

    • The 1.5 QFF points per $ on Amex is great. Especially if you are trying to reach a certain points goal.

        • +3

          Online shopping via Paypal payment. You can add AMEX for main payment method.

        • +1

          Macamaca, assuming you mean not many merchants accept AMEX, without a surcharge.

          FYI, the following major retailers do so without a surcharge (you may have shopped at a few):
          - Woolworths
          - Coles
          - Shell, Caltex, Mobil/7-11 service stations
          - Big W, Target, K-mart, Myer, David Jones, etc
          - McDonald's

          They're accepted at a lot more retailers now than say the early 90's - maybe because they're operating on a scheme level closely with card re-issuers as opposed to a separate entity (a la Visa/Mastercard)

        • +1

          I have an Amex and I find acceptance is about 50/50 - all the major stores take it, and it's accepted by a lot of online stores too.

  • Is it really worthwhile spending points on flights?

    1. I will never fly business/first class, so using points for upgrades is a waste for me.
    2. With all the taxes etc that come with flights, isn't it cheaper to just wait for a good airfare (like the bargain LAX/NYC deals just then)

    So in saying all that, the best way is to spend it on something that you will use "everyday" such as a Woolies gift card (grocies, petrol)?

    • +1

      I don't see Europe in the bargain flights. Even if so, taxes only is still far cheaper than than a bargain flight.

    • +1

      Points are worth much more when redeemed as flights versus other purchases.

      When redeeming flights, the conversion seems to be something like 50 pts / dollar. But when redeeming cash value the conversion is closer to 150 pts / dollar (using the WW gift card example).

      So 50,000 pts is like $1000 in flights, or $333 in gift cards.

      • +2

        Well I guess it'd take a bit of math, because if say I get a cheap flight to LA for $800 return without points, and with points it comes to 50,000 points + $750 in taxes, then saving $50 at an expense of 50,000 points isn't really worth it.

        That 50k points could've gotten you a woolies voucher for $333.

        Looks like it's a case by case basis…

        • Plus, the recent bargain flights are being cancelled (see latest comments). $800 flights are still extremely rare and $1k is more typical of a good bargain (with limited travel periods). Points based flights generally have much less limited travel periods.

        • +1

          agree with montorola. check the flight that you want first, how much in $$$. then check with point PLUS taxes, how much the taxes and how much the $$$ value of your points (comparing it gift card).

          sometimes it's more worthy if you're not using your points for flight at all

      • +1

        just got a $690 flight from charlotte to lax direct for 5.60 and 18000 points… whats that work out to be

    • I have said the same about business class, but when you are on a 20hr flight and you are using points you got for free to upgrade to business… worth it.

    • YOLO so fly business class at least once… with the bonus points of course =)

    • +1

      One of the best ways to redeem for flights is on Round-the-World fares. Economy Oneworld RTW awards are 140k + taxes, while Business RTWs are 280k + taxes - given the taxes are the same, it's double the points for a product which normally costs 4-5x as much.

      It does depend on your personal preferences of course. I do a lot of domestic flying on routes that aren't served at all by LCCs, and have a fairly strong preference for QF over VA due to their better services on the routes I regularly fly, so collecting QF points on my credit card over other types of rewards schemes is a good way of boosting the significant amount I already earn from flying. 8,000 points (or 11,000 including taxes) gets me an award economy seat on short-haul domestic sectors I regularly use, so I've done that a few times. It probably doesn't make sense to redeem points where the taxes are comparable to an LCC fare, but there are still reasons why one would choose to fly QF at a premium over an LCC anyway.

      • Thanks. Time for some more planning! :)

        (Will easily have 140k points for use next year, or the year after, whenever friends want to go certain places!)

  • Question about the Qantas Points,

    Does QP have expiry date, I read somewhere, if you dont use QF within 3 years, its gone. Is that correct?

    Many thanks

    • +1

      either use or EARN, so it won't expire

      Do my Qantas Points expire?

      Your Qantas Points will not expire as long as you earn or use Qantas Points (excluding family transfers or the conversion of points from Aquire) through your Frequent Flyer account at least once every 18 months. This includes earning or using Qantas Points with our program partners. The time period starts from the date of your last activity (in the case of earning points on eligible flights, that is the date the flight was taken).

      Even if your Qantas Points do expire, you remain a Frequent Flyer member and your Frequent Flyer number and card remain valid. The next time you want to earn Qantas Points, simply use your card and the points will be credited to your account.

    • As long as you spend or earn QFF points within 18 months they will not expire :)

  • Can someone else use my Qantas Frequent Flyer points if I have no use for it?

    • Transfer points to family members…

      • I was looking to SELL those points to a friend. Possible?

        • +2

          Sure, if they are wink wink family ;)

  • lol the last time i did this deal was 11 months ago and they don't allow you to sign up if you've cancelled in the last 12 months. bad timing.

    Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card within the previous twelve months


    • you still have 50 days.

      • "Cancelled in the last 12 months" would mean that if you signed up for the deal posted on ozbargain roughly one year ago, (like many of us including myself) you would not be eligible.

    • +1

      For ANZ FF Cards, the condition is not closing FF cards in twelve months.
      For ANZ rewards cards, the condition is not closing rewards cards in twelve months.

      So, this should be fine, if you apply for a ff card when closing a rewards card, or apply for a rewards card when closing a ff card :D

      • Has anyone who has held a ANZ FF flyer card within the past 12 months applied for the ANZ Reward card and had success in getting the 50,000 rewards points?

        I have closed my ANZ FF account within the last 12 months.

    • Wow, that doesn't look dodgy at all…

  • Could you buy $3000 worth of gold bars from the mint, and sell later ?
    Its just I would have trouble spending that normally.
    My total food bill for a year is $2000

    • +3

      Or withdraw $3000 and send it as a loan to Greece and then they pay it back after 3 months. No problem.

    • $3000 to me, double points for you! 100,000 points!!

    • +1

      If you don't want to screw around with fully refundable airfares:

      You could sign up at a merchant gateway, which will take a ~1.65% cut, and just pay yourself.
      (You'll make half that back in interest with ING Direct over 3 months).

      • Can you please elaborate on this one or provide a link to one you can recommend. Just interested as I thought it's only banks who offer this service.

        • I was considering using Paymate myself, but will wait towards the end of my second month to see how much I've spent and find out the actual costs involved (if there's more than my figure on the next line). They used to market themselves as a Paypal alternative (and likely still do, but more for merchants these days).
          PS. If you find anything cheaper than $33 per $2000 let us know! :)

  • I have an ANZ credit card but nothing to do with frequent flyer thing. Never had Frequent Flyer card, do I qualify for 50,000 points if I get approved?

    • yes, you are!

      • great thanks!

  • Do supplementary card holders have a different card number from the primary card holder for the AmEx with the ANZ cards?

    • yes

  • Been looking for FF rewards Credit Card.

    I've read that you get bonus points when referring? But I saw some post on this thread saying you get less points? Bit confused.

  • So assuming you make over the 75k salary requirement is there any reason why you wouldn't apply for the Black card over the plat or std? Assuming you were going to cancel before the 12th month that is..

    Also, when it says Qantas club discount is for Black holders (up to $455), I'm having trouble working out from the fine print what that actually means the final price of Qantas club is? It says;

    "$455 saving in the first year is based upon a joining fee waiver and a discount to the standard one-year individual membership rate. The joining fee waiver is for a >new one year individual Qantas Club memberships purchased using an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card …. Quoted joining fee savings are based on the joining fee for an >individual Qantas Club membership application by an Australian resident. …. Quoted membership fee savings are based on the difference between the published corporate >membership rate and the fee applicable to an individual Qantas Club membership held by an Australian resident."

    So Qantas club for individuals it's $385 for joining and $510 for the first year, total $895. With the discount (-$455) does that mean it's $440? If so, why does it say the fee savings are based on the difference between published corporate rate compared to an individual.. so confusing.

  • I wonder if the $6000 in fraudulent transactions that just appeared on my ANZ AMEX card applies… sigh

  • Made it through the application phase… now to add the 50000 points to those from my Jetstar Mastercard 50000 bonus and I should be off and flying.

  • So would cancelling 3000 worth of hotel booking before the 3 months trick work?

    • 3mo might be cutting it a little close depending on when you timed the purchase.

      • but has this trick worked? when is the best time then? :)

        • Because it can take 6-8 weeks for points to appear, if you have only 3 months to refund a hotel booking, then you'd want to pay for it as close to the end of your credit card statement month as you can. Then wait for the points to arrive, then refund the booking.

        • @coxymla:

          Oh okay I kinda am getting it now. So it's best to book a hotel like way way into the future so I can still cancel and get the refund with no troubles? :D

        • @ozchobie: I think I misunderstood your original question.

          You said "3 month trick", at first I thought you meant that you had to cancel the hotel booking within 3 months?

          If instead you mean the $3K spend within the first 3 month of owning the credit card and you can cancel the hotel booking at any time then there's no issue.

        • @coxymla:

          Ha sorry about that. But yeah. I meant the latter :)

          Thanks mate!

  • +1

    I applied for a supplementary card during the application process. The supplementary card has a different card number than the main card. This is a good thing for the Amex rebate deals.

  • So I applied for the black card and didn't get instantly approved so need to wait now.
    Anyone else in the same boat?

    • I was. They asked me for confirmation of income via email.

      • I got an approval email this morning.
        No further info was required. Guess the algorithm just didn't have me as an instant approval.

      • Do you need to forward proof of income?

        • I didn't need to.

        • +1


          Cool. So im new to this cc tricks. Do you get charged for the second annual fee on your first anniversary? People just cancel prior to that date to avoid the fees right?

        • +1

          @ozchobie: That's right. Put an alert in your calendar to remind you before the anniversary date and give your cc a call asking if they will waive the annual fee. Then you decide whether to keep the card.
          If you cancel before the anniversary date then you avoid getting charged the annual fee.

    • I didn't get instant approval and have been waiting for further correspondence from them for the 4th business day now. Not looking good :/ this is my first credit card application too and I'm slightly concerned!

  • Is this a good secondary card to pair with AmEx for places it's not accepted even if it's just for the first year to get the free points?

    • ? This is AMEX. They're "Linked" cards, these days.
      VISA & AMEX on the same account. Use the card you'd prefer, when it suits best.