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"Scoot Thru" Singapore Promo: $200-$300 off on Return Flights Going through Changi


Use the code word "CHANGI" when buying a return ticket with Scoot to select destinations, and if the flight passes through Changi airport then you could possibly get $200 or $300 off on your airfare. Flying directly to Singapore only seems to give you a $40 discount or less, so this'll work best for the other locations. I personally didn't get a discount for the dates I wanted but this'll probably benefit some of you, enjoy!

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The details and locations that are discounted are listed below:

China: Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenyang, Tianjin.
Hong Kong
Japan: Tokyo(Narita).
Myanmar: Yangon.
Philippines: Boracay, Cebu.
South Korea: Seoul.
Taiwan: Kaohsiung, Taipei.
Thailand: Bangkok(Don Mueang), Phuket.

Sale Period:
Singapore/Perth time (GMT+8): 0000hrs 25 Jun 2015 Thursday – 2359hrs 27 Jul 2015 Monday
Gold Coast/Sydney time (GMT+10): 0200hrs 25 Jun 2015 Thursday – 0159hrs 27 Jul 2015 Monday

Travel Period:
Depart Perth/Gold Coast/Sydney to:
Singapore/Bangkok-Don Mueang/Hong Kong/Taipei/KaohsiungNanjing/Qingdao/Tianjin/Shenyang/Tokyo/Seoul: By 26 Mar 2016
Maldives/Kalibo/Yangon/Cebu/Phuket: By 24 Oct 2015

Depart Melbourne to all sale destinations: 1 Nov 2015 – 26 Mar 2016
Blackout periods may apply over school holidays and event periods.

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  • +1

    Found Gold Coast to Bangkok departing September 28, returning October 23 for $292.37. A $200 discount.

    • Good find! I felt a bit lazy posting any prices but there are plenty like that.

    • Only Good if you like their massive layover times in Singapore on return.

      • Or their massive layover going in the other direction ex-Sydney. But there are many worse places to kill a bit of time than Changi. And they have free city tours during the day.

        If you don't have check-in luggage or you're on fly-thru you can stay airside 'til morning and get some sleep in one of the by-the-hour airside hotels. Otherwise your luggage ends up in unclaimed baggage and you pick it up in the morning … apparently.

        • How far is Changi from the main attractions in Singapore? Would it be easy to go sight seeing during the long layover?

        • @davelarz:
          Changi is about 15km from the centre of the city - the whole island is only around 40km x 20km in size. There is a train (MRT) to the airport that is part of the city-wide system, and like everything in Singapore it is quick and efficient. Or Changi airport offers free city tours several times a day - info on their website.

          One one overnight layover I took the MRT to a cheap (by Singapore standards) hotel, on another I stayed airside and paid for six hours in one of those hotels.

          Both times I have flown Scoot I have taken a different airline from SIN to minimize the layover time - it was something like 22 hours layover on Scoot SYD-SIN-BKK, but I got that down to about 12 by taking the first LCC flight of the morning SIN-BKK. (Tiger, Jetstar, maybe Air Asia? NokScoot perhaps.) If you're a gambler you could look for a late night SIN-BKK (SIN-wherever) flight on another airline and avoid the overnight.

          Great connection coming back on Scoot though. And they have more planes and more code-share arrangements now, so the layovers may not be as bad.

        • @davelarz:

          Very easy to get to the city by train or taxi. Both are cheap. About $25 SGD for a taxi. Trains are awesome and so easy to use. Never had to wait more than 4 minutes for any train so don't worry about timetables.


          If you change your money at Changi there's no commision. I got $1.02 SGP for $1.00 AUD. Compare with $0.97 SGP in Australia plus a $12.00 commision per transaction.

  • It appears to work on OW PER-DMG (Bangkok). $100 off.

  • IF any one can find discounted Melbourne to anywhere scoot is onspecial for please let me know. Been trying to look for one all return with "promotion not applied due to promotion restriction" regardless any months I've tried.

    • they don't start melbourne until 1st November, 4 weekly

      • Yes, that, I am aware. if you can find any special (preferrably to Narita Tokyo) for melbourne post 1st November to 26 March, please advise

        • I had a look through all of those dates and couldn't find anything for those dates, sorry.

        • Hi, I was checking Melbourne to Narita prices and the $300 off deal is active for those dates now. For example; Travelling Nov 2-Dec 4 is now $270.08 + $265.46 = $536.44 (before luggage and meals). With 20kg luggage and meals it ends up costing $806. Not sure if that is a deal or not?

        • +1

          no deal

          jetstar fly direct mel-narita. was $299 on sale yesterday. seems to be on sale $299 most weeks keep an eye out

  • +3

    Great if you like 17 hour layovers, +$70 for 20kg of luggage, +18 dollar processing fee and +$8 to choose your seat.

  • +2

    Another coupon ESCAPE10 was in my facebook feed (as advertisement)…..for 10% off all fares.

  • Just used this to get $20 off SYD-SIN - thanks!

    • I am looking at SYD-SIN too but cant find any great deals, what did yours end up being? Looking at Aug 24-28. Noticed no flights back on that date though :(

      • Oh I booked a very last minute ticket (for tomorrow) and it ended up being $340ish (excl baggage) so pretty good for a last minute ticket..

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