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360 Degrees Time Lapse Pan & Tilt Head for Your Camera $39 (Was $96) @ Camera Paradise


Lots of fun video recordings with this gadget for $39 including delivery.

Create 90° (15 minutes), 180° (30 minutes), 270° (45 minutes), 360° (60 minutes) sweeping time-lapse films
Precision, Adopts metal smell, all loading parts use metal material
360° any angle adjustment
Easy to mount on tripod
Support multi 360TL overlay accelerate rotation
Suit for DSLR, GoPro, Smart Phone, Digital Camera
Size: 60 x 60 x 42 mm
Time Range: 60 mins
Direction setted: CW direction
Running direction: CCW direction
Adaption screws: 1/4 screws, Holes
Loading capacity: Max 3.5 kg
End warning continuous time: >3 sec

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    If your only looking to do Go-Pro time lapses and wanna save yourself some $$$ then i've found you can achieve great results with the old "IKEA egg timer" method.

    Grab one of these and follow something like this

    Probably need to look at something a little heftier if you wanna use a DSLR, but for under $10 the IKEA method works a treat.

    • IKEA Australia sell the egg-timer for $14.99

      • +1

        So they do, my bad. I actually picked mine up for about $3 in the clearance section near the checkouts, had a few scuffs on it, nothing that effected its function though.

        • Wasn't criticising, just noticed you linked the US website. Sure beats $39, let alone $96. And you can superglue a 1/4" screw on top and nut on the bottom for tripoding.

        • +3

          I got mine from IKEA in Adelaide for $5.99 a few year ago.
          I guess the eggschange rate is to blame.

          Pretty sure I made ASIO's watch list when my buzzer went off recently on top of a Sydney hotel during the Vivid light festival.

        • +1

          @muncan: and I think this is just a rotator, no chance of any yolk or tilt

        • @muncan:
          It's still $5.95 at Ikea in WA & SA: Ordning Timer

        • +2

          @Cordova: Sweet, we're solated from the eggsorbitant prices.
          @shmahoo: You crack me up.

        • @shmahoo:
          Of course you get yolk if you use an egg timer! (just yolking…)

        • +1

          @Thrift: Great tip. Also, for tripod making:

    • edit: too slow

    • +6

      if you use the egg timer method, you might need to store your videos/photos in a different albumen

      • gold right there

      • I so love nerdy Science jokes!

  • Is this item any good? And not just for a go pro

  • Can I see myself using this more than once? Using it once??

    • +1

      Another plus for the egg-timer as a rotating base. You can always use it as an egg-timer :)

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    This is a nice price. Not that much cheaper than what I can get it from China normally. USD$26.83 delivered.

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    I get "Coupon code is expired."
    Anyone else getting that ?

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    Hang about, anyone tried. Says AU$96.28 delivered!!! Code expired. Even though it is still listed on the product. And deals page says it's good for 3 more days!!

  • I've always fancied something like a Gigapan but they're so expensive.

    Is anyone aware of something between this and that but is more affordable?

    • Yep, scroll up a few inches. Or click here if using scroll lock.

      • Thanks but I was thinking something that would take a full size camera (a large point and shoot in my case) and drive the shutter.

  • +2

    Adopts metal smell

    What the hell does that mean?

    • You never smelt a metal head?

    • Its where a metal smell gets adopted. Yup, makes sense.

    • Seems to be a typo.
      A quick google search for "Myrmica adopts metal" shows the following:
      "Precision, adopts metal shell, all loading parts use metal material".

  • +3
    • Thanks.

    • Yet you upvoted this deal? Time to withdraw your positive? :)

      • +1

        I felt generous but you sir are correct.
        Upvote withdrawn!
        My reasoning was at least they posted a semi-deal got ball rolling but I found better deal.

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    I emailed the company they fixed the code error so code is working now.

    • Nice work SS

  • Would this work with a Nikon 1 AW1?
    In particular the tume lapse period.

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