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Outdoor Patio Heater $60 @ Big W [Nationwide & In-Store Only]


Hi Guys,

Went out to to suss out Big W yesterday and noticed this out door patio heater for only $60 ! Save $109 ! If I recall correctly only a week or so Masters & Bunnings were having a deal for $99 or $89 for the similar thing!

Spec: This Patio Heater comes with black powder coated standard and has a 40,000 BTU heat capacity. This outdoor heater is AGA approved and includes other features such as a safety cut off tilt switch incorporated system, piezo ignition, hose and regulator.

I Saw at least 4 Unit's at Mt Ommaney, Brisbane :)

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  • Does this comes with gas bottle as well?

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      Nope.. You'd be laughing if it did.. :(

      • But still good price.

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          Yep! Take for instance this Masters Deal $99 https://www.masters.com.au/product/101535928/festiva-gas-pat...

          I know they ran the ads for this a few weeks back and the weekend up to it sold hardly any.. if I look around the store I see many pallets still sitting on the top shelves.. Considering Big W is apart of Woolworths and Masters are as well it seems odd they don't also do this deal

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    Great deal but it's probably worth putting 'OUTDOOR' in capitals, for Darwins sake. Hmmm, then again… ;)

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      A restaurant in Melbourne I was at a couple of weeks back had one of these running indoors…was wondering how long it'd take for everyone to die of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Can these be hooked up to a natural gas connection or do they only work with a gas bottle?

    • I would love to know this too!

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        They're jetted for the higher pressure of LPG/Propane, not Natural Gas. LPG runs approx three times higher pressure than Natural Gas. These particular units are designed to be portable, not tethered to a hose/pipe as per the ones you may have seen at cafes etc. Maybe inspect one and see if you can swap out the jet (or 'cough' enlarge 'cough' the orifice 'cough' yourself… but NEVER reconnect it to LPG!!).

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          but NEVER then reconnect it to LPG for triple for heat

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          Hehe, more like 1000 times as you watch your patio and then house go up in flames ;)

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    Just got home from big w and was about to post this :P

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    Grabbed one, discounted to $42 for everyday rewards card holders

    • So if i have everyday reward card scan it and its $42?? It

    • is that a targeted offer? like you had to activate it via email or something?

      edit: nevermind, it is.. i activated it already :D

      • Which one is it??

        • i got it last night at 11pm. it was a follow up email "an important update on your exclusive BIG W offers."

          the original one which came at 4am didn't have the heater in the email

        • +1

          Thnx found it in trashhh hahaha

      • I can't see this offer :(

        • It is 30% off outdoor heating.

  • Damn! few weeks back I purchase used heater for $50. I should have waited.

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    Sweet - bought one for my rental property. Tenants were whining about being cold and wanted a reverse cycle a/c (canberra).

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      So how long do you get for murder in the ACT? (slaps head) I really hope you're joking :| Actually, give it a go yourself first just to see if it works because you sound like a decent landlord and you wouldn't want to give your tenants a faulty product afterall. Be sure to close all the doors & windows and crank it up for best effect!

    • +3

      what a great landlord you are…

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      I heard they work well for bathroom heaters, maybe get two

    • wtf .. even if they use it outdoor who is going to pay for gas bottle?

    • rick astley couldn't have done better himself

      • +1

        I don't get it

      • Neither me .. what R U trying to say??

        • -1

          i think he's trolling you all.

    • Don't forget your cheap mr fluffy insulation to go with this purchase then, your tenants will think its all their Xmas's and birthdays at once the way you are looking after them

  • How big is the box will it fit in boot does it require assembly.

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      Lol ofc it requires assembly.. come on dude

  • would these be ok to use under say a car port?

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      Garage no but Carport yes, as long as it isn't too close to a timber structure of course. An 'all-metal' carport should be OK.
      FYI, Carport Definition: "a shelter for a car consisting of a roof supported on posts", no walls.

      • Would it be suitable for an alfresco area with cedar lining?

    • An enclosed unventilated space will result in carbon monoxide poisoning. It's why unflued gas heaters are illegal in many countries. But a carport should be fine.

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      my concern was with the amount of space between the top of the heater and the roof

  • damn $42!! i just spent $89 at bunnings.

  • Great Find….now to find a store with stock.

    • Theres heaps with stock near me

      • Where are you shapers?

        • Eastern suburbs melbourne.
          There were about 10 at my local today and checking the stock on the website has every store with it in stock..
          Where abouts are you?

  • +1

    I just signed up for everyday rewards, how do I get the 30% off?

    • I want to know this as well. I suspect it was a targeted offer.

    • Is not a targeted offer, most checkouts at woollies and big w services desks carry the temp card, just use that.
      You can even quote a friends #. I keep my # in my phone and read it out whenever I don't carry the card.

  • Any good deals on a 9kg gas bottle to power this?

  • +2

    Screw the environment

  • didn't get the 30% offer though. :(

  • +1

    I had to scan my woolies card twice to get the discount, came up with some "operator can not overide the price" error but worked the second time $42 great buy!!!!

  • sold out pretty much everywhere is SA :(

  • Outdoor Patio Heater is sold out at Big W Seaford and Big W Marion. Fairly sure they are getting sick of people calling LOL
    Edit and Cumberland Park!

    • Anyone try the new Big W at Ashwin Parade - The old Brickworks SA?

      • +1

        Nope I didn't but assumed this is a product that's old stock so it would be unlikely to have in stock due to it being a new store.

  • Sold out at winston hills, NSW :(

    • There were around 8 left @ 0930 am..got some @ $42 each

      Sold out Merrylands, Auburn, Liverpool, Chullora, Bankstown, Wetherill Park, Neeta City, Blacktown and Penrith as well

  • +1

    Went first thing this morning to Big W Warrawong NSW, got one + 30% off = $42 = one happy choppy. Thanks.

  • +2

    Sorry to whichever ozbargainer was on the phone to the Mt Ommaney store about 30 minutes ago.

    There was one display model, one open/returned box and one sealed left and I grabbed the sealed unit from under the staff members hand while he was talking to someone on the phone about putting it on hold.

    So AFAIK mt Ommaney now only has a display and an opened box left

  • Sold out at following stores:
    Fountain gate
    Endeavour hills

  • +1

    Lol think that was me Japius as bloke was like hang on bloke just grabbed it. Upper mt Gravatt, booval, mt immanent, Browns plains all sold out :( tried to get one but no luck

  • this thing comes in flat pack?

  • When did this come down to $60 anyone know? I seem to remember seeing this on wednesday or thursday and it wasn't $60. Now went back to Loganholme and they are all sold out.

  • Bought the last (floor stock) in Ballarat vic.

  • Just called Mt Ommaney and Carindale in Brisbane and no stock left

  • so if you just kept this on 24/7, how long does a gas tank last?

  • Went to South Yarra in the morning to check it out but they only had the display unit left.
    The guy there offered me an area heater instead for $70, $49 with EDR. RRP was around $180

    So if your local store ran out maybe ask for the area heater if it suits your needs.

    I'm reasonably happy with it, patio heater would probably suit me better though.

    • Hi drpants,

      I got a patio heater from Bunning last week, used 3 times and still have the receipts and all the packages. I do want an area heater and wonder if you like to swap it.


    • Do you have a link to the 'area' heater?

  • Doncaster in ViC sold out

  • Just grabbed one at Mt Ommaney! Brand new in box last piece(not a display or return)$42 after everyday rewards card.

  • sold out in vic. called pretty much every store from the city to the south east.

  • Dam phoned mt ommaney around 12 and told out of stock, perhaps I should of went for drive

  • Good find OP!

  • Thanks OP

    Scored one at $42!!! Cheers to you.

  • Good deal…got one from Big W Boxhill for $42

  • These seem to be sold out around Brisbane, I've been phoning around and none found so far

    • I was at the Capalaba Big W about an hour ago. There were three left, I picked up 1 and another thrifty shopper saw the price tag and took the other 2.

  • Damn, saw this one too late. :( Rang around on the Gold Coast, everywhere is out of stock.

    • To add to this I'm guessing robina was popular as the ladies instant response as soon as I had finished speaking was. "ha, yeah we're sold out". Lucky I didn't take their website for granted.

  • 3 left at Pagewood (Westfield East Gardens). I think there's some left at Chullora too.

    Auburn and Ryde show in stock but that's a lie :)

  • anyone found stock at any Sydney stores recently?

    I activated the EDR offer a few weeks ago and then forgot, so angry at myself!!

  • Bought one from Carindale Big W today - there were 6 left. My price was $60 even with the EDR card.
    Was there an expiry date for the offer using the EDR card? Otherwise will drop back there tomorrow and chase it up.

    Edit: EDR offer until 29th July.

  • Only one more + till 100 😘

    • There you go +1 from me so you can get the most popular deal badge. :)

      • Cheers mate 😜

  • Anyone know if you still get the everyday cards 30% off?

    • wanna read just 4 posts above yours?

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