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[SYD/MELB/TAS] Spend $100 at eBay (Collect at Woolworths or BigW Store) & Get a $50 eBay Voucher


Simply spend $100 on eBay, collect your parcel in a Woolworths store and get $50 to spend on eBay. Original deal image

The promotion runs 28 July 07:00AM - 3 August 11:59PM.


  1. Go to and shop with over 2,000 participating sellers.

  2. Spend a minimum of $100 and choose to collect your order at a selected Woolworths or Big W store.

  3. Receive your $50 eBay coupon via e-mail (on 12th August) and start shopping again (use voucher by 30th September).

Important Terms:

  • Purchases of items in any of the following eBay categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Real Estate (11700).
  • Your $50 eBay voucher will be issued on 12 August 2015, and must be redeemed before 23:59 (AEST) on 30 September on, after which time the voucher expires.
  • Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

How to search for items with the Click and Collect filter:

Or use this link* Full site only, will not work on mobile site.

(Thanks scrimshaw and battler)

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  • +2

    Don't forget Cashrewards!!!
    At the very least using it cuts down eBay's profits

    • -1

      It doesn't. A 3rd party is paying your cashback.

      • That 3rd party gets a cut from eBay (say, 3.5%), and passes some of that to you.
        The benefit for eBay providing this is price skimming marketing, to provide an inventive to the cheapest prospective customers.

  • -2

    I have received my code for one account, but not for the other…

  • Are there any bargains on Ebay to spend the $50?

    • I used mine on a router, hopefully it loads ozbargain quicker now lol

  • +2

    Never using C&C again.

  • +2

    Hmmm, I still can't find the voucher anywhere. Does anybody have a screenshot of where it is on my eBay?

    I scrolled down but no voucher to be found!

  • +1

    I got my $50 voucher. I can further confirm that I made my eligible purchase using a previous $50 voucher and made sure the I amount I actually paid was still over $100. As in, I spent >$150 including a previous $50 voucher and now still qualified for the new one. FYI.

  • +3

    Finally see my voucher, logged into eBay app and under Reminders can see a section called Available Vouchers with the code mentioned.

    • Thanks! Was wondering where my code was and was right where you mentioned.

  • Got mine. Used a 10% voucher for the initial purchase.

  • havent got the voucher yet.. dont know if i am looking at the right place. I do not have an app, am just logged in to

    • +5

      Just found it… Finally..

      Click on "My Ebay" and either just scroll down to the very end of the page to find the last Section/line where voucher code sits. OR

      Click on "My Ebay" and Start Scrolling down a lill and on top of the page you will see three sections appear "Watch List", "Orders". "Vouchers".. You know wat to do next.


      • They could have sent PM to notify us.

      • um why don't i have that??? WTF

        mine only has

        My eBay Summary
        Watch List
        Wish List
        All Lists
        Purchase History
        My Collections
        Followed searches
        My messages

        • +2

          you need to "click" (not just hover) on my ebay and then follow the instructions i gave in the page that opens.

        • @FindMeADeal:

          Wife and I used the offer.
          Doesnt show up on my account.

          Logged out and logged in using my wife's account.

          Shows up on her account.

  • +1

    Two weeks after purchase today. One week after item is "delivered" according to the tracking. Voucher is in account (good). Item still not ready for collection (terrible!).

    • That is the seller responsibility. Have you contact them in regard to that matter yet?
      What was the the time frame quoted when you made your order?

      If you bought from an offshore company or grey importer it would not be uncommon for a 2+ weeks wait, especially when it come to click and collect. They will most likely ship in bulk since it might not be a shipment for just a single order which will most likely lengthen the delivery process.

      • +1

        No. There is a dreadful holdup. It is most likely the fault of Australia Post. For example, I bought an ssd from pcbyte, which is about 10km from where I live. They shipped the ssd on the 1st August. It arrived in North Ryde, presumably at BigW for cnc, on 4th August, only to be redirected to Alexandria! on Thursday 6th August. It has then disappeared. I have contacted the seller, ebay and bigw, who are investiagting. I am not the only one. There are dozens of similar stories in the ebay $50 voucher threads.

        • I assume your SSD is still missing? My SSD from pcbyte shows "delivered" to alexandria on Aug 4th, never to be heard from again (CnC Strathfield). Seller has been very helpful so I can't fault them as it's not really their fault… Will be interesting to see how this all plays out. And in the case of the item really been lost, who pays for it.

        • +1

          @GalaxyNexus: I picked it up yesterday, 14th. I would still be waiting, but persisted in asking Big W to look for it. It had been redirected away from my Big W eleven days ago, and eventually found its way back, along with a whole box of them, in their internal mail system. eBay was no help. My Ssd was not in the click and collect place, but in the main office.

        • @barryquinn: so it was Big W's fault, not the vendor and not ebay.

        • @gizmomelb: Who knows? The only thing definite is that I won't be using eBay cnc again.

  • +1

    The code look generic, i am pretty sure it is the same for every one.

  • is this new code like good for everything too?

    • +1

      it like, totally is

    • Btw I spent $100 in total, used $50 voucher and I got another $50 voucher for this deal. So you didnt have to spend $150

  • Can someone tell me where the voucher is?

    I've look using normal webpage!

    Tried the iphone app!

    I can't see my voucher anywhere?

    • +2

      Seems to show up in different places for different people.
      Voucher code is COLLECT50 for everyone.

    Contacted Ebay 2 days ago as I don't have the voucher.
    They said they would look into it but nothing, very annoying as I spent over $100 cnc.


    • Refund the item if it is not opened yet?

  • My $50 voucher didn't show up until I logged back into eBay on Windows PC via Chrome browser despite remembering who I was and showing other account settings like my Watch List so I was a bit worried that I somehow failed to qualify but all good now.

  • Am I able to buy an item <$50 and spend the remaining later? Or do you have to spend >$50 when I use the voucher?

    • +1

      No, Voucher is one-time use only, but as previously, multiple items may be added to cart.

  • Is it possible to check if voucher works before I buy something?

    I don't want to buy then the voucher not go through…

    • Add item in your ebay cart and apply voucher. If it works go ahead and pay else remove item from cart.

  • FYI if any of you still missing the voucher, make sure you check it at your "my summary" page on, not (it doesn't show up there).

  • This sucks, can't find the voucher anywhere.. what a scam. I'll give the COLLECT50 a go though

    • It's generic so would COLLECT50

      • Tried that, not working.

  • took a while for me to find it…bottom of My Ebay page…

    • t&c for reference

      By using or attempting to use the redemption code for the voucher, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
      To be eligible to receive the $50 eBay voucher, you must be signed in to your account on, make a purchase of $100 or more (item costs only, postage not included) and select the Click & Collect at Woolworths & BIG W delivery option. Go to for listings offering the “Click & Collect at Woolworths & BIG W” delivery option.
      Click and Collect at Woolworths and BIG W stores is currently only available in select locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania
      You must complete payment using an Australian PayPal account on during the Offer Period (“Qualifying Purchase”).
      The offer will commence at 7.00am (AEST) on 28 July 2015 and end on 23:59 (AEST) on 3 August 2015 (“Offer Period”).
      Purchases of items in any of the following eBay categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Real Estate (11700).
      Your $50 eBay voucher will be issued on 12 August 2015, and must be redeemed before 23:59 (AEST) on 30 September on, after which time the voucher expires.
      The voucher entitles you up to $50 off the total purchase price for one transaction on
      Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
      Only 1 voucher will be awarded per registered Australian eBay account (and if applicable per registered Australian PayPal account) during the Offer Period.
      To redeem this voucher, enter the redemption code into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an registered member.
      The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.
      The voucher is linked to your eBay UserID. The transaction must be completed with the eBay UserID which received the voucher offer in order to redeem the voucher. You will only receive a voucher if you have signed in to your eBay account prior to checkout; any purchase made using guest checkout is excluded from this offer.
      A voucher will not be issued in circumstances where a buyer initiates a cancellation following an eligible purchase.
      eBay reserves the right to disallow or reverse the issue of a voucher in circumstances where it believes:
      a sale or purchase of any item as part of this offer has not been made in good faith, including where eBay considers that the buyer and seller may be related parties (such as family members or parties sharing the same dwelling);
      buyers or sellers have engaged in collusive conduct or any other conduct which eBay considers unfair or untoward.
      Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon/voucher.
      The voucher cannot be withdrawn into your bank account and cannot be transferred.
      Your and PayPal accounts must be active at the time of redemption (not suspended nor made inactive by eBay or PayPal) and be registered under the same email address.
      In the event you return or seek a refund on any item purchased using a voucher, the value of the voucher will not be refunded to you.
      To the extent permitted by law, eBay will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you in redeeming or attempting to redeem the offer or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense, or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of the voucher.
      eBay reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the offer at its reasonable discretion by publishing revised terms on
      Sellers are responsible for their own stock and eBay does not guarantee the availability of stock. eBay makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the item purchased upon redemption of the voucher.
      The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of New South Wales.

  • Did anybody receive their voucher? I checked my ebay inbox, mail box and nothing.

    • Look under "my eBay".

  • +1
  • Does anyone know if you get your coupon back if you get a refund? Otherwise it just seems like you wasted the coupon

    • +1

      In the event you return or seek a refund on any item purchased using a voucher, the value of the voucher will not be refunded to you.

  • I haven't received voucher. Escalated to ebay 3 times already - no progress yet. They agree that I qualify but they don't know why I didn't get it.

    • I too yet to get the voucher :(

    • I didn't receive an email for mine but as some people above have mentioned, it appears under the Vouchers section of "My eBay Summary"

  • Been 3+ weeks and I'm still waiting to be able to pickup my item…. Very slow.

  • +1

    Using collect50 at checkout works for me but I don't have any notifications in MyEbay, or a vouchers tab in my ebay summary

    • Did you buy anything using the deal at least?

  • +1

    Got my voucher along with email today. ~10 days after I've escalated to ebay. My voucher is a unique code (not collect50)

  • +1

    Yeah, it's pretty silly.

    I almost forgot about it, I didn't receive any email, notifications, reminders etc from within my eBay account or externally.

    I had to read here to find out that I must click on "my eBay" icon, top right of page, then scroll all the way down, past all messages, purchases etc, in the main body of the page, there's a thin long rectangular box with the heading "vouchers*".
    Pretty easily missed if not looking for it.

  • +2

    Guys, I got my voucher today. It's not the generic COLLECT50 code though. I've had to live-chat twice and had my case escalated, also sent an email (using eBay Contact Us) explaining my case with item numbers etc. and they generated a code for me after 2 days. Finally!