expired Monster Cable M1000HD - $39.80 or Less from OfferMe


Monster cable HDMI M1000HD for as little as $28.95 (including OfferMe credit) plus shipping.
The Monster cables are not necessarly any better than a no name $30 cable, but the M1000HD range include the "Cable for Life" upgrade program which makes them well worth the money. Check out - www.monstercable.com/international/.

The M1000HD Monster cable is HDMI v1.3 compliant with bandwidth greater than 14.9 Gbps.

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    This deal is shit house, you can buy 5 hdmi cables at MSY for the same price and receive the same quality as these overpriced monster cables.

    • -1 vote

      I agree, but you don't have to use foul language :)

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    There are been lots of discussion about this cable, in fact it has been listed here no fewer than 4 times in recent months…..


    I don't subscribe to expensive branded HDMI cables, I use a msy cable ($5) to connect my 52" bravia to my HTPC, and it is perfect.

    That said, this is very cheap for a Monster cable, which begs the question, is it genuine?. The answer of course is no. This cable is around US$150-$200 on Amazon ….what's the chance if a small sydney computer retailer selling this on a daily basis for less than a 5th of the price?

    eBay is also riddled with counterfeit monster cables, in particular the M1000HD ….


    There has also been extensive discussion on ozbargain about this very topic….


    Yet another reason to buy a cheap generic cable, at least you'll get what you have paid for. Caveat emptor.



      If I wanted fake monster cables, I'll import them myself for 10 bucks!


    Agree with what others have said here.


    Agreed - almost certainly fake


    not a bargain whether or not it is fake or real


    Received mine the other day, and it does not give the interference my msy cable gave me

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