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Blackvue DR650GW 2 Channel Dash Cam $489 @ Auto One (Fathers Day Catalogue)


Blackvue DR650GW on sale in the fathers day catalogue at Auto One for $489. Normally sells for $549 but can be found for as low as $519 online.

Ain't a big discount but the pricing on these things are pretty tight and this is the cheapest I've found them.

This is more like a CCTV setup for your car. Those serious about dash cams would know the popularity of Blackvue.

– Full HD 1080P (front), 720P HD (rear)

– Apple & Windows Compatibility

– Smartphone APP (connect to iPhone or Android)

– All new Discrete Black Design

– Up to 64GB SD Compatible (16GB included)

  • inbuilt GPS

  • Optional parking mode

Full specs here. http://blackvue.com/en/contents/sub1.asp?idx=26

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  • http://www.autoblackbox.com.au/blackvue-dash-cams/blackvue-d...

    way cheaper here. I bought my dr600 from them when they had their EOFY sale.

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      That's the single channel. Doesn't include rear camera like the one I listed.

  • I bought my dr400 back in 2011 for $180.. I can't believe that the prices have increased so much and the specs (of the camera itself) has not improved in that time.

    Would love to see a model with > 1080p, higher fps or a significant increase in video quality generally

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      Not sure what you’re looking at, but the 600 series improved over the 500 series, let alone your 400. Improved lenses, higher bitrate, faster wifi (yours doesn’t have wifi). It also has a wider field of view to yours, but was reduced form where the 500 series was.
      So yes, it has changed a bit
      Also, in 2011 the Aus dollar was above 1.00 USD most of the time, hitting the high of buy 1.10. Now, well it’s 0.74 so it all costs a lot more.

      • Thanks for the info.. More research required on my end it sounds like.

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    Why not get 2 separate dash cams like the mini 0806 and run 1 at front and 1 at back. It would be cheaper, have better resolution front and rear.

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      Exactly what I've just done with two G1W-Cs from another OB deal. 1080p for the front, 1080p for the rear both with 32Gb cards running independently which also has its perks for redundancy if required (ie. use the rear camera for the front if the front camera dies). Also solves the problem below running fragile coax cable from the rear to the front. All up both cameras, 32Gb cards and bits & pieces for fitting came in at about $135. Sure they're not as fancy but they definitely do the trick plus they have built-in screens and record generic video files that can be read by 'anything' without the need for any 'middle-man' type software to access. Not as slick but you just set & forget them and they just work!

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        This is my setup as well - on both the family cars. Works a treat! ;)

    • There is a convenience to a designed dual channel system One Micro SD card, one power connection, less wires overall. With his system in particular, it broadcasts via wifi so you can see everything via the phone app, switch between front and rear live or recordings, select picture in picture to have one camera a larger view than the other. This also helps when copying recordings off the card and into their program, which is pretty decent. You can select to view either Front only, rear only or both, and again the option for pic in pic. So everything is designed to work together and view easily, a convenience you don’t get with two detached cameras.
      The downside to this system is the rear camera is only 720P, which isn’t too bad, the biggest negative is the bit rate, although increased over the 500/550 system, it is still too low. There is a custom firmware that has been developed to increase the bitrate to make both cameras crystal clear at all times and has HDR mode for night.

      • Same amount of wires (2 power cables or 1 power cable and 1 coax cable)

        • True, but requires a little more hassle in power supply for a lot of cars. Needing two, especially one near the rear.

        • @snuke: Less hassles, as you have to run cable from front to back, where most cars have a cig socket at the bonnet anyway

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    I have the DR550GW 2ch but the coax plug in the main camera broke so the rear doesnt work anymore
    my word of advise is, be careful when you need to remove and refit the camera because the coax cable and the connection is delicate like a 1 day old baby.

    • I think I read somewhere that they redesigned the coax cable for this model and made it thinner also. Don't know if that makes it any better or worse.

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    I just got myself a MOBIUS Action cam to Hide the lens with extended cable on capacitor power supply.

    I've seen some cars gets break into as you can see clear open. people will steal these cameras

    bit expensive IMHO.

  • does anyone know of any good dash cam installers in Melbourne?

    • or Sydney?

    • If you are in the Melb west area, check out t&n car audio and alarms. He did a very good job in installing my crash cam and drl.

      • How much did you pay for the dash cam install?


        • He offered me a crash cam with installation for $200.

          He can be found on facebook, some of his work can be seen on his page. Otherwise his details can be found below.


          Im not sure if he can offer you a better price then what he normally quotes ppl but if you want, you can mention Brian with the skyline. :)

        • @Hero:

          cheers mate I will mention you if that's ok

        • @jaykay: no worries man.

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    Has anyone try using external power battery for the camera? The external battery for dash cam is quite expensive, but I still think it's better than wiring to car battery..powerbanks maybe?

    • Powerbanks work but will depend on camera. Mobius and mini0801 work with them. I use them depending where I am parked and just car socket when driving.

      • I'd be worried about the heat with powerbanks

        • Mine doesn't heat up at all.

        • @gazza88:

          Not that. Heat (eg summer) does bad bad things to lithium batteries

  • Anyone know of any with a 3G feed? I have my 'reasons' for wanting one. I have looked myself but not extensively as of yet.

  • I bought the DR650GW -2CH as this is the best price in a while. Haven't seen any Group Buy deal from any car forums lately as they are a better deal.
    I've also bought t-power plus alpha power station so the camera works when I switch off engine and it doesn't drain car battery.
    Not a cheap setup but good gear and features.

    • How long does the T station last. Do you recommend the T station over the magic pro?

      • I use a power magic pro, but the voltage cutoff is too low to be practical(11.8 and 12.0V IIRC). I mainly use it for the ability to switch it the camera on and off when parked.

        I have gone away on holidays with it turned on and come back to a flat battery. It did not cut off due to low voltage.

  • Power Magic Pro hard wires to battery/ fuse box and switches off dash cam when voltage gets low or after a certain number of hours, so your car battery doesn't go flat. It has no battery of its own.

    TPower does the same thing but more, it can either connect to battery/fuse box or cigarette lighter. When voltage gets low on car battery, TPower's internal battery takes over. Should go for another 10 hours with dual cameras. Longer with single.

    I'm not hard wiring to car battery and will plug into cigarette lighter (easy to put in and disconnect).

    During normal running, dash cam gets power from car battery (through TPower) and charges TPower battery (it's a UPS). When I turn off engine, TPower battery will kick in straight away as cigarette lighter will no longer provide power, so my car doesn't go flat. Takes about 1.5hrs to fully recharge.

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