Price Match Denied @Chemist Warehouse

Hi fellow OZBs,

Wanted to shre the experience I received at Chemist Warehouse store at Hoppers Crossing.

I tried to price-beat an item from current Target catalouge yesterday. It's Madela Swift breastpump - Target's price is $180 where CW is $270+.

After making us waiting for over 20-25 mins, (without letting us know what's going on), the staff told us that they couldn't price-beat Target since it is not a chemist store.

We showed her their (CW's) website on the phone where it said:
"We beat everyone’s prices! At Chemist Warehouse if you find a cheaper price on the same item at another Australian Retail Store, we will match it and give you 10% off the difference! (Excludes "online only" offers)" (
It clearly said 'retail store'! She got the store manager 'Mandy' to speak to us. Mandy tried to tell us the same excuse first. After showing her their website, she changed her tune and said they'd price-beat out of goodwill only if the item is available at a local Target, namely Point Cook & Werribee! The PB Guarantee is not applicable if it's available anywhere around 10km+ away from CW store. Apparently they called both Target stores and since none of them had the item available, they couldn't price-beat it.
I asked her to show this T&C in their website but she refused. I tried to argue telling her that I was finding the info vague/wrong and deceiving customers. She gave no proper answer and left. She was extremely rude and arrogant.

I was really annoyed by their treatment, so I called CW head-office after coming home and spoke to the customer service dept. The lady on the phone confirmed that the info Mandy provided was wrong and they'd def price-beat Target. However, she said the local Target store has to have the item available. I requested her to provide me the link of this T&C. She said they don't have to provide that info on their website and it's up to the store manager's discretion how they wanna apply the rule.

I went to the city (Spencer St Mall) store today to try it out again and the store manager price-beat it without asking any question!

I am finding it really stupid - how & why would two stores of the same chain have two different policy?!

Thinking to go back to the Hoppers Crossing store and tell the manager off for wasting my time yesterday. Do you think it's a good idea? lol

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    its like that with price matching

    most places are required to call to see if the place has store
    most time they don't, office works usually do, but I have had experiences where they haven't


    Could've tried Toys r Us as well.

    But anyway, it's happened, you managed to score the discount price despite the local Target stores not having stock, maybe just be happy you effectively walked away with a win?

    Actually with the Toys R Us policy you would've gotten it for $162, whereas with the CW policy you would've gotten it for $180 - 10% of $47.28 = $175.27.

    Wow really, you did all that price beating stuffing around over $4.73?!

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      Sometimes it's not about the price. It's about the principal. If the store has a policy, they should honour it. If they don't want to honour it, they shouldn't have the policy to begin with.

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        How does the Lowest Price Guaranteed offer work?
        At Chemist Warehouse Online Store if you find a cheaper price on the same item at another Australian registered pharmacy or Australian registered online pharmacy we will match it and give you 10% off the difference

        So it's just more to the point, they don't have a concrete set of rules obviously

        • It actually looks like one policy is for their online store, while another is for their bricks and mortar stores:

          At Chemist Warehouse Online Store if you find a cheaper price on the same item at another Australian registered pharmacy or Australian registered online pharmacy we will match it and give you 10% off the difference

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          As I mentioned, their website also says the below…
          "We beat everyone’s prices! At Chemist Warehouse if you find a cheaper price on the same item at another Australian Retail Store, we will match it and give you 10% off the difference! (Excludes "online only" offers)" (

          Yep, it says 'Australian Retail Store'

    • Toysrus store is more than half an hour drive from us. Would've gone there to try if I didn't get it at the CW city store

    • Could've tried Toys r Us as well.

      Toys r Us have shut down…

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    The terms and conditions are pretty clear, the store should have price matched.

    You should get in touch with the Chemist Warehouse head office, and tell them what happened. You may have got a price match from another store, but I would be demanding an apology from the store manager at Hoppers Crossing for wasting your time (but request it through head office). It might give you a little satisfaction. :)

    Just one more thing to add: You should tell them you're going to report them to head office. Sometimes they change their tune.

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      Now I'm actively thinking about sending an email to their head-office

  • Personally I would walk away and not bother about it. The people at the CW store really don't care and will only bitch about you in the tea room afterwards. Go take your $4.60 and get a good coffee. It sounds like you earned it with all the running around.

    • Yeah they probably don't care.
      I called 5/6 Target stores and none of them had it yesterday.
      I ended up getting the item for $175.30 after price-beat.
      Therefore, the saving is like $50 for me (considering Target stores had already run out of stock).

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        considering Target stores had already run out of stock

        Definitely be thankful you got the price-beat then. Generally every other price match/beat offer I've seen has needed stores to have stock.

  • Common practice with a lot of places that advertise price matching or price beating.
    The local Bunnings here are notoriously bad at honouring it while Officeworks are great, no fuss.
    In this instance, as your local stores had no stock, then they are within their right to refuse the offer.

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      In this instance, as your local stores had no stock, then they are within their right to refuse the offer.

      How do you figure that out? There is no mention of distance in either version of their terms and conditions. The only limitation is that they're Australian stores.

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        I have not read CW's t&c's but it is common for the conditions for such price matching to insist that the item be readily available and within a reasonable distance.
        What business would want to meet or beat the price offered by another retailer that has advertised an item at a hot price but has no stock? I can't see how they could be forced to?

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          Both price match policies listed on their site have been posted here. No mention of stock or distance. I agree with you that having stock is reasonable when it comes to price matching, but it should still be in their terms and conditions. However, if distance is not mentioned in terms and conditions, it should not be a factor when price matching.

        • In this instance, as your local stores had no stock, then they are within their right to refuse the offer

          Then further you say

          I have not read CW's t&c's

          Well maybe you should before commenting!

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          You realise terms and conditions exist because common sense doesn't apply, right?

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          I repeat.. for the 3rd time… No business will price beat or match an item that is not available at the local advertised stores. T&C fine print or not. Common sense and common business sense. Have you ever run a business?
          Tell me why they are obligated to supply something at a greatly reduced price if you cant buy it for that elsewhere anyway?

        • @TailsK:

          That is exactly my point! I didn't mind walking out accepting the defeat if it was clearly mentioned in the T&Cs.
          As a customer, I look up their website re PB Guarantee and all I can see is, they will PB at Aussie RETAIL store… no mention of their stock or distance from the store

        • @xywolap: >Have you ever run a business?

          Yes and if you don't clearly define what you will or wont accept, then you are going have miscommunication and then potentially upset customers.

          In Business dont assume, all it does it keep lawyers employed, and you lose money.

          READ the T&C's and save money

          All the customer here wants is to play the game according to the T&C's

          If the business doesnt like the game, they are free to change the rules.

          NO one says this business needs to offer price match. They do it because they feel it will enhance their business,

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          Its just an oversight in their t&c's, common thing. T&C's never cover every instance.
          Price matching/beating usually varies from store to store, some managers implement their own policies which may not be as amicable as others. Unless you want to take it to the high court you just have to roll with it. Australia has some of the weakest and awkward consumer laws in the world and retailers have a lot of fun with it.

          I once enquired for a price match at a local bunnings on a building product and they refused, which was quite common for that particular store. I phoned another bunnings over 30k away and they were pleased to match the price and especially when the order amount was half a truck load! They delivered it too!

          Any business t&c's are secondary to common business law and generally not worth the paper they are written on. They cannot overwrite what is acceptable business practice or law as much as some businesses like to think they can. With that also goes the reverse situation that exists here, where a moderately expensive product is offered at a heavily discounted rate and the advertisers local stores cannot supply it. In that instance, regardless of any in house inadequate t&c's on price matching, it would be unreasonable to expect an unavailable item to be price matched. If it cannot be obtained from the advertising company's local stores why should they?

        • @xywolap:
          Common business law? They are actively advertising a price beat policy. Price match/beat policies are not new. If they need to update their terms and conditions, go nuts. Until it's up to date, you honour your price matching policy as it's written.

        • @xywolap: "Any business t&c's are secondary to common business law and generally not worth the paper they are written on."

          There is no such thing in law as "common business law".

          OP, you should report this business to the ACCC for misleading advertising. They are purporting to match prices, when in actual fact, they are not, and in all likelihood, they are breaching the Australian Consumer Law by pretending like they match prices, getting customers in the door, when they have no intention of honouring their representations!

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    That store sucks. I once also had a big argument with the store manager when I had to return something I bought the previous evening. I no longer go to the store.

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      Good on you. Vote with your wallet.
      so as OP, no need to talk to that store manager, don't waste your time, you have already walk out with a win. Only if you have time, put a proper complaint (just copy and paste this post into a email) in writing to CW.

  • There is no point going back, be grateful that you have the price match elsewhere and have it at the price you wanted.

    You will find this at local smaller shop where the owners/ staff are more tightly monitoring their profit, you got the price match in city likely because the staff can't be bothered to check or just process it as the owners are probably remote from them.

    It just means your local store will be there for a little longer because they actively look at their profits. I will either go direct to target or city chemist warehouse next time for significant price matching.

    • City store is def extremely busy, but Hoppers one is also doing extremely good business. I haven't ever seen any less than 5/6 customers standing in the queue there.
      Yeah I've learnt my lesson. Will go to the same store (city) if I ever have to PB again in future :)

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    I had this happen at good guys recently, fridge was about $200 cheaper and free delivery from masters, went to Good Guys he says oh its not showing up on my list, showed me the screen and says if you can get it for that off you go, rude old c**t

    • So were you comparing the price from an online store to a retail store? How much is the fridge on the good guys online store? Do you have a Masters located near you?

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      Happened to me with at one goodguys vs appliances online whilst purchasing a TV.
      I went to another one and they priced match straight away. I now only go to that goodguys.

      • Yeah i just don't get the whole price match signs in store when it's all bs

  • I would definitely suggest OP to request for a apologise of waiting your time!

  • Don't waste your time going back there.

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    Register your concern with the ACCC re: deceptive/misleading conduct
    They will investigate the store/chain further if there are enough complaints registered against them
    I have had lots of success with the ACCC in the past forcing businesses to comply to their very own Terms and Conditions

    ACCC Infocentre: 1300 302 502

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      This is the best advice that can be given. +1

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    Wow! I have had the exact same argument with CW Hoppers Crossing and also had to deal with the "always gracious" Mandy! I now go to Point Cook CW, never have a problem there price matching and the staff are super nice.

  • Since CW are franchised, each one is run depending on management. I know some stores are very anal about even smelling bottles of moisturiser. 'Sorry you will need to buy that". I know which CW store i would walk into and others I won't return.

    So price matching is just part of customer experience. If u have bad experience, u definitely wont be returning.

    • Hmm. The amount of sale all of their stores get, they probably don't care about a few customers not returning to the store.

  • CW are notorious for misleading consumers

  • I reported them to NSW Fair Trading for the same issue.

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    It's Hoppers Crossing though, an ugly suburb. I would venture there without a gun tbh. Get to a decent store in a decent suburb.

    • Where do u live, bro?