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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (White) 64GB $688 @ JB Hi-Fi w/Trade + Newsletter Voucher


Fantastic price for this handset. Regular price is $1098.- @ JB Hifi but there are vouchers in mail for $210.- off PLUS minimum of $200.- off for trading in any working phone. A $10.- from woolworths/Coles does the job!

Screenshot of deal

Mod: The amount of trade in may vary. Let us know how you go in the comments. Update: Users are reporting a minimum $200 trade in value, making the $688 deal obtainable with any trade in. See comments here & here

Mobile Phone & Tablet Trade-in T& C 1

To obtain the voucher:

Instant deals: A unique coupon will be in your email inbox if you have signed up to instant deals. If you aren't already signed up, join via that link. If you don't receive a coupon after sign up (can be instant, can take some hours), you may like to request one in the comments from OzBargainers who aren't using them (make sure your PM is on)

  1. You must be over the age of 18 in order to trade-in your device. Photo ID (drivers’ licence or proof of age card) required. Additional identification documents may be required if photo ID does not show residential address. Trade-in offer is available-in store only. Only specified makes and models accepted for trade-in (to check whether your device is accepted for trade-in, please contact your nearest store). Value of your trade-in is determined by the make, model and condition of your device and is only valid until COB on the same day as quoted. Devices only accepted as a trade-in against goods purchased in-store (devices are not traded-in for cash or gift card). All devices accepted as a trade-in will be cleared of all data and cannot be returned. In W.A, all goods traded-in must have been purchased by you as new goods (i.e. you cannot trade-in goods that were originally purchased by you as second-hand goods), and if the trade-in value of the goods traded-in by you (as assessed by JB Hi-Fi) is $200 or more, then you must produce proof of purchase for the goods. 

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        • @elemindreda: Exact same reason why I did't buy it. I asked the guy in store what the purpose of the edge was and all he could say was "so you can read notifications along the side and it looks cool"…You should be able to sell it for way more that 680 though I would sell it for more given the time you took buying it etc

        • @lkp: sold for 750 this morning. I'm absolutely happy with the price.

        • @elemindreda: Nice :)

    • +12

      These people are the scum of the earth, especially if they were given their voucher from someone here on ozbargain. Hopefully they don't sell and are stuck with them.

      • -7

        I don't understand why people get pissed off when an Individual try to make few bucks profit. The same people are OK with the big corporations ripping them off daily selling the same phone for 40 - 50% profit margin.

        • +9

          The whole premise of this site is that people help people find Tue best deals on products to save them money. Not to help them run a business or make profit off others goodwill. People here tear corporations like Dick Smith a new one everytime the price gouge on Ebay sales, so why not rip anyone who price gouges?

          However these guys posting the phones may not have got the voucher from someone else here and got it emailed to them directly, in which case that is just business.

        • @FabMan: what about Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun?

        • -1


          These people are the scum of the earth, especially if they were given their voucher from someone here on ozbargain.

          Firstly you called them scum without even knowing if they bought the phones using this deal. I gave away two vouchers to fellow Ozbargainers but I wouldn't care if they use it to buy the phone for them-self or sell it for some profit. Either way a fellow Ozbargainer is benefiting because of it. And I am sure no Ozbargainer will be buying from these guys.

          People here tear corporations like Dick Smith a new one everytime the price gouge on Ebay sales, so why not rip anyone who price gouges?

          That's an overstatement. We don't tear corporations. If that's true Dicksmith wouldn't have a sale every other day posted here with nothing actually worth buying. They just don't care and we just forget.

        • @rvsure: Please check who you actually quoted, I called no one scum and I don't like that you attributed it to me.

        • +1

          @FabMan: My bad, I was replying to Oak-lee. Sorry, can't edit anymore.

      • +1

        They don't call it Scumtree for nothing.

    • Another deal at the moment is that you can get $200 off multiple phones in any colour if in stock by handing any old crap phone at the moment. That is also a deal, but not as good as this one. So these guys are selling $180 over what anyone can get the S6 Edge for.

    • Absolutely pathetic. Should send them all a message asking if they can sell it for $688 if I trade in a phone.

    • I was considering trading for a different color but it would have been a pain in the ass.

      But had I decided to go ahead with it, logically I would have sold mine for a slight loss and then used the money to buy a different color.

      Fabman makes an interesting point that the trade in offer still exists for all colors which most people wouldn't know about would would up the resell value:new phone purchase price but oh well, too late now already used mine.

    • +1

      I seriously don't understand why people will buy a phone close to $1000 from a person on gumtree which never met and unsure about the warranty.

      • I don't understand why people would buy a $1,000 phone.

  • I used my voucher today but does anyone know if it can be scanned again? I will forward my voucher via email if anyone knows if it can be used again today.

  • I have a voucher if anyone is interested

    • can i Have it mate?

  • I tried for a different color in JBHiFi Elizabeth St store (Melbourne) today but wasn't successful. The guy was very polite though and said they were sold out within half an hour yesterday morning. If anyone else tries to get a different color and succeeds, please let me know. Cheers.

    • wonder who is paying for the $210 voucher, if it is Samsung they will be happy to sell the black too

  • +6

    I replied to one of the ads with an asking price of $688. Lol;)

    • You can also add in said that you can give him the voucher code :)

      • +1

        even better is to tell him you "were" the one who gave him the code :)

  • Last Available Stock:
    Toowoomba HOME Superstore

  • +3

    Hello fellow Ozbargainers, I've just registered to tell you that I have bought a phone from Cannington Store here in Perth. They had a few come in this morning and I was lucky enough to get it in-store. Speak to Sheree. Good luck!

    • You guys in Perth are very lucky, looks like they restock while the deal is still on, no way sydney shops here will do that!

    • I was there this morning around 11am was told nah all sold out!

  • +3

    Walk in to North Sydney store, no stock. But sales girl April happy to do the back order for me with the same promotion. $888 for the phone (with voucher) and $200 trade-in value (with Telstra Rush). Paid full amount with JB gift card. Hope it helps!

  • Can somone send me voucher please. Willing to try backorder

    • I can send you a voucher, pm me

  • Anyone needing a voucher PM me. I have spare 1.

    • Could you please PM it to me since I can't send you a PM?

    • Can i please have a voucher?

  • Got one at JB Browns Plains..Thanks OP!!!!!!

  • +1

    Top Ryde no stock and wouldnt accept other colours.

  • restock in the works?

  • The original coupon says offer ends Wednesday which is today but is the new coupon any different?

    • Where's the new coupon?

      • The ones that people got today. I would've thought those coupons would give more time to buy but I'm not sure hence the question.

  • PM me if any body in melbourne has a spare s6 they dont want…..thanks

  • I have grabbed possibly the very last one in Victoria at 9pm tonight, at Prahran store Melbourne. Called them at around 7pm and luckily found they have the last one. Couldn't be happier :-)

  • Lovely staff in Brisbane CBD at Macarthur Central. Just lovely. Actually managed to get one, consultant arranged for one to be transferred from another store.Must have been one of the last in Australia!

    • +1

      Tomorrow they will have stock everywhere

  • Can somone send me voucher please. thank you in advance

    • +1

      just wondering what you will do with the voucher? The offer ended tonight…

  • Why people need this phone so bad? I used for 2 months and it gone slow for good. RAM is the biggest issue and Samsung never fixed. Sold it for $700 when I bought at first day launched. Bad decision.

    • I think people are just going nuts over the massive discount. Almost tempted me but i had to remind myself that i personally hate the look of the phone.

    • +4

      votes will tell you otherwise; top quality phone.

  • +1

    The comments section looked like another eBay coupon thread.

  • For those of you that missed out, check out Kogan: https://www.kogan.com/au/shop/?keywords=Samsung+Galaxy+S6
    They have a heap ranging in price from $769 for the 32GB

  • Any one has a spare $210 off code? PM me the code please … Thank you in advance

    • +8

      I'm curious as to why you want an expired voucher?

  • JB Hifi just emailed me a $250 off voucher for the S6 Edge in Green. Now $848.

    You could probably trade in an old working android phone too for a further $200 off.

    Let me know if you want it and I will forward it on.

    Expires November 1st.

    • deal is here —> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/216891

      and no trade ins this time

      • +1

        The Pitt St Sydney store allows trade ins for a further $200 off.

        They can't get rid of the green phones.

        The guy told me they were giving away $300 headphones with it as they have so much stock and no one wants a green phone.

        • $300 headphones after trade in? :P

        • That would be very lucky but you never know unless you ask!

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