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Free an iPhone Game a Day


Free App A Day

It's similar with the Appvent Calendar last month where there'll be a new free game everyday. The free game yesterday was Rope'n'Fly, and Zombie Pizza today. You must visit the website everyday to find out what the app of the day is.

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    Not a deal for me. Anyone can get these apps and hundreds more for free everyday with price monitoring sites like appshopper.com. The apps discussed above were .99 cents and likely nothing special. A real bargain would be something like 50% off TomTom Australia ($79.99).

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      Don't give a poster a hard time just because the offer isn't one you would find appealing or if you know a better site. There are probably people who aren't aware of sites like appshopper or this one, so good job to both you and dolita for bringing everyone's attention to these sites.

      I think the appeal of this site is the one a day special (like COTD), which do make people more interested to visit the site every day.

      I don't think it's fair to compare the two. I don't think appshopper's offering 50% off TomTom either.

    • Now this I want!

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      I agree, why not post google as a deal?

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      Well said

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    I agree with jondgls, but it is kind of a bargain in some aspects. no positive from me though partly because of the "It’s my first post here so please be nice :)"

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      hey, be nice. it's his first post here :p

  • i still like hearing about these sites and deals.
    cheers for the heads up

  • are they for iphones only ?

    • would probably work for ipod touchs.

    • would probably work for ipod touchs.

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      They definitely do work for ipod touches as well.

  • jondgls do you see many bargains on here built up to be close to a 50% off tomtom? There's not good deals every day of the year mate.

    This is good post, may interest alot of people other than yourself.

    • you can get tom tom for free… one word Black Rain ;)

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        umm that's 2 words one word would be torrents

    • Good point. Hence why I said "Not a deal for —>ME<—." I think it's also worth noting that I did not vote negatively against the deal, only stated the obvious that there hundreds of .99 apps made free everyday, and that there are a more websites than free apps dedicated to providing people that information.

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    It's people like jondgls that stops me from posting anymore deals that i can find. If someone post a deal that you're not interested in, then it's a courtesy to just close the webpage and move somewhere. There's a difference between constructive feedback and mindless comments.

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      Are you saying that if I hold a negative opinion about a post I should courteously leave and keep it too myself? Kind of negates the purpose of the voting system don't you think? Is it possible the MODS removed "be nice" for reasons other than relevancy? I like to think it's partly because members are free to comment their opinions freely.

      I must say, I am continually surprised at the depth in which Op's (or spectators) take votes and comments so personally. Shrug Oh well, I'm here for bargains, not self worth.

  • i paid for some of these apps…. so crap… i want my money back

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    i loved the appvent calendar. i only kept a few of the games. but its the thrill of seeing what you get. thanks for posting dude. ignore the first comment. 1000 people appreciate, 1 idiot says sumthing bad.

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      I also enjoy, use and appreciate sites just like this one on a regular basis. I do not, however, consider them a "bargain" or a "deal" purely because many previously paid apps are made free everyday.

      If that somehow makes me an idiot in your eyes than so be it, but let me ask you this: Would you appreciate me posting every app that is made free on OzBargain everyday as a separate bargain? I know I wouldn't appreciate that because if it happened OzBargain would quickly become AppBargain, serving the same purpose as the very sites we are discussing and the other deals I personally consider genuine would be lost in the clutter.

      For example, here is a list of the apps made free on 19/01/2010:
      Daily Quizz
      Was: $6.99

      MoveMeOut Deluxe
      Was: $2.99 · Category: Games > Board

      Was: $2.99 · Category: Productivity

      Zombie Pizza
      Was: $1.99 · Category: Games > Arcade

      CameraMagic Effects - visual effects for iPhone
      Was: $1.99 · Category: Photography

      Super Megaphone
      Was: $1.99 · Category: Music

      Was: $1.99 · Category: Lifestyle

      Beijing Girl(北京女孩)
      Was: $1.99 · Category: Lifestyle

      Was: $1.99 · Category: Finance

      iResponse - Classroom Responder System
      Was: $1.99 · Category: Education

      Political Economics Chinese-English Dictionary 政治经济学词典
      Was: $1.99 · Category: Education

      Art Of War 2: Global Confederation Express
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Games > Simulation

      Trace It
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Games > Kids

      Brain Balance Pro
      Was: $0.99

      Spider Alert
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Games > Action

      Count Me In
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Utilities

      Tip Calculator Deluxe
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Travel

      Pro Football Seattle Fan (Reflect7)
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Sports

      Pro Football Indianapolis Fan (Reflect7)
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Sports

      Pro Football Detroit Fan (Reflect7)
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Sports

      Devil Driver
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Music

      Funny Time
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Music

      The Bar Compass
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Lifestyle

      Whisky iOdic Table
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Lifestyle

      Flamingo Redneck Pendulum Clock
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Lifestyle

      Dolls of Marina Zimina
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Lifestyle

      Was: $0.99 · Category: Entertainment

      Was: $0.99 · Category: Entertainment

      Sound Proximity Mine
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Entertainment

      Burpometer by GameBeyond
      Was: $0.99 · Category: Entertainment

      Was: $0.99 · Category: Entertainment

      Are you starting to see what I'm getting at?

      Perhaps the forums are a better place for members to find, discuss and share their Google search results for "free iphone apps" and "iphone app price changes" with each other. And, just in case that's too hard, I'll go the extra mile: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=free+iphone+apps & http://lmgtfy.com/?q=iphone+app+price+changes .

      Please note that this list comes from freeappalert.com which is the #7 result on the first Google search I listed & the list includes Zombie Pizza, the app posted on freeappaday.com, for the 19/01/2010.

  • its one ad for 30 free apps. i didnt know about it, so im glad it was brought to my attention.

    your point is taken. sorry for what i said. you are clearly an intelligent person, i just thought it was a bit harsh, but i can see where you're coming from. i didnt know about appshopper and that will now become a part of my daily routine. thx.