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Comsol Lightning Cable 20cm, 1m & 1.5m $5 and Micro USB Cable 1.5m $9 Clearance @ Officeworks


Comsole Lightning & micro USB cable clearance at Officeworks.

Lightning Cables
Suitable for charging and syncing Apple devices which use an 8 pin lightning connector.
Certified by Apple under the MFI licensing program

Micro USB Cable
The cable connects micro USB compatible devices to a standard USB port.
The cable has a stylish braided detail design.
It can be used to charge and sync your data.
The cable features premium aluminium connectors for strong, reliable connections.

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  • Can somebody confirm how crappy is this lighting cable compared to the one by apple?

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      sure, send me $5 and I'll send you a report 😊

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      I have had the Cosmol 3m Lightning Cable for 3 months, purchased from Officeworks. It's thicker than the apple lightning cables, better reinforced where the connectors plastic shroud joins the cable (Apple cables frayed in this specific area). Charging rate is pretty much the same (iPad Air and original 10W charger). I think 1m, 1.5m and 3m Cosmol lightning cables have same diameter.
      No complaints so far, and for $5 mfi certified cable you can't really go wrong.

      • You paid $5 for the 3m cable?

        Shows up as $20

        • Sorry, I meant to say that you can't go wrong purchasing this 1m cable deal for $5. And yes I purchased the 3m for $20.

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          Just picked up the 3m for $20.

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    These are worth about 50 cents. The comsol device cables I've gotten from Officeworks last about 2 weeks, 3 if I'm lucky. And the worst part about it is that if you're looking for a micro-USB charger cable in Officeworks, these awful comsol ones are the only ones available, so you're stuck buying one in a pinch even though it's a waste of money.

    • Take them back for a refund. I got a Verbatim mfi apple cable with 2yr warranty so I can get a refund in that window if it breaks

  • wasn't this posted last week ??

    • It was, but the thread title was different. The Comsol cables were mentioned in the thread.

  • I was at OW looking for the previously advertised InSystem cable @ $5…couldn't find any but saw a lot of these comsol ones. for an MFI cable, can't fault it at $5 a pop compared to ebay ones I guess.

    • At Fitzroy OW they have none of the longer Comsole cables, but they have a reasonable number of the InSystem 1m cables for $5. I just bought a couple of 3m InSystem ones so I don't think I need any new ones at this stage. The Insystem ones are really thick and they look nicely reinforced around the connectors.

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    Good luck finding stock.
    None in East Perth after I went there on the weekend after this was posted

    • So so right Roary.. Good luck finding stock. I've also tried myself… :(