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GTA V - PC Digital Download $39.19 USD ($31.35 USD with VPN)


an extremely good price for this game, hoping to pick up a copy for myself.

If you log in using a US VPN it would be USD$40.19 + 22% off -> USD$31.35 at checkout. From an Australian IP you'll end up paying USD$39.19.

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    Nice find. Finally under $50 AUD :)

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      It isn't.

      • Doh! You're right. Checked online banking and i got charged $56AUD. Game over :(

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          That's like the same price I paid back in April

        • @plmko: I paid $29.99 US back in early May via Steam lol. I even posted a guide here on Ozbargain but people bagged it for possible Steam violation (my account is fine and working today, no VPN needed!)


        • Wait, it is under $50AU.

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    Grand Theft Auto V (ANZ)
    PC Download
    22% OFF Voucher
    − $11.05

    Total you pay


    How did you get it down to $31.35 USD?

    • Edit: scratch that dont think that was AUD.

  • Waiting for Steam discount error

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      Waiting for Half-Life 3.

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        There's a 3 in the new price of $39.19, 3 letters in the abbreviation GTA, 3 sides to a triangle.

        Half Life 3 confirmed.

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          Your comment was also the 3rd response to the 3rd post on the bargain, and at current time of posting you have 3 upvotes.

          Half Life 3 is so totally confirmed.

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          @FrankMcFuzz: 3 is number. Half life 4 confirmed.

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    Very good price. Just make sure you can afford the 60GB download.

    I bought my copy from the Coop bookshop. As a member it's $59, and after cash back rewards, it came down to $55.22, so this is a good price for the boxed copy (activates via Rockstar - not Steam).

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    I bought this too and was about to post

    Might want to add you get a bonus $500,000 gta online cash

    I discovered this cause the email i read first said i received this cash and promptly panicked thinking i just spent 40 bucks on game currency only. Then the game code came in too

    Actually i didnt end up using this code i used the 20% off one the site was advertising

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    So nobody has bought at the titled $31.35 USD price? Like I said, $39.19 USD looks to be the actual price of this deal — which is still pretty good. But if the OP got the details wrong in the subject line then the bargain title needs to be corrected.

  • About AU$54. Not a great price.

  • I picked it up from Green man gaming for $28.14
    Got a unique code in my email. Some of you might be able to get it? Not sure if you sub now if you'll get an email with it.

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      I got the e-mail and generated my code. I try to checkout with "Grand Theft Auto V (ANZ)" and add my coupon. It says "Unable to add the voucher". Am I missing something?

      EDIT: Er, I think I figured it out. I've screwed around with my e-mails before in the past so the unique code is for the wrong account. It looks like the actual e-mail associated with the account didn't receive the e-mail. :\

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      How did you get it at that price?

      Edit: I'm assuming you received 30% off code.

    • How much did you get charged on your paypal account in AUD if you don't mind me asking.

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    When you log into GMG from a US VPN it would $40.19 to start with. The coupon code gets 22% off —> USD$31.35 at checkout. We basically have to pay USD$7.84 Australian tax over a digital download…

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      That's why I didn't post this deal when I received the email. A shame, I could have made front page :(

  • I bought this for just over $50 from Ozgameshop about a month after it was released. This should be even cheaper by now..

    Good game though, worth the price this is anyway.

  • Is there a risk of Steam disabling the game or something if you purchase over VPN?

    • This game isn't even from Steam anyway. Its with Rockstar, who won't. Neither will steam.

    • It's activated through rockstar social club. Not steam

  • This game has been available <$40 USD for a few months now. I personally bought mine from http://www.instant-gaming.com/en/186-buy-key-grand-theft-aut... a couple of months back without issue. Great game nonetheless :)

  • So by purchasing this i understand you'll get a rockstar social club login etc and download using rockstars client (not steam)

    Would it be possible to share this with another person? (On different computers) Assuming you are not using it at the same time and wont have different save slots/achievemetns etc?

    Just it'd be good to share this with my brother as we will both play intermittently and wont mind about achievements etc.

  • I paid $49 USD via steam, great game!

  • Great game, but if you have capped internet - say goodbye to your quota.

  • Just bought for US$31.35 with TunnelBear. I think the lower price belongs in the title, even if that means showing two prices.

    I didn't have to change anything on GMG, AU billing address and everything worked with AU Paypal. I am sure AU credit card would have worked too.

  • Trying to download it but I keep losing connection to the download server. Starts and stops all the damn time anyone got a fix?

    • Same problem for me.

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    Pretty lame you cant use your own credit with the coupon :(

  • Lol if these are deals going on for GTA V on PC, Playstation 3 has had alot better deals on GTA its sort of scary!

    • You can't really compare GTA V on PC to PS3. Their release dates were separated by ~1.5 years, and the former is superior to the latter in nearly every conceivable way (with the PS3 version being so low in resolution that it may as well be pong).

      • Ohhhhh yeah - muddled several weeks with GTA V on my xbox 360 when it came out there - but decided to hold back and stop playing it knowing I'd be getting a PC sooner or later

        This finished downloading this morning on the PC I built last weekend so I'm looking forward to seeing the differences.

        • Enjoy! I found GTA V to be really well optimised on PC (especially compared to GTA IV). My build is about 18 months old but was still able to run it at high settings at 1440p, hope you have a similarly good experience.

          Edit: should probably mention that my PC was built to handle 1080p (albeit with super high settings), so the fact that it's still coping at 1440p is impressive.

      • What i was pointing out was how cheap the PSN store is selling this game when all other games on PC are so cheap and yet the price of GTA V is still so high…

  • Will this give me a steam key?

    • About 5 of the above comments have already so a definite NO. It activates on Rockstar Social Club.

  • i got a unique code via email thats 33% off, is that the same one?

    • This code is only 22% off, so use your code instead.

  • Edit: looks like it's in USD regardless of VPN … so best to just VPN in and get it for $28~USD with unique 30% off code.

  • nvm

  • On GMG:

    GTA V US$33.49
    20% OFF Voucher - US$6.69

    Total you pay US$26.80


    • how?

    • It's US$40 on GMG (VPN)?

  • Has anybody been able to get a copy using a VPN? I keep getting the following message:

    Oops, we cannot compute!
    We are unable to process your order using this card. Please try another card or one of the alternate payment options.

    • Even though (if you are running through a VPN) they can still know your card is Australian… and not permitting the sale…

      • thats what neteller is for

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