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New Nintendo 3DS $164/XL $186, Tearaway Unflolded $45, PS4 Controller $59.25 Delivered @Target eBay

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  • The ps4 control is a bargain! Anyone know if the sale comes in different colours?

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      They did but sold out. (White version)

      • Damn it! Thanks for that

  • Should add guitar hero live wiiu ($81), shows only 19 sold.. so most likely another 181. Its like 1 of 5 WiiU games coming out in next 3 months.

  • What! I just bought a 3ds from target, $239

  • The weird thing about naming a product "New 3DS" is that after a year or so it's not new anymore. Apple learned this lesson with their "New iPad". I hope Nintendo learned their lesson now.

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      Their solution is naming it 'NEW NEW NEW… 3DS'.

  • Fantastic price on the 3DS. They don't ship to PO Boxes though which is a huge pain.

    Id buy it otherwise, even though ive owned one before and sold it because the games weren't particularly mature.

    • If you are not home then wouldn't it be okay to collect from a Post Office? With these (relatively) new online Post Office membership accounts you can designate to collect at one of those public boxes using your membership card and code,cif signature is not required.

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      You can register for a free MyPost account and nominate local AusPost offices as a parcel collect point.

      Then get the package delivered to the Parcel Collect address.
      You get a notification (phone and/or email) when the parcel arrives, and can go to the nominated post office and pick it up when you're ready (they hold it for 48 hours I think).

      I did this last time, when I ordered a New Nintendo 3DS XL from the Target ebay store.

      • Cheers!

  • Can the 3ds be modded and can it use old games ?

    • Yes, but only on older firmware. Have a look on gbatemp. Newer firmware can only run homebrew, like emulators.

  • Hi all,

    I forgot to use coupon on 2nd 3ds purchase. I have contacted target ebay to cancel.

    Anything else I could do?

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      Stand on your head and clap three times :)

      Cancelling with the seller should suffice. Cheers.

  • Great price. Go nicely with that new free Nintendo downloadable game that was advertised on an earlier OZB email today.

    Sorry cannot recall the name, but a quick check and you should be able to find it.

  • "AC adaptor sold separately"

    Where are people getting their chargers from for their new 3DS'? (:

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      You can use the charger from an old 3DS or DSi, if you have one.
      Target and Big W have them for $14. Unfortunately, Target's ebay store doesn't have it listed.
      You can find cheaper generic ones on ebay.

      • Thanks Max!

      • Is the connection a proprietary one or is it likely I have a suitable cable and wall charger at home already? Thanks :)

        • It's proprietary. However, as I mentioned, you can use the charger from an old 3DS or DSi, if you have one.
          Although DSi chargers have the same plug, older DS models are different.

    • I use my iPhone and iPad chargers with a USB -> 3DS cable from ebay

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the 3DS XL - resisted for 24 hours and then pulled the pin on one this afternoon just so I could stop thinking about it. Has been ages since I've owned a nintendo handheld (since Gameboy days). I've been a PS Vita owner for two years - nice to have a bit of nintendo nostalgia returning to the home :)

  • Kept looking at this and bought it. Don't even know why as I have a 2ds from a Big W sale that I got for $50 and have not taken out of the box.

    This makes it a Wii U from Kmart on Monday, a Halo XB1 on Tuesday and a 3DS XL On Wednesday. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

    • Look out new things coming in a week

      • My poor wallet :(

        • Stop now lol, remember big price drops will be coming after xmas

        • @TRENT86:

          I wouldn't think they'd drop any lower than this. Probably the same. I think I will resist for the rest

  • Great price for the N3DS-XL. Been a few months since the price has been this low.

    • Isn't it the non XL version that is listed? I didn't see any XL ones there.

      • There were sold out but are back again.

  • They have a few more PS4 controllers in stock again. Just got one myself. Have 10 left at time of posting!

  • New 3DS XL's are back in stock again.