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XB1 1TB Bundles $394, Quilton 18pk $6.30, PS4 1TB Bundle $440 (after Voucher) + More @BigW


A few deals then get extra off using the 10% Off Voucher Cheers to Ryanj :)

XB1 1TB Console + Fallout 4 $394.20 (After Voucher)
XB1 1TB Console + Rise Of The Tomb Raider $394.20 (After Voucher)
PS4 Call of Duty Black Ops III Console Bundle $440
Telstra 4G USB Mobile Broadband $17.55 (After Voucher)
Inside Out DVD $13.50 (After Voucher)
Quilton 18pk Toilet Tissue $6.30 (After Voucher)
Despicable Me Minions Sing 'N' Dance Bob $39.60 (After Voucher)
Despicable Me Minions Rock 'N' Roll Stuart $39.60 (After Voucher)
Despicable Me Minions Tumbling Stuart $39.60 (After Voucher)
LEGO Chima Tormak’s Shadow Blazer - 70222 $22.50 (After Voucher)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playset with 2 Figures $66.60 (After Voucher)
Whamo Single Lane Slip and Slide $5.40 (After Voucher)
Cadbury Favourites 820g $13.50 (After Voucher)
OMO 2kgs Laundry Detergent $8.77 (After Voucher)
Disney Inside Out Deluxe Figures $17.10 (After Voucher)
Christmas Tree 195cm $36 (After Voucher)

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    XB1 1TB Console + Fallout 4 $394.20 damn cheap

    • +1

      Agreed - If you don't like the games in the value bundle and are only after Fallout this is the best deal

  • how much is the xbox 1tb console and fallout usually beforoe discount ?

  • Damnit. No stock on eBay shop so can't use the extra 20% off and Cashrewards 3.5% :(

    • +1

      Wouldn't be able to use this voucher on eBay anyway.

      • i'm guessing he means the ebay promotion

  • +3

    Don't forget to pay using Cashrewards Wish egift card for another 5% off :)

    • -2

      Fine print on the voucher says you can't do that.

      • No you purchase wish card before you but through cash rewards @5% off

        • -1

          Yeah, you get 5% off the gift card when you pay for it through Cashrewards, but the voucher says you can't use gift cards in conjunction with the voucher.

        • +1

          @SaintBen: Can't buy, not use.

        • @westical:

          Oh, of course. My mistake.

  • +2

    Oh man, why can't the PS4 bundle be the same price as xbox one. :(

    • +12

      Because PS4 is more popular

      • +1

        Overall yes, but Xbox One did beat PS4 in the US during the last month. It's safe to say this was because of Halo 5. Whether Xbox One continues to gain any momentum in November remains to be seen. Having Rise Of The Tomb will help.

      • Wouldn't popular drive the price down more :) which equals to more sales.

        • Tell that to Apple and Samsung

        • @wtfnodeal:
          At least samsung prices drop faster than never for apple

        • @kei: my point is if popularity drives up demand then price will only go up. It is demand and supply affects the price.

  • Can't seem to find stock in any stores for the ps4 bundle

    • How do you check for stock at your store?

      I'm a complete noob when it comes to BigW website :3

      I've seen a mention that my store supports online stock availability, but can't figure out how to actually check :/

      • +1

        Call the store :)

  • How did you get this price "XB1 1TB Console + Fallout 4 $394.20"?

    I can't figure out with only the 10% off.

    • 438 x 0.9 = 394.2

      • My bad. I did not click on the deal. Thought it was going for 549.

    • +2

      String theory math. $438 less 10% = $394.20

  • Never mind.. stupid me didn't look at link :)

  • Is that the new PS4?

  • BigW put the Xbox up to 549, so you won't get for under 400

    • +1

      But surely we could just show them the catelogue? Bringing my mate ACCC if they refuse. I really want to celebrate the end of my uni degree with Lara Croft

      • Maybe, but I thought bugger it - they only had one in stock near me in any case, so I got the deal at JB HIFI for 489… Got a heap of skylanders for $10 for the kids and gears of war for $14 also.

    • You are looking at their online price, it's a different seller, the prices in the catalogue in link are in store prices :)

      • I rang them and asked after finding the only one left in stock near me….. Might just be a Canberra thing.

        • Nah those prices in the catalogue are Nation wide so that's weird

    • I confirmed that XOne for 549 is Halo limited bundle.

  • Just grabbed the PS4 at bigw Watergardens

    • is it a ripper deal? might buy one for my step brother

      • 440 for 1tb console and brand new game is pretty damn good. Game is physical also so no need to download 50gb at xmas.

  • is it a good deal for the PS4

  • +2

    Made the trek to blacktown big ww.

    Heaps of ps4 1tb new model in stock. They just add a seperate black ops 3 game to make the bundle.

    Interestingly the console scanned in at $415, so people may be able to just get that without the game and then minus 10%

    Thanks op!

    • Damn i thought this starts tomorrow?? EDIT: I'm retarded.

    • +2

      That would be the staff making the bundle the correct price. 415 + 74 = 489. You won't be able to get the 1tb that cheap.

  • Would underwear count as fashioN?

    • Yes, if you wear and shown in the public :)

  • No xbox bundle at eastgardens

  • +2

    Just 'bought' Rise of the Tomb Raider on XB1. The bonus "Sparrowhawk pack" is on a seperate card so make sure you ask for the card.

    Also double check that they gave you the right disc and not the one for the older game… guess its back to top ryde for me :|

  • Everytime there is a PS4 special there no stock for me kmart / target / big w whats the go??

    • edit: bigw winston hills nsw got stock, just bought one.

  • XBOX one, tempting

  • Got the Fallout 4 bundle. None of tomb raiders left @ blacktown.

  • is this the discs or do i have to download the games?

    • Fallout is disc for XBONE. Tomb raider is token.

      • that is not a very good deal then is it?

        • Meh depends on each person I guess :P

  • Playstation 4 is $440 on ebay from Big W. I think PS4 is still a bit pricey though as there aren't many exclusive games yet.

  • -2

    Would the ebay $100 off not work here either? :/
    EDIT: I need to learn to read, nope and lol

    Man……. I'd buy an Xbox for like $250 at most (sorry Microsoft) - still a heck of a lot of money just for 1 game I care about tho!

  • Rockdale and East Gardens no stock

  • So do I have to go in store

  • Quilton price is reasonable
    Paid $2 for a pack of 8 during the woolies code stacking.

    • What's the price per 100 sheets?

  • +1

    No luck to grabbed the PS4 1TB bundle, but got PS4 white 500GB (CUH-120x) after discount for $381.60 (with 5% off wish card for $362.52) at Melbourne QV. 😀

  • i cant work out how to apply the 10% discount?

    Really want to get the xbox one + Tomb raider

    • Print the flyer and scan in store at checkout how hard is it?

      • Worked it out now.. I thought this was referring to an online deal. lol

        • Damn every store i tried <30k Sold out

  • PS4 COD bundle still available @ Blacktown as at 15:30 15/11/15. XBONE bundle sold out though.

    Penrith, Top Ryde, Auburn all sold out of PS4 and XBONE.

  • Cheap Chit Paper! GJ

  • Thanks guys… Managed to pick up a PS4 bundle after calling about 7 stores… Now to offload COD…