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Petrol Hedge Trimmer 26cc 2 Stroke $99.99 @ ALDI Stores


Does anyone own one of these? Is it worth the money? I'm after a petrol hedge trimmer. I don't have much hedge to cut so a cheap one will be enough for me. This one from Aldi is so far one of the cheapest one I've seen.. It also comes with "3 years warranty".

Masters cheapest one is this one with "only" 2 years warranty: (https://www.masters.com.au/product/101548876/rok-22-5cc-petr...).

And Bunnings cheapest one is this one with also "only" 2 years warranty: (http://www.bunnings.com.au/homelite-26cc-petrol-hedge-trimme...).

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    Hey Lone Star remember if you don like it keep your receipt you have 60 days to return it with usually no hassle at all

  • It seems cheap for a petrol one, you might as well get it and give it a try, if it sucks take it back, 60 day return policy.

    • But what happens if it's all dirty, used and reeks of petrol? Is it still ok to take it back just because you don't like it?

      • Most normal people would likely decide before getting it into such a state. If you'd like a more comprehensive answer, give Aldi a call tomorrow and let us all know what they say.

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        I'm pretty sure they will still accept it, I've heard that if the store gets narky you can phone Aldi head office and they'll instruct the store to take it.

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    Wow… I didn't know that Aldi had the policy that you could return a used product if you wasn't happy with it.. Well, then I will give it a go then.. Thanks guys… :)

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    what is the rating for this in case of zombie apocalypse?


    0 - a plastic butter-knife would be more useful

    10 - Vulcan mini-gun

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      plus for it being petrol when the power goes down.

      it's 2 stroke so the noise would attract more zombies. probably best as a last resort protection device.

      also, you have to be pretty close to use this.

      personally, I'd invest in a good quality katana. silent & light.

      also don't forget to surround your home with something like this 5.20mm gauge wire. placed about 140cms off the ground for decapitation of the undead.

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    I have one. Brought it last year only used a few times and today the motor seized. It looks like it was running too lean, factory setting.
    going to give the homelite a go.

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      In other words it's junk and the price reflects that.

  • 24mm cutting diameter thats a thick cut

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    Got an electric one, fantastic thing, wife has cut through several extension cords, shame we have a rcd, muhahaha

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      ?> wife has cut through several extension cords

      lol, would be funny if i hadn't done that myself

  • I went to far once trimming a bush chomped into my knee nothing a few stitches didnt fix. Anyone know how many kg this weighs.

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    have you considered an electric or rechargeable trimmer? if you don't have much of a hedge then a petrol one seems like overkill

    • That's what I've got, 18V ryobi and it does reasonably well. Have never used a petrol or 240v one so not sure how they compare.

  • I brought the 4 - in 1 version of gardenline.
    The hedge trimmer works a treat, keep it clean and oiled after using. The whippa and blades work. the only thing about it was the chainsaw attachment, won't cut anything higher than soft wood.

    Quality wise, the plastics are a bit cheaper then others, so I keep it out of sunlight when not in use and stored properly and still going strong months later.

  • Thanks for all replies guys… :)

    Well, TheStapler reckon this trimmer ain't any good while maxell86 think it's "just" ok… I will maybe toss the coin then… hehehe.

    Deffx mentioned that he got an electric one, but his wife has cut through several extension cords…. lol That is the same reason I would like to get a petrol or battery driven one. I have myself cut one extension cord when I borrowed my brother in law last time I cut my hedge… haha

    However, as mtg asked whether have I considered a rechargeable trimmer… Well, it's not a bad idea, but how strong are they and what do they actually cost compare to this trimmer?

  • I just bought this Aldi Gardenline one. Not so sure if I should even start it or take it back. Out of the box it's very plasticy and has a cheap and nasty feel about it. Yes it is cheap so I don't have any delusions of grandeur but…

    Actually the Bunnings Homelite model seems the better from the design and pics, even though I haven't seen it in the flesh. When I was looking a couple of days ago it was I believe $169, now $99…did Bunnings price match Aldi?
    mmm can I be bothered taking the Aldi back and getting the Bunnings…maybe sleep on it.

    The Bunnings is also a dollar cheaper so that could well be the deciding factor!

    • Hi Global Nomad. "The Bunnings is also a dollar cheaper so that could well be the deciding factor!"…. lol
      Well, money saved is money earned.. hihi
      Anyway, when you said that the Homelite model from Bunnings was actually $169 before and that the Aldi Gardenline is "very plasticy".. I might take a look at the Homelite before I make any decisions…
      Thanks for the info Global Nomad… :)

      • I went out and brought the homelite from bunnings. Already think it run smoother and idles smooth, The plastic quality is about the same as aldi one. It has a longer blade then aldi hedger. Time will tell how is the quality.

        Going to try and get the aldi replace it under warranty as it wasn't my fault. Using the same fuel in the homelite as the aldi hedger and no problems!

        • Thanks for the feedback. I went to Bunnings earlier this afternoon to have a look at the Homelite. It was still marked at $169 but scanned at the register for $99. I think that the handles and trigger mechanism maybe slightly sturdier on the Homelight and it seemed marginally better built than the Aldi but not significantly so. I much prefer the rotating handle and full crank motor of the Aldi as well as the return policy/3 year warranty, so for now will keep the Aldi.
          Bunnings chap said very important to keep blade mechanism clean and lubricated for e.g. good spray of WD40 and run blades before and after use. Will make sure fuel is at least 40:1 synthetic maybe even 30:1 and fingers crossed. Cheers.

  • I've got the aldi one. Got it $49 after several had sat around in the shop for a couple of weeks. Have had it for a couple of years and it works as expected. Keep the manual as she's a little tricky to start. One thing I don't like is the fumes - you often have the unit around face level and you cop a lungful. I do have an electric but it doesn't have the grunt of this petrol unit and yes, you're always a chance to cut the extension lead.

    • Now there's a good idea. At $49 it would be a very good buy. I bought mine at about 6PM last night and there was still heaps of these and other petrol powered stuff on the pallets. Might just put mine back in the box and check the store in a few days. If the price drops to clear them, well, a refund and repurchase would be in order. The hedges can wait a week or two. Thanks.

  • I seriously doubt there will be any left to buy anyway don't forget its Aldi & there stuff sells out immediately usually.We went to our nearest Aldi yesterday morning to buy a couple of their petrol garden things ,we got there 15 mins before opening & there were already 20 people lined up with their Trollies.We bought the blower/vac it died 15 mins into using it ,returned it today for refund & staff said they sold out of garden stuff by lunchtime yesterday .We haven't tried the whipper snipper yet we bought in the past the petrol lawn edger it's fantastic a great buy so maybe the blower vac was a lemon.

  • I have a Bosch 18V Lithium Cordless Hedge Cutter and it's been awesome. Doesn't jam, light as anything. It's probably twice the price so might be irrelevant but maybe an option you weren't aware of.

  • my wife bought one last time Aldi stocked them, used it once and was happy, went to use it again and Petrol was pouring out of the seal of the tiny carby.

    She is going to return it.

  • they will never honer the warranty. My personal experience, one year ago I brought same trimmer, one day it just stopped working without a sign. So, I contact with their manufacture for warranty. But the result is very nasty, apparently they had witten some clause in warranty paper to claim the air filter and spark plug is not cover by warranty. So, you have to spent 40 dollar to let their repair shop to look at it and another 20 dollar to fix it. By the time you luckly fixed the plastic junk, you already pay 150 overall for this. Which is a joke. Don't even mention that going back and forth and hearing all excuse why they can avoid fixing this under Australia law of two year warranty.

    • That clause has got to be illegal because the air filter and spark plug both come as part of the new product.

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