Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collector's Edition from MS Store - Received Standard Edition -_-

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collector's Edition for Xbox One

Paid $82.46 from the Ms store as part of click frenzy

Received the standard edition today zzz. On the paperwork in the box it says Day One edition??? and I didn't even receive that

This happen to anyone else?

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  • This just happened to me too.

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    You're not missing out on much. You get to experience the death of the franchise either way.

  • Well I'm on hold to the MS store atm.. let you know how it goes..

    • So they are escalating the issue and are going to call me back within 24hrs.. allegedly..

      • They said the same to me. I reckon best case scenario is sending game back for a refund. Ah wells

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          I took photos for evidence by law they have to provide what is sold so take photos of the link on the page for back up

        • @JezzaC96:

          Not if they physically do not stock the collectors edition. They will just refund

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          @2pro4sho: Yes but with the evidence and the not receiving its a false sale and can be still taken to court and won if you really wanted

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          by law they have to provide what is sold

          with the evidence and the not receiving its a false sale and can be still taken to court and won

          Wow! You must be a lawyer with all that incredible legal knowledge!

          Just FYI, the remedy you don't realise you're referring to is called specific performance. And you cannot specifically perform something that cannot be done. Like if you agree to pay me $100 to fly you to the moon and it turns out that I don't have a rocket/space program/hundreds of millions of dollars, there is no way you can legally FORCE me to fly you to the moon. You just get your $100 back.

  • Least you received your item toll went and gave mine to some random and then hangs up on the phone when im asking where it is

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    same here. Still waiting their call. Maybe they will give the game to us for freeā€¦ looks unbelievable but there is a chance

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    Received SE too. What do i do? Ombudsman?

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      You need to try to resolve with MS first

  • Anyone get any updates yet? I was told I would be contacted within 48hrs

    • 5 days has passed. No email, No phone call. Damn MS

  • I just got mine and it's the day one edition :(

    • Least you got the day one edition haha. I am surprised how poorly MS is handling this

      • Yet no where on the game does it even say it's Day One. Another bloody damn lie.

        • Nah some people actually did get the day one edition. Not like they'd be happy with it anyways

        • @2pro4sho:

          Mine isn't even a day one edition (but receipt says it is).

          Looks like MS#!T just stuffed whatever they could find into the parcel

    • Actually I was just looking at the receipt, it's the standard that I actually got :(

  • Anyone know what the MS contact is? Is there an email? Or i gotta call them up to "discuss" and waste the good part of a day.

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    I received the day 1 edition as well. I called them the day I received it on the 20th of November. I was told the matter would be escalated and I would be called back in 24-48 hours. Never called me so I called again on Monday and got the same response. I follower up again on Thursday and despite insisting I talk to a supervisor I received the same response.

    I was finally called back today and offered the option to either keep the edition I have an get a $30 Xbox credit or return it (A process which would take around 2 weeks). Overall I am extremely unimpressed with Microsoft's handling of the situation. I can deal with the initial error, these mistakes happen but the follow up service and final solutions offered by the end of that were unacceptable. What's more the overseas support team struggled at times to understand what I was asking and ended up talking in circles. A very frustrating and disappointing experience and I don't think I'll be using the Microsoft online store again.

    • Similar story. I sent mine back for a refund but I still got a $30 voucher.

      • I just received the $30 voucher as well. It was not properly communicated but I'll take it.

  • I'm waiting for the email with return instructions.

    Probably the worst customer service I've ever encountered. I had to hang up on the first one because she started arguing with me! All I said is that I received the wrong item.

    • Did anyone actually receive the correct version?

  • same shit happened to me.
    received a refund and a $25 voucher to use at their over priced store.

    • They sent be a printable label and sad just return it! Oh well, if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

      • unfortunately so true :(

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