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Sony Splash-Proof Bluetooth NFC in-Ear Headphones (Orange) MDRAS600BTD $51 Delivered @ Sony Store


Part of 12 days of deals

Cheapest was $119 for JB

Only Orange colour though

Bluetooth® & NFC for wireless music streaming
Ultra small & simple 1 button headset for urban lifestyles
Splash-proof for all-weather listening (IPX 4 standard)
Enjoy up to 8.5 hours of non-stop pumping beats
Comfortable, secure-fitting earbuds with Arc Supporter in 3 sizes
Hands-free calls with built-in microphone

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  • Would have liked the Blue one to have gone on offer

  • +2

    Why does it say $50 on the 12 Day of Christmas page then $50.99 when you try to buy?

  • +1

    I ordered the headphones from yesterday's 12 days, and have decided to change my mind now as I will blue tooth this with my Samsung Gear S2 class and run the music through that.

    • Can we do that….I too want to do it. PLease tell me how

      • I contacted online agent and requested it.

    • what are or which one you referring too? why exchange? this one better?

      • I changed my mind and thought that I would be using the headset with my phone, but realised I can just load music on my Galaxy Gear S2 classic and pair the headset with that instead, so that would make a better option.

        • ah yeah saw the link, day two is just normal earphone with similar price. of course this one better

  • Does anyone have the link to this 12 days of Christmas specials? Wanted to find out what other items they have available

  • just bought one..

    • Me too.. got the confirmation email but when I click to view order details, it says it's empty?

      Are you experiencing the same?

      • No I see the actual order details..

        • Did you have a Sony account or did you just checkout as guest?

  • They do look a bit clumsy. I've a few good bluetooth earbuds, including the older Sony XBA ones, the blueant pump, and the jaybirds. The jaybirds are the only ones I bother using. The XBA sound the best though but they are awkward. The blueants sound like junk. This model looks a bit less awkward than the sony XBA though. Them being splash proof is good though.

    • hey, I also have the Jaybrid x1 bluebuds, these Sony's seem to have bigger drivers (9mm vs 6mm) do they offer better sound at all?
      i guess they have more weight to, do they stay in ears well compared to the Jaybirds (21g Sony vs 13g X1's) ?

  • +1
    • Damn, forgot about it, Just lost $1.224

      • They calculated using the full price, so it's more like ~$4.

  • Thy are bluetooth..but why is there a cable showing in the pictures on the sony site?

    Or do they have a 3.5mm jack too? Specs don't say?

    • +1

      The cable connects the two ear pieces (if you're referring to the cable in the image of the girl on the treadmill)

    • It will be the cable linking left and right headset - I don't expect them to have a 3.5mm jack

  • Does Sony have a refund policy?

  • +1

    Ordered a pair - hope they refund the $0.99 overpayment :)

  • Strange looking headphone… tempting

  • +6

    Upvote. I caved and purchased one even though I really didn't need to. Thanks / I hate you OP.

  • Nice I have Jabra bluetooth head phones, but at this price I'm hoping they're an upgrade.

    • Reckon these are better than the Jabra?

      • Fingers crossed.

  • Are these anygood? Worth it?

  • tempting price, but don't know if i can commit on the goofy looking design, too bulky and looks like they stickout a fair way. more keen on some plantronics or something.

  • Don't forget cashback 2.4% from CashRewards

  • Can I use this with motorcycle helmet?

    • Looks like it sticks out too far to get a helmet on.

  • Anyone having checkout problems? Keep getting a message to check my credit card.

    • +1

      Just bought a pair. Attempted three times with Amex and got the same message you received. Re-tried with my MC and worked fine.

  • Are these available in-store or is it online only?

    • As per T&C from the 12 days link "online customers, Sony Kiosk and Sony Centre customers"

  • online reviews?

  • I got 3 already, the plantronics beat 2, the Audio Technica and the Sony headphone, all from OzBargain.
    Of all the above, the Audio technica is most comfortable on the ear and long battery life. the Plantronics only last 3 hours, not so comfortable on the ear but comfy on the neck.
    The Sony headphone is really poor.

    Should I get another one? Probably…

    • Is it worth $50?

      • The Plantronics was about $120, it's still worth it. Just too big on the ear and low batt.

        The Audio Technica, can't remember how much, but it was very cheap, it's not so portable because it has a big dongle…

        The Sony, it's still ok, but I just don't really like over-ear I guess…

        This current Sony would be perfect replacement for my Plantronics.

  • Nice, I was only checking out Bluetooth headphones yesterday. I'm thinking of joining a gym so these will come in handy. I can't find any reviews on them but at that price I'm not too fussed.

  • +1

    Thanks OP,

  • For those of you who bought one but don't really need one:

    Which hurts more, missing a good deal or buying a useless good deal which later thrown out.

    • +4

      Looks like we found the first person who missed out :)

      • Winners are grinners!

  • out of stock?

  • Mine went back to the original price while I was checking out…what the?

  • Looks chunky

  • I bought some at $150. I like them, but I think i should have gotten the smaller version which has less battery life but doesn't look as chunky. Overall I still happy with it and I'm going to buy a spare pair at $50 as its a steal.
    It's not perfect but it's worth your money.

  • Out of stock

  • $4.08 Cashback from Cashrewards and a $30 Sony e-card from my A6000 and it came to $17 :)

  • damn too slow and missed out

  • I have and like the Backbeat Go 2. Only gripe is the battery life. Anyone have both that can comment on how they compare? Not many reviews on this Sony headphones on the net.

    • The battery life is good. I don't use them all day though and regret getting this model. I think for me (only 30 mins a day probably) I would have been better off with the smaller model.

  • price is back to special again

    spoke to sony and they said "I have checked this with our upper level of support, according to them, it is possible that the system is currently updating due to the traffic caused by the demand of the promo. You may try to check it after an hour or two and if it is still the same, contact us again."

    so might just have gone down for a bit

    • it says "12 Days of Summer - Day 3 Promotion Ended", so it's gone…

      • Well I just got a pair :/ so strange that it says that

      • +1

        Worked for me too, just grabbed a pair.

        Have been watching this thread all morning with this Sony site loaded, thought i'd missed out cause the buy option disappeared and looked to be out of stock. I loaded the same website in chrome (was using ie) and the buy option was there so I grabbed a set

  • Managed to grab a pair before it ended :D Awesome, My mother will love these for Christmas :P

  • Missed out while I was looking for reviews. Dammit.

  • thanks! got one from the Perth City Sony Centre

  • really sold out now?

  • +1

    That's disappointing.. thought the promo would last all day.

    • or at least more than an 1.5 hous.
      2pm now, deal started 10am and a comment 2,5 hours ago said deal is off.

  • Woo managed to get one before it ended !

  • Reviews are quite positive on bestbuy if you have "normal" sized ears, most negative votes are due to that and some say not loud enough.


  • +1

    Missed it. Damn stupid work.

  • OzBargain Rule #1 : Buy first, think after.

    • Yeah, didn't have the chance. Been working from 6am - 3pm with no phone service today for my loss.

  • If anyone impulsed bought and doesn't like the way they fit, happy to purchase them off you!

  • yeah me too i would be happy to buy one….. pretty please

  • How is the sound quality on these?

  • How is the sound quality on these?

  • +1

    Walked by a Sony store, asked if they had the offer, which they did, bought them pretty much right then. Used them at work for some music, impressed by the cableless approach, only OK for music (I'd say slightly worse than the Z2 included earphones, which are slightly better than most other earphones I've tried in recent times). But tried them out on the bike ride home, amazing. I've not used earphones on my bike much because the wind just ruins the sounds/they fall out/sweat breaks them, but these do a really good job, and hoping the waterproof thing is for real. Knowing how well they go on my bike, would be happy to pay $100+ now, so big bargain here.

  • Anyone else waiting for today's deal to begin?

  • Late change to the line up, no Bluetooth speaker deal as promised :(

  • Shattered I missed out on this yesterday. Out of stock by the time I saw it, and forgot that the stores might sell it for this price :(

  • Anyone get a msg today saying it was

    "Unfortunately, we are unable to validate the payment details you have supplied at this time"

    They needed some kind of 6 digit preauth number????

    Then a email immediately after it trying to recall that email.

    No idea what is going on right now

    • I had the exact same issue. Going to try and chase down this Preauth number today. I don't have high hopes.

      • My credit card had it 'pending' for 4-5 days… it disappeared yesterday, so looks like the cancelled it.

        At the same time, I notice I couldn't get onto the new offers each day, until today. Some server error

        • I just had an email from sony/dhl saying that my consignment has left the depot. The order numbers match up so it looks like the product has shipped. Weird part is that I have no charges on my account. Maybe I got lucky….

  • Yes. Left some details yesterday with their contact centre who said I should be contacted within 48 hours by their Online team.

    Have you resolved your issue?

    • I've had the same issue since Monday. Sony won't budge on the Pre-Auth code and my bank dont seem to have one to give me. Never had issue's like this with my credit card. I'm probably just going to cancel my order. Sony support (if you can get hold of them) are useless.

      • +1

        if you look at telstra simcard thread, alot people order online got this kind of situation when ordering from telstra online, and seems the next step would be the store cancel your order because they think that is fraud.

        • Ok, thanks for the heads up eisniwire.

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