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Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor $55 ($50 with Code) @ Masters - Selected Stores


Key Features

View your real time energy consumption (cost, CO2 and kWh)
Portable compact display can be placed anywhere in the home
View historical daily, weekly or monthly data (cost, CO2 and kWh)
Understand your carbon footprint
View daily, weekly or monthly average (cost, CO2 and kWh)
Up to 70 m range
Wall mountable display
12 months minimum battery life (with 2400 mAh alkaline batteries)
Mains or battery powered options
Easy to set up and use
New advanced features

Showing per day calculations for a better understanding and feedback
Select up to 2 different tariff settings
Improved incremental stepping on the voltage, costs, carbon emissions and alarm
Audio alert if you exceed your set maximum consumption target
More details available here http://efergy.com/au/elite-classic#.VmJFw9J94_4

Also available is the Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor - E2 Classic for $69 (62.1 with coupon)

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  • Link is showing as $39.00 You Save $40.00 :)

    • price varies store to store

    • I believe the price listed is valid for WA.. Other states might be cheaper..

  • How does installation work with these things?

    • +3

      You need access to line (or neutral would also work) so at the meter box or fuse box and generally an electrician would be necessary. The CT (the clamp thing) can't have both wires running through it so split access to the wiring is necessary.

  • Thanks OP, good deal!

  • Just bought a house and need to rewire the whole thing, would this be good to give to the sparky to do at the time or is there a better option since I'm rewiring so ease of installation isnt an issue if anyone would happen to know? Thanks in advance if ya do!

    • +1

      The sensor just clamps over a single phase wire. Should take a few minutes for a sparky.

    • -2

      would this be good to give to the sparky to do at the time

      No - it is a useless toy.

      or is there a better option since I'm rewiring so ease of installation isnt an issue if anyone would happen to know?

      If you really want to know, then have the electrician install a proper meter. They will know what is best.

      Then again, you already HAVE a meter anyway, so there is no real need to have a second one that tells you the exact same thing.

      • Wow thanks for the useless comments.

        • Your ignorance about the (lack of) accuracy in these kind of "power meter toys" does not mean that my comments are useless.

  • +1

    Do they calculate outgoing power (solar) power too?

    ALthough with smart meters suppliers like Jemena here in Nth Melbourne, you can get 15min breakdowns of your power & expoert to CSV or view as a graph online.

    • The old version can tell difference but new version you can use two clamps one for house usage and other for solar

  • Pricing showing as $62.10 in NSW after discount

  • Don't buy anything from Efergy, their product is totally unreliable and claim for warranty was horrible.

    Bought a monitor from them 6 months ago,was shipped with a refurbished set which did not work at all, not until I posted a not happy comment on their UK face book there was no reply from their Australian warranty support, waited for 2 weeks before replacement was shipped, again, a dead product.

    Asked for a refund was no reply but was shipped with another replacement which worked for 3 month then the built-in battery dead, I just exhausted to chase them for warranty claim, money down to drain…

    • -1

      … money down the drain even if it did work, since the device is inherently flawed anyway.

      • Explain…

        • I already HAVE explained.

          These meters do NOT measure power, they measure Amps.

          Power (Watts) = Volts [multiplied by] Amps [divided by] Power Factor

          The Volts can vary by +/-10%

          The Power Factor can vary between 1 and 0.4

          So, if this "power meter toy" displays a number saying "12kWh", what does that mean when 2 of the 3 values used to calculate that are guestimated?

          If you need to know Power, then get a proper power meter.

    • Nothing wrong with them products work as required

  • +3

    These DO NOT measure kWh - they measure AMPS.

    It then estimates the kVA by multiplying the measured Amps by whatever Voltage you entered in Setup. So, the kVA is a guess at best.

    It has no way to measure or calculate Power Factor, so has absolutely no way of calculating kWh.

    They are massively inaccurate.

    • If it means you use less power as a result then they are still useful.

      I'd be interested to see how inaccurate they are.

  • Is the E2 Classic a step up from the Elite model?

    • Check out this comparison table - http://efergy.com/au/comparison/

      • Thanks though unfortunately for some strange reason the website is blocked on my work PC..

        • Pm me an email address and I'll send you a screen capture.

          Main difference I found was the E2 had data download so you could use the software and so on. If you don't care for that the Elite has a longer battery life and displays temp/ humidity

        • @hoxygt: Thanks for the breakdown. When you speak of the temp and humidity readings am I right to presume that is relative to where the display is located?

        • @cristobaljames:

          I don't know but I assume so

  • On accuracy.

    As per llama's comments, it measures amps. But I disagree with comment it is massively inaccurate.
    It is somewhat inaccurate. I've got one on my solar PV line, setting the voltage to 200v it is within 1-2% of my inverter. However is not accurate at night, shows 100w phantom power usage on the solar line.

    On the grid line, detected my router (22w), then a limitlessled (14w) and used that (36w) as a baseline. Charged the laptop and detected 150w. So was accurate.

    With this site, the Elite says the voltage range is between 110-600, in fact it is 110-400 on mine.

    They should of put the percentage on the LCD in humidity in the manual.

    If you want to the best get a Fluke.

    Hehe cons: mine came with festy batteries.

    • As per llama's comments, it measures amps. But I disagree with comment it is massively inaccurate.

      It is only accurate IF your voltage is as-per your setup, and the Power Factor is 1.0. But these can vary widely from those "ideals".

      Charged the laptop and detected 150w. So was accurate.

      You cannot determine accuracy in that way, since you don't know what any of your devices actually uses.

      If you want to the best get a Fluke

      Fluke doesn't make meters like this, and most Flukes cannot measure power accurately anyway

      Power Measures is what I do every day for my job, which is in the Energy Efficiency market. This subject is something that I know a lot about.

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