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God of War 3 PS3 for $1 + Other PS3/Xbox 360 Games for $1 at JB Hi-Fi (Online Only)


Not sure if it's a pricing error, but just paid with Paypal and everything seems dandy atm. $1 delivery fee required.

List of Games For $1

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    Not a pricing error but likely they don't have enough stocks. They should still fulfil order by first in first serve instead of randomly select some orders to fulfil them.

  • Got one, thanks.

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    It is JB's fault to let this happen, I can see only a scam here, are JB trying to lure people to put enormous amount of money into their account and do this so-call 'Error' activity then keep the money for interest? If the amount is big enough, several days is enough for JB to gain 'Extra' income at no cost!

    JB should honour their own mistake and make sure this won't happen again, they need to pay the price.

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      It is their system fault that let people ordered after out of stock.

      Those ordered early enough got shipped.

      I think they really cannot honour it since they don't actually have enough stock.

      • They had stock on the shelves as they were still selling it instore and the orders that were processed were done in a ramdom order.

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          online and in store are difference warehouse Think about it, it is very difficult for them to ship those from shop to customer.

        • Yes, they are processed in random order and not those ordered early got shipped.

        • @bluray:

          This I am not very sure but I ordered very early and status shipped.

      • They can honour it since they are big retailers for games and consoles, it is just a matter of whether they are willing to spend that money to honour their own name, because they are the one and only big brand in Australia (EB maybe big but not really matching JB in terms of size) for gaming retails, they are just bullying the customers because you have no choice.

        If this is Myer making a mistake, they will honour it, not just because they are big but also they have DJ to compete with.

      • My order that was done 8 hours after my first was shipped, but my first order was cancelled

  • Ordered 15 different games, a mixture of $1,$5,$10 games, 11 were cancelled and got 10% off next game order, valid for 1 month.

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    My whole order got canceled


  • Status is showing in progress but when I view order, the status is either showing shipped or ready for pickup

    Am I meant to receive an email saying items are ready to be pickup?

  • My order has been shipped according to my account, but no email received with tracking details. Anyone get a tracking number??

    • They don't give tracking numbers they only give tracking numbers on high end items

  • I only ordered 1x $1 game: Xcom: Enemy Unknown for Xbox360, plus $10 Alien Isolation. I submitted my order at around 8pm Monday night. My order status was recently updated to Shipped, but I've yet to receive any email advising me that it's on the way. I honestly can't recall if JB send out tracking numbers or not, but previous orders from them have arrived the next business day, so I've never felt the need to track one.

    • They use standard postage so there are no tracking numbers

      • Thanks for clearing that up, mate. I received the games today :D

  • I ordered 14 360 games.

    So far the below have been cancelled and refunded -

    Xcom: Enemy Unknown
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    Resident Evil 6
    Darksiders 2 Limited Edition
    Gears Of War: Judgment
    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge
    DMC: Devil May Cry
    Need For Speed Most Wanted

    These are still "In Progress"

    Project Spark
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
    Nike+ Kinect Training
    Fable: The Journey
    The Bureau: Xcom Declassified
    Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

  • Disgaea was the only one cancelled from my order. Tales of Symphonia and Asura Wrath have been shipped.

  • 9 of 11 were cancelled and refunded, Alien Isolation and NBA2K14 still showing in progress.

  • Wow, I've had my order of 8 games minus God of War 3 just arrive from my local JB. 3 of them were sealed copies while the rest weren't, but the discs are in perfect/great condition! Not going to complain about that haha.. Still waiting on my 2nd order with Tales of Xillia 2 and Darksiders 2, and God of War 3 I guess.

  • All 9 $1 PS3 games were refunded for me sadly ):

    Your order contained items that were part of a clearance activity on remanent stock that was intended to be sold in-store only, and not online. Unfortunately due to an error the clearance game stock incorrectly appeared for a short time online for purchase. Since your order was placed online, we have initiated a cancellation and refund of the following items on your order.

    Medal Of Honor Warfighter (Limited Edition) | Dungeon Siege 3 | Darksiders 2 Limited Edition | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance | Borderlands 2 | Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 | Xcom: Enemy Unknown | Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge | Castlevania: The Lords Of Shadow Collection

  • 9/16 I ordered got refunded.

  • 19 out of the 23 games I ordered were cancelled. Can't complain though, 4 Games for $8 delivered plus two 10% off vouchers is still a win in my book!

  • My order is still "In progress", really?
    I rather have an outcome now than weeks later for a refund.

  • Xcom Enemy Unknown (360) - shipped
    Resident Evil 6 (360) - shipped
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (360) - shipped
    Devil May Cry (360) - cancelled
    Castlevania The Lords of Shadow Collection (PS3) - shipped

    • We're you notified via email or did you login to check your order status?

      • I had to log in. The only emails I got were order confirmation emails yesterday.

        • Thanks.
          One says shipped. So maybe that's legit.
          The other is a pickup. It says "in progress" and "ready for pickup". I'm not confident it's accurate buy maybe they all say 'in progress' until pickup is complete.
          Will duck in tomorrow and see if it's there…
          pretty sure you're supposed to receive an email when ready.

  • Yep, got all 7 of mine cancelled as well.

  • Can't even contact support, no hotline or number to head office. Stores tell me to email them as that's the only way but they never reply so what's the point. I guess online customer service is now make excuse and cancel order - which is a common practise with most businesses these days unfortunately. Last time something like this happened was with The good guys but at least they had a hotline and a person you could talk to.

    • +1

      [email protected]

      Always get a reply within 24 hours when i contact them this way.

      • Thanks Jimbo, I'll give it a crack :)

  • All of mine cancelled too.

  • One of the orders was delivered with Toll.
    What's their problem? "Undeliverable:Closed/NotHome-Cant leave card", I was home and there's a mailbox, what do they mean by "can't leave card"? these delivery guys makes no sense.

  • Received 4 games today. They came from Port Macquarie.

  • Just walked into a Jb and picked up BF3 for $5! Same price as advertised online. Woo hoo thought I'd missed out.

  • I think Alien Isolation has arrived by mail today - will know for sure when I get home from work. Never received an email update after the initial order confirmation, so for those of you who haven't had cancellation emails, you can continue to hope!

  • God of war got cancelled and 3 I ordered for pick up are still processing, however I did receive 9 games that were delivered :)

  • +5

    I ordered 6 games, they were refunded. Days later, I receive 2 of the games! Guess they messed up and I ended up getting it for free.

    • Even better, beyond bargain!!!!!

  • For some reason I only got a partial refund yet 27/28 items of my order were cancelled. The difference missing is much more than the item that they ended up sending me too.

  • My click and collect order got cancelled. My delivery one still stands.

    • I think by the time the store received the order, all of them already gone.

      • Yupe. They must be overwhelmed with orders. Worth the effort :)

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    Well if anyone is interested in Dark souls II for the PS3 in Sydney CBD for $10, let me know. I picked up mine instore in case they cancel it but the other got shipped. Thought I'll save someone the hassle if they really wanted it.

    • $9 profit?

      • It was a $10 game

        • Yup it's $10 game originally, no profit.

  • Got a second email just now stating the other 5 titles are now cancelled. So, the first email on the 8th cancelled 5. It then took them 2 days to decide to cancel the second 5. Their system really is up #hit creek. Lucky I picked up 8 of them in store the other day.

  • +1

    Got 9/10 my games cancelled. Decided to go in store to try my luck. Managed to find preowned of those on clearance games and multiple copies of Catlevania LOS 2. The store manager was happy to sell the prowened copies for $11. That's fine. JB can keep their precious preowned copies and wait my complaint email.

  • Just got 5 games delivered. Toll couriers are a joke, even though the games were wrapped in the bubble wrap 3 of the cases are totally smashed.

  • With quite a amount of complaints they receive I think Jbhifi now officially pulled the sale down none of the store is doing $1 clearance sale now so please everyone don't waste your time in calling and going personally as it will result in nothing save your efforts don't know what to say about Jb……

    • More like all the ebay sellers got the games in the first 5 mins of the day the sale started. No stock left to sell.

      • I live in WA stores here have heaps of stock still to sell just need to find right store but with there decision all store pulled back there stock and now fulfilling online order request so any of you whose order is still pending is having a bright chance to get these games now

        • It doesn't appear to have been pulled back in Sydney. I visited three stores today (Homebush, Rhodes and Top Ryde) and they all had games marked down at $1, $5, $10 and $20, but not much left.

    • I was OK with the cancellation email until today I was refused to buy the preowned copies of those games in store at the same price. I will let our tax payer money paid to Consumer Protection to deal with them.

      • Preowned prices are different. Even at EB Games. They have a new game I want for $12 (if you find a copy). Preowned is $38. Go figure…

        • Nope. I pointed out to the eb games store staff they immediately reduced the preowned copy to 10% less than the brand new copy for me without a problem.

        • @wtfnodeal:

          It would be great to get all those games at $1 even if pre-owned. I saw lots of copies of the $1 titles I was searching for in the pre-owned section.

          I wonder if anyone tried buying $1 titles at JB Hi-fi then trading them straight back in for profit?

          I did see a bunch of the $1 titles, still sealed and with the JB Hifi 'Trade & Save' stickers, in the front of a pre-owned bin at a neighbouring EB Games - all marked at $18!

        • @sam buster: I buy them because I want to keep and play these games when I have time not to trade in at eb games.

        • @wtfnodeal:
          Sorry, wtfnodeal, I didn't mean to imply that you are one of those looking to make a quick dollar at the expense of someone that might actually want the game.

          Same here too - I had the opportunity to snap up loads of $1 titles, but restricted myself to just buying ones I thought I would play. Most of the games I got were $5, even though some people claim to have got them for $1.

          I merely meant to highlight the ridiculousness of the sale prices and the flaw of not extending those prices to pre-owned stock.
          In theory, one could have traded the game right back to JB Hi-fi at the checkout for a big profit!
          Perhaps naively, I returned two games for refunds (Battlefield 3 because I later found the Premium Edition and FIFA 14 because I found PES). If I was shrewd, unscrupulous and immoral I might have made a few $ on each title.

  • Ordered 3, 2 got cancelled yesterday. Last one got cancelled today.
    Oh well.
    Have 2x 10% off vouchers. Hopefully their Boxing day sales will have some decent bargains to use them on.

    • I wonder if it'll work on boxing day sales. The conditions state "This coupon is valid from 9th December 2015 until the 9th January 2016, it may be redeemed in-store or online, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer."

      Guess it depends what an offer exactly is. I'm guessing/hoping they're just referring to using multiple coupons or vouchers.

  • I ordered six and all six got delivered today. Only one was sealed though. Happy with what I got but wish I could have picked up a couple of others mainly persona 4 arena ultimax and Dead or alive 5 ultimate.

  • My refund came back in two parts with a 3rd 10% discount code. PM me if you want one.

  • All of my online orders were cancelled but luckily I went in store and was still able to grab a few. :)

  • 2 of my 5 were cancelled. Has anyone received their refund yet?

    • I got a refund about 24 hours after being told an item was cancelled.

    • Yup, got my refund yesterday.

      • With JB game prices, 10% off is still expensive though.

    • I just checked again this morning and it has now come through.

  • Managed to pick up heaps of $1 and $5 games from merrylands and parramatta yesterday. Beat most of the other ravenous ozbargainers.

    • That's probably because someone posted Westfield Parramatta had been cleaned out two days ago.
      Otherwise I'd have gone there.
      Was there much left?

      • I picked the bones. One guy beat me to it by 20 mins and "cleared out" the gaming department I was told by a helpful staff member. This was George St BTW. Nothing in Parra westfields. I did see ozbargainers lurking around there but there was nothing left for them.
        Also, no luck at Wetherill Park today. I think the best has gone already.

        • +2

          I think they've been removed from the shelves.
          Someone suggested as much yesterday, perhaps some stores are slower than others.
          I saw a message on the store computer saying about withdrawing a pricing error of X360 and PS3 titles.
          In George Street, I asked at the checkout if there were any sale games left and the salesgirl said something about them being at the back - in hindsight, perhaps she had said "out the back."
          In Westfield I was refused the sale of Dead Island (Riptide?) GOTY which had scanned at $1 and told that they had a directive that day to withdraw pricing error games from sale.

          I wasn't particularly pleased as I'd driven from Sydney in 35' heat.

          A shame cos there were a few $1 titles that I'd have really liked - Metal Gear Rising, Borderlands 2, Medal of Honor and Dishonored that I didn't see anywhere (actually, I think I might have seen a couple of them and not realised they were in the sale at the time, which is even more annoying).

  • Just got 3 games i ordered for pick up cancelled, but noticed this in the pickup info on their site
    "Q. What if the store is actually out of stock out of my item after I place my order?
    A. If the store cannot confirm stock availability at your preferred Pick Up location, they will call you and offer the following solutions:
    (a) Arrange item transfer from another store
    (b) Arrange for the order to be picked up from another store
    (c) Arrange free delivery from another store
    (d) Offer you a different item that will satisfy your requirements"

    anyone arranged any of these after cancellation?

  • i was told by another that the employee had been informed by her manager that it was a Stuff up by Head office and it was not supposed to start till January

    and also as per JB HiFI Terms and Condition no one is allowed to buy more than 3 copies of any item

  • Don't believe in JB Hifi BS. If they want to fix this they should offer you a choice of a preowned copy (they've done this in the past when you order a brand new game they send you a dirty preowned copy) instead of cancelling the orders and told you it was in store only. Once you get to their stores and find out they pull off all the $1 games off the shelves and claim (to fulfill online orders), they'll try to sell you their preowned copies at RRP. Typical bait and switch.

  • Got in on this deal pretty early and all my games arrived today, Darksiders, Medal of Honour, Castlevania and Dungeon Siege for $8 delivered! Good work JB.

    • Great to see ppl happy with a few games.

      I'm happy Tales of Xillia 2.

  • -1

    Strange. I got god of war 3 on PS3 delivered, but everything else was cancelled on my order(9/10 games). I don't even have a PS3 hahaha!

  • I have an extra copy of DMC: Devil May Cry and Fable: The Journey for Xbox 360 that I would like to trade. Looking for Dead or Alive 5 or Dishonored.Or if you have any other games feel free to suggest them.

    • Also after Kinect Nike + Training

  • Got all my games delivered today, unsealed but hey $1 each.

  • Received GOW Judgement today. Also came with a code for the original gears of war. Not bad…

  • Lol project spark came with 14 days gold…$1 for 14 days -> $2 for a month -> $24 for a year gg to all the haters.

    • What a salty downvoter haha …

      • +1

        Gave u a +1 to get rid of that.

    • You bought 24 copies of Project Spark?

      • nah just 1 not Broden :) Just a heads up for everyone who said it was worthless though! I did overhear and see a stack of 10 project sparks at my local jb which was an online order lol.

  • I have a spare copy of Castlevania collection on xbox 360 if anyone is interested

  • got all but one…..yay

  • anyone from Adelaide had their order delivered ?

    • yes, had 1 order arrive the next day after this post and the rest came on Saturday

      • hmm that's very worrying for me, if they were left unattended they have probably been stolen

        • Check your JB account status - my orders - to see if yours was shipped.

        • @fookos:

          yeah says shipped/completed said that from the 9/12