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Rank Arena 700w Juice Maker $10 + Shipping (or 2 for $15 +Shipping with Code) @ Deals Direct


Nice and cheap electric juice maker. Great for a cheap Xmas present !!

They should have put the price back up to $69.90 at midnight yesterday but i think they forgot . If you want one buy before they realize the mistake

If you buy 2 remember to use the $5 off $20 promo code


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  • Sub-total comes to around $28 for 2 am I doing something wrong?

    • Add the promo code

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        Added code and unticked TransitCare comes to $25.95

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    If you have cash rewards, the rebate is another 4% up for grabs!

    • Thanks!

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      I used pricepal with buddy bonus 9% founder rate

      All tracking fine

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    seems like already sold out.
    can't add it to cart. :(

    edit: Currently Sold Out

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    Cant add to the cart

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    Ok..Who bought it all?

    • there's this guy called broden.

      I hate him…

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    oh come on brodens

  • I think a soup maker with decent reviews for $21.95 delivered is pretty good to.



    • I got mine for $10. ALso bought more things so total was $27 Delivered for 4 items ( a digital scale $2, 8 piece cooking set $2, Princess Lotte Family Juicer with 1.5L Jug $10)

      • How did you get for $10?

        • it was reduced to $10 2 days ago

  • Thanks OP, great post.

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    brodens or low stock?? mmmmmm

  • Cant add to cart
    any solutions?
    Still says its in stock

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    Rank Arena still around?

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      I was about to ask the same thing. Haven't heard of them for years.

  • This just arrived. Reckon the courier service with toll would have cost more than the price of the item! Thanks OP.

    • Yeah, I got mine today as well… didn't realise it was so big!