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Dremel 200 Series Rotary Tool $39 @ Bunnings [Stafford, QLD]


Cheap price for a genuine Dremel. This is their entry-level model that has a two-step speed control instead of a variable dial.
It's $49 on their website at the moment, but is listed as $39 in-store on an orange tag which I think means it's nationwide, but I'm not 100% sure on that. The end date on the tag is 3rd of Jan 2016.

$65 at justtools.com.au
$69 at gettoolsdirect
$59+ship at mytoolstore.com.au
US$48 (AUD$69) at Amazon

It has 4.6 stars on Amazon.

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  • Interesting. I'm currently watching a youtube video review on it now. Pity I made my wife's spoon cabinet already. Would have potentially been useful.

    • +7

      You could always make her another one. The more spooning the better, right? :)

      • +27

        Too much spooning leads to forking

  • Is $49 on their site normal price?

    Whats the warranty like, 2 years?

    Edit: looks like its 2 years

    • Not sure if it's their regular price, sorry!
      Yup, 2 years.

  • +1

    Dremel used to be really good quality,

    But they've gone to shi#.

    They're targeting the low end of the market now.

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    for this price i think I got the ozito kit with 100 or so bits. Its variable speed and 3 year warranty. Cant go wrong.

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      I got the kmart one for 6 bucks with about 100 bits at least and also variable speed, used it a few times already, does the job, can't see why I would upgrade tbh

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      Totally agree. The Dremel brand does hold quite a premium price for what you get.

      I've used a generic rotary tool for ages - with variable speed (which is really important imo) Plus with other kits you get the extension shaft thing included, and a stand! Let's see… the Dremel extension cost $50 itself!

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    I purchased one not too long ago for $49

  • How does this compare with Rockwell rotary kit set, come with 230 piece accessory $39 from supercheap

    • +1

      I consider the brands:

      Rockwell = ozito
      Dremel > ozito

      What you should really consider is, how much are you getting for 230 accessories? I find that the ozito accessories last nowhere near as long as dremel or anywhere near as good. But the dremel accessories cost way WAY more.

  • +3

    From experience two speeds just doesn't cut it a variable speed rotary tool lets you match the job with the bit you're using.

    I had a Dremel rotary (4000 i think) and it burnt out after about 6 months use. As I was in a pinch I grabbed an el-cheapo from Jaycar just to get the job at hand done and I still use it several years later.

    Also have a cordless Dremel for trimming the dog's nails. We get about 5 minutes use until it needs to be charged up again. I can't even get replacement battery packs from Dremel and its only about 3 years old!

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      Second this. We've got the Jaycar one at work for the odd job, and it's still going strong after a couple of years.

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        Third this. Count me in to the satisfied Jaycar rotary tool owners.

    • I use my corded dremel for the dog's nails too. Works extremely well. Shame the mutt won't stop licking the work area so all his slobber keeps getting flicked up onto my face.

      • +2

        Yeah I like to use the cordless because it has overload cutout, her hair is very long and sometimes it can get wrapped around, we only do it at a very low speed so it just cuts out and doesn't hurt her.. Sometimes I think I'm just the dog's slave..

  • +1

    Bought this a few months ago to add some cracks to a Groot costume.
    Happy with it.

  • They are $39 at Stratco - this might be why selected Bunnings have $39 instead of $49

    Price match!