OzBargain 2015 Christmas Donations - $19,580 to Charities of Your Choice

Update 22 Dec 2015 #: Poll has finished. Thanks to everyone who has participated. Last year there were 258 unique commenters so I thought it might just be a bit more than that this year. Turn out I was wrong and the figure almost doubled. 458 users have commented on this thread, many simply posted "+$10". At the end of the day OzBargain will donate $19,580 to the top 4 charities from the poll:

  • Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
  • beyondblue
  • Cancer Council

They will receive $4,895 each. That will happen in the next couple of days when I get to move the funds around.

It's almost Christmas and OzBargain will donate $15,000 or more to charities of your choice. We have been running the biannually charity donation since 2012 where OzBargainers get to choose and vote for the charities that OzBargain will donate to. So for this year:

  • We'll take suggestion from commenters using this poll feature.
  • Donation amount will be $15,000 + $10 x number of unique commenters. So if 200 OzBargainers commented in this thread we will donate $17,000 to charities.
  • We'll pick the top 4 charities from their votes, and the donation will be evenly distributed. For example if $17,000 is the final donation amount, each charity will receive $4,250 in donation.


This is the schedule for our donation event:

  • 15 Dec — start taking suggestions & votes
  • 21 Dec — voting closes
  • 24 Dec — donations made

Because we started late this year we'll take the suggestions and voting at the same time, unlike last year where we only allow voting after closing suggestions.

Suggestion Guidelines

To suggest a charity, put in the name of the charity or specific appeal fund in the suggestion text field right above the comment box (top-level comments only). Once you submitted the comment your suggestion will be added to the moderation queue. After moderator has approved your suggestion, it would then appear in the poll options.

Please also have the following included in the comments:

  • Link to the charity
  • Reasons why we should donate to this charity

As for which charity to suggest, have a look at our past donation polls (2014 Xmas, 2014 EoFY) also this discussion thread, Which Charity? I have to say that there were some not so suitable ones but I believe the majority of the community would be able to make sensible votes.

Poll Options expired


  • well done Scotty !!

  • Comment

  • +1

    So many good options.

  • +$10 :)

    Well done OzBargain. Merry Christmas to all.

  • +$10
    Ozbargain, you guys are amazing for doing this every year.
    I will let more knowledgeable people suggest charities

  • +1
    Suggested UNICEF


    I, myself have been donating to unicef pretty often this year and I would emplore anyone to do so as well. UNICEF may look like a huge organisation but they are limited in what they can do re resources. I'm not sure if this donation is Aussie based but if it's not then I would strongly recommend UNICEF for all the work they're doing in Europe and around the world during this war time.

  • Extra $10 here. Keep up the good work.

  • +$10

    Excellent initiative! Great to include the OzBargain community and remind us as individuals to also think of ways we might be able to share the love this Christmas season :-)

  • -1
    Suggested White Ribbon

    Great work OzB team. Might I also suggest White Ribbon

    White Ribbon is Australia’s only national, male led Campaign to end men’s violence against women.

  • Suggested Mercy Ships

    Mercy Ships is a unique medical charity that uses hospital ships and ground based teams to deliver free surgeries and health care to the poorest people in the developing world. They have transformed the lives of more than 2.42 million people in the least developed countries for more than 35 years. Australian surgeons, nurses and other staff volunteer their services and pay for their own expenses so the donations go directly to providing more treatment.


  • +$10. +1 vote for Against Malaria Foundation!

  • +1 vote for Cancer Council. Thank you.

  • Cancer council!

  • beyondblue

  • +2

    Beyond Blue is good for me. Mental health is very important and often overlooked or stigmatised.

  • Suggested Westmead Children's Hospital

    Westmead Children's Hospital

    Every dollar you donate to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead goes towards helping save and improve the lives of those most vulnerable – our sick children.

    With its specialist care and ground-breaking research into childhood illnesses, the Hospital, which was established more than 130 years ago, has 3,000 staff working in 150 departments and 70,000 children to care for each year.

    Your donations will help:

    Provide life-saving care to thousands of sick children every year
    Fund ground-breaking research into the causes and cures of childhood illnesses.
    Employ the best specialist staff
    Establish vital support services for families in their greatest time of need
    Buy state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology
    Ensure we continue our reputation for being one of the leading children’s hospitals in the world

  • Great work Ozbargain!

    +1 for RSPCA

  • +1

    Awesome as always, Scotty. Thanks, you've built an excellent and socially responsible website.

  • I went the wikimedia option. Free information is more important than anything else.

  • Excellent work. Thanks ozb

  • Good stuff OzB

  • +4

    <) )╯ 10
    / \

    ( (> BUCKS
    / \

    <) )> YO
    / \

  • Nice work Scotty and OzB team! Good to see my favorite website doing great things!

  • My vote is for the Cancer Council because we lost a friend earlier this year and a family member on Saturday to cancer, and have also had others close to us affected by cancer in the past.

  • Suggested Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

    Currumbin Wildlife Hospital http://cwhf.org.au
    Specialised Native Wildlife Hospital helps injured animals. Based on the Gold Coast. They recieve no regular government funding.

  • 10/10 ozbargain! (Y)

  • +$10

    Great work! Excellent idea :)

    • +1 Alzheimer's Australia

      Grandfather lost this morning to this disease. Rest Easy.

  • Why not AWL, in my area they do a lot more for animals than the RSPCA

  • $10

  • +$10

    Love your work Scotty!

  • Great work OzBargain! +$10

  • Suggested Esperance Bushfire Appeal

    Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund

    "LORD Mayor Lisa Scaffidi has opened a relief fund for members of the community impacted by the devastating Esperance bushfires.

    The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund, which is the recognised state emergency fund, will raise and co-ordinate donations to support victims of the fires burning in WA’s south.

    The timing of the blaze couldn’t be worse as grain farmers were midway through harvesting a record-breaking crop."

  • $10

  • $10

  • +1 donation

  • +1
    Suggested Lighthouse Foundation

    Lighthouse Foundation

    I think helping homeless kids is important the Lighthouse Foundation’s vision is to end youth homelessness, together. They do this by supporting homeless young people to take their rightful place in the community. They provide them not just with a home, but with a family and a therapeutic model of care that is individually tailored and proven to work. Through their Lighthouse experience, young people can heal, learn again to relate to others and start to rebuild their lives.

  • +1 for fighting alzheimers

  • Great work ozbargain team!

  • +$10

  • $10

  • Thanks Scotty and all of Ozbargain

  • Suggested Indigenous Marathon Foundation

    Indigenous Marathon Foundation

    IMP uses the marathon as a vehicle to promote healthy lifestyles to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Running is accessible to any age, ability and location and has the tremendous power to instil a sense of personal accomplishment when one has pushed beyond what they thought possible.The project annually selects a group of young Indigenous men and women to complete the New York City Marathon with just six months of training. This highlights the incredible natural talent that exists within this population, with the hope to one day unearth an Indigenous long distance running champion to take on the African dominance.The project uses running to change lives. The core running squad push their physical and mental boundaries to a whole new level, and after crossing the finish line of the biggest marathon in the world they know they can achieve anything. These runners are trained to become healthy lifestyle leaders by completing a Certificate III in Fitness wlth with a focus on Indigenous Healthy Lifestyle. This qualification is used to promote community based health and exercise initiatives including the Deadly Fun Run Series. Runners become role models within their communities and are leaders in the promotion of health and physical exercise to address the high instance of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and renal failure.

    They have also expanded to give each participant cert 3 in fitness and also provide indigenous people with employment opportunities. It also operates a fun run series.

  • +1

    Been lurking on ozbargain for years. Made an account to finally comment. >>>$10<<<

  • +$10
    Thanks OzB

  • Another to doc w/o borders :)

  • Great work! :)

  • nice

  • xlnt

  • Nice work as always. Voting for RSPCA this year, hopefully they make it into the top 4!

  • $10

  • beyondblue :)

  • great work!

  • +1
    Suggested The Smith Family

    The Smith Family

    They helped me out going through High School and Uni. Paid for my school camps and allowances for text books. Hooked me up with a mentor through Uni who was a professional who volunteered his time.
    They do a lot of good work for disadvantaged families.
    Presents for little kids at Christmas. I could've done with these if I was in the program at that age, we didn't do presents at my place growing up.

  • Hey Scotty, you should think about setting up an optional donations page, where people have the chance to donate a dollar for every bargain they get from this site.

  • +3

    For those interested, there was this article which showed the percentage of donations that go towards admin. With this, my charity of choice is now the Royal Flying Doctors Service


  • +1

    Great work, hopefully goes to a deserving charity :)

  • $10+

  • Suggested IFOPA

    ifopa The International FOP Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting medical research, education and communication for those afflicted by the rare genetic condition Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). Our mission is to fund research to find a cure for FOP while supporting individuals and their families through education, public awareness and advocacy. Our vision is a cure for FOP.

    Our primary sources of funding come from FOP family fundraising, public contributions, IFOPA special events, and private foundations.

    *sorry for double post, didnt write suggestion in previous one.

  • Good work guys

  • nice one OzB

  • Great work guys

  • Cool. Cool cool cool.

  • Love ya work OZB!!! xx

  • Suggested Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

    For 154 years, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children dedicated teachers and specialists have provided life changing services and educational programs for children and adults with hearing and vision loss.

    Your donation enables RIDBC to work with thousands of families across Australia to provide a wide range of specialist services, ensuring children and adults who have vision or hearing loss have the very best opportunities in life. The support we receive from the community enables RIDBC to constantly enhance its services through innovation and technology, improving outcomes for those with vision or hearing loss.

    "When Natalie was pregnant with Lila a scan at 26 weeks picked up two heart issues. Just 19 hours after Lila was born, she had her first heart operation. Lila was later diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome and her parents turned to RIDBC for support." Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V0wysFuY6U

  • Suggested Pinery SA Bushfire Appeal

    Pinery Bushfire Appeal
    The Pinery Bushfire has burnt out approximately 85,000 ha of land in the Balaklava / Roseworthy area in South Australia's mid north. Sadly there have been fatalities as a result of this fire. The fire has destroyed many homes of families, outbuildings and affected businesses.

  • A great thing ozbargain is doing here. Gave my support to the cancer council.

  • Another $10 in the pot.

  • i am a charitable cause

  • Good initiative. +$10.

  • $10

  • Good work +$10

  • All good causes! Keep it up!

  • Suggested World Vision

    World Vision

    World Vision is a worldwide community development organisation that provides short-term and long-term assistance to 100 million people worldwide (including 2.4 million children)

    Great work Ozbargain Team.

  • +1

    +1 vote for Beyond Blue. Fantastic Organisation

  • Comment for a great cause.

  • +1. Great job.

    i believe Doctors Without Borders spend a large % of donation to actual cause vs admin cost.

  • Alzheimer's Australia please since so much is still unknown about the disease.

  • Easiest $10 I've donated. Thanks Scotty

  • +$10

  • +1

    $10 hopefully towards beyond blue

  • +1

  • $10!

  • Very generous.

  • +1

    Hope the financials are analysed of the charity, before sending the money off. Some places pretty much only donate $0.2 of a $1.

  • Rolling

  • thanks for putting this together.

  • Hooray, I'm useful! I'm having a wonderful time.

    +$10 :-)

  • Excellent initiative :)

  • Cancer

  • $10

  • +$10 - awesome work!

  • Suggested Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

    Autism Spectrum Australia do fantastic work helping children with Autism, and their families.

  • +1

    I'd like to nominate the 'send JV to Mars fund' for the sake of OzBargainers everywhere.

    Seriously though good work OzBargain, my vote goes for the RSPCA.

    • Are you sure you don't want JV to go to uranus?

  • Barbara May Foundation

    "The Barbara May Foundation supports the work of Australians Valerie Browning AM and Dr Andrew Browning to provide a simple network of maternal health care in developing countries in Africa.

    The Foundation aims to decrease the high incidence of women and babies who die or are injured during childbirth and thereby reduce the number of women suffering from obstetric fistula."

  • Good thing no one has nominated Greenpeace.

    • -3

      Good thing no one has nominated wikileaks

  • Thank you OzBargain!

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