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Free $30 Reward from Witchery


You receive a WITCHERY CARD when you purchase the April 2010 issue of Marie Claire and Men's Health. Alternatively, head to your local Witchery store and pick up a card from the sales counter from March 3rd, 2010

We're inspired by you and what you want, and this is the card that will give it all to you.


  • Earn rewards when you shop at Witchery
  • $30 REWARD to spend when you activate your card
  • 5% off SALE items always!
  • Track your purchase history online
  • Competitions and much more..

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  • Hehe, I got the $3 men's health subscription that starts with the April issue so this should be good.

  • not a freebie, not a bad deal either but not a freebie

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      it is a freebie u can get one from a witchery store

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    From duplicate post by Rack, which has been removed. But details are more informative…………

    rack 2 hours 8 min ago (members.witchery.com.au)

    You receive a WITCHERY CARD when you purchase the April 2010 issue of Marie Claire and Men’s Health. ALTERNATIVELY, head to your local Witchery store and pick up a card from the sales counter from March 3rd, 2010 [Ie, it’s FREE!]. Activate it online and it will be loaded with $30, no minimum spend.

    What if I live overseas or interstate?
    Send your address details to [email protected] and we will arrange to get one to you.

    No minimum spend!! T&C:
    1. This promotion is subject to the full Terms and Conditions of the Witchery Loyalty Program, which can found at members.witchery.com.au
    2. To redeem your $30 reward you must sign-up to the Witchery Loyalty Program online, create your member profile and “activate” your Witchery Card by visiting members.witchery.com.au
    3. You must have a valid and unique email address in order to “activate” your Witchery Card
    4. This offer is only valid until May 19th, 2010 and your Witchery Card must be activated within this time-frame
    5. Once activated, it may take up to 48 hours before the $30 reward is available for redemption in-store. You will be notified by email when your reward becomes available.
    6. At any time, individuals can only have one membership to the Loyalty Program; and one corresponding Witchery Card.
    7. You can only qualify for this promotion on one occasion only

  • Does the website work for anyone? only the first page works for me, nothing else

  • Oh yeah website works just need to remove members part from URL

    wow - dear store! Most things are well over $100, the only things i see for about $30 or less are rings,bracelets, necklaces etc

    • aleast you get something for free. $30 is a big amount after all. I mean if people can go cy for 2 for 1 burger deals at nandos then this is something to run for

    • also there's a plain basic t-shirt for $29.95, and I agree that store sells overpriced items


      If you look at the sales section of the website there's more tees,shirts and pants under $30

  • Edit:
    "Marie Claire OR Men’s Health"

    Marie Claire 8.20
    Men’s Health 8.95

    These magazines aren't cheap. But you are profiting by about $21.

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      you dont need to buy the mag. you can get these cards free at the store. When activating your get $30 credit

  • I went to the Canberra Centre store today. I was advised that the cards would not be available (in store) until 3 March 2010 but I can get it via Marie Claire or Men's Health Magazine.

    • Yeah it says that in the terms and conditions above as per Ozpete's post :), only available from March 3 in store

  • +3

    Card came with Marie Claire subscription today. It says you can even redeem your $30 online, so you don't even need to step foot in a Witchery store. Will test this out and report back - it's takes 2 days for your card to be credited. The offer expires May 19, you must activate your card by then, triggering the $30 credit and you then have 60 days to spend it or the credit expires.

  • Picked up mine from the store today…sales clerk wasn't aware of it however she went to the backroom and checked and found one for me

  • GW shop has it. You can pick one up for a friend also.

  • I pick up mine at Chastwoord Chase today. They tell you how to activate it and get the $30 credit.

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    Update: Was credited the $30 today. It shows on your Members Home screen when you login. Plus it also advises you when your credit expires.

    Seems like there is a $14.95 delivery fee across the board for all online purchases no matter how small (ie. jewellery) or how large (ie. bag) your item is. The best value it seems would be to redeem your credit instore. I guess what that is what Witchery are hoping for and that you will buy more stuff once you get there.

  • In my local store, they said they aren't giving them out and you can only get them if you buy the magazine.
    Maybe Witchery realised they might get a ton of customers asking for it and getting $30 credit without buying the magazine and changed or is my store sales person misinformed?

    • your sales person is a *****…try another store

  • thanks thomas, did and got one in Sydney city at the one near Myer. They had a few more if anyone is looking. This is a great deal…i can't believe its nowhere near as popular as some other deals for like socks or a burger!

  • there's nothing to buy though…went to the store yesterday and all the items were overpriced

    • Overpriced, agreed. However there are some bargins. I got skirt for $10 that was orginally $150, on $40 sale, with gift card, paid $10.

      You can get a ring or bracelet for $30. The nail polish range is also nice.

  • +4

    Just went to the DFO in Essendon to spend my gift gard. Got a pair of mens shoes, orginally $229. They were reduced to $39.99. Using my gift gard and the extra 20% off they had on all sale items the cost came to $29.95. They actually gave me 5c. Could not believe it. Best deal ever!!!

  • Woo hoo Hubby and I got a card each…Went to Birkenhead Point (outlet store). Hubby bought a men's jumper for $29.95 reduced from over $150! And I got a top and some hairclips. On top of the sale price they gave me the 5% discount but didn't do the same for hubby. Fantastic deal!!!

  • Bargain, I'm of to the Canberra center today to shop.

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