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Google Play Music Family Plan: AUD $17.99 Per Month for up to 6 Members


Hi, I just noticed this deal when I loaded up the Google Music app. I couldn't find a similar post here in OzBargain.
To compare Spotify Family 5 - $35.99 ($7.20pp). This is about $3pp.

Apple Music is also $17.99 but requires setting up of a family account.

Not sure if this get's you membership to YouTube Red when it becomes available.

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  • This isn't a one off bargain as such, but the regular price. A bargain indeed, but it's the regular price. YouTube Red isn't available in Australia yet.

    • Tru dat. Perhaps should be moved to forums.

  • No. YouTube Red isn't included in this…yet. YouTube Red is only available in the US currently.

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      Do you mean RedTube?

  • Compared to Apple Music family subscription: $17.99 for 6 people = ~$2.99 pp.

  • I think the price of $17.99 is in USD.

    • it's not like steam google play music uses aud pricing.

    • The $17.99 is AUD. In the US it's $14.99

  • Can I pay for this with telstra credit?

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      Yes, currently on this plan for my wife and I and our extended family, out of our normal Telstra $30 prepaid balance. You do need an old android phone with a telstra prepaid sim. I creditme2u via both our iPhones. Within google play music, under payment method "bill to account". Great way to have streaming music on multiple iPhones! Other things I subscribe to out of my prepaid credit include Office 365 (with 1 TB syncing via onedrive) and random google play videos, if there is nothing on the free presto trial. Would love it if the community knew how to pay for bigpond movies with prepaid credit. "Santa" is getting me a gumtree sourced "telstra TV" for ~$50, would love presto and bigpond movies out of prepaid credit. Anyone???

      • When you add family members already on single subscriptions to the family subscription, do they have to download again the music for offline listening?

      • How do you get Office 365 with the Telstra $30 prepaid kit? Sensei, please teach me your ways.

  • It says you can signup for the family plan on Android devices, and play on iOS, Android and PC etc… so can't you signup on a PC/iOS? I have been looking for the link on the PC and don't see it anywhere… have I got to fire up the old Android phone for this?

  • what's it like content wise compared to Spotify?

    Spotify also seems to chew the crap out of my LG G3 battery at an alarming rate….

  • Include YouTube red and I'll switch from Spotify.

    • This price does theoretically include Youtube Red, but Red isn't available to Australians yet.
      Subscribers also get 10% discount on all Google Play content, which is a nice bonus.

  • Aw, it's per month, not annually. Should put that in title!

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