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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" 32GB Wi-Fi + Chromecast - $403.20 after Discount Code @ Bing Lee


Hello Oz bargainers, my first deal here so take it easy.

Just found the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" 32gb Wi-Fi + a free Chromecast for $403.20 after the ebay10 discount code. Postage only cost me an extra $5 but you can use the click and collect option if you're nearby.

Seems like a great price considering if you order the 8" version it's only $6.20 difference.

Original EBAY10 Code Post

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  • 8 inch is $18 difference, $385.20

    • Apologies, I was looking at the black, didn't realise the white one was cheaper. Good spot.

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    what's this ebay10 code? is it for ebay or binglee?

    • It works on the Bing Lee website.

    • The code is for the Bing Lee site.

  • Where did you see the free Chromecast?

    • If you click on the deal it says bonus Chromecast.

      • Yeah, sorry I just saw that, I thought it was on their EBay lol

      • is that mean from Bing Lee or from samsung?

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  • Good find. Would get this (verrry good price) if I didn't have my original Galaxy Tab S.

  • on the fence with this one…not sure to buy or not!

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      I pulled the trigger! Replaces my iPad 3rd gen, definately going to be much lighter lolol

      • Hi Trantor (or anyone else who ordered this)

        Did you end up getting a chromecast with your order?

        • i'm still waiting on delivery, they have been out of stock, I just got a message earlier about it being shipped, we'll see. I'm guessing you didn't?

        • @Trantor: They claim that the bonus is not valid with other offers and that it is an ebay deal even though it's bought from their online store. They do not have a link to their terms and conditions for that bonus promo on their website either.

        • @everyone: They got delivered today with a chromecast, if you look on their website, they are still advertising that the chromecast comes with it. Scroll to the bottom of their tablet page. On a side not, they told me due to the delay I would get sent express, that never happened.

        • @Trantor: i picked up instore. But they refused to honor the deal. I will call their CS again.

  • Looks ~$600 at most of the major competitor stores. Cheap postage too!

  • Is $400 typical? I was thinking of buying 1 to use as a car stereo/video, wifi hotspot and GPS. 32GB, 7 or 8 inch… But $400!?

  • Not worth the price imho… The chipset is average.

  • There is no "add to cart" button. Is the stock available? I just purchased one in TGG for 544$. I did the claim the 30days price guarantee. If you have the proof of purchase , pm me please. Thank you.

    • Update:I have received email from TGG that they accepted my claim. With bonus offer $100 and 30days price guarantee $115, I got this tablet for less than $350. Sweet deal. Thanks for this posting.

  • Damn this would have been a great deal

  • yes bring back this deal guys !

  • I have bought samsung tab s2 9.7" on ebay from binglee with ebay promo for $462.40 on 18/12/15. can anyone tell me can i claim the different

  • hi girl8940117
    what is TGG ?

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