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Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN (US $29.00/Year) 65% OFF (AU $39.77)


VPN Features:

Secure VPN Account
Encrypted WiFi
P2P and VoIP Support
PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
5 devices simultaneously
Multiple VPN Gateways
Unlimited Bandwidth
SOCKS5 Proxy Included
No traffic logs
Instant Setup

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  • +7

    I have PIA and I highly recommend them.

    • -1

      is it not expensive for $40 i am looking to buy for minimum 2 years, but for a less price.

      • +3

        Its $3.33 a month for a decent service.

        You get what you pay for.

      • It was slightly cheaper for 2 years from this deal- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/226674

        But that deal is no longer available.

        • When I go to their website it still shows me their two-year deal, just like the one I posted here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/224712

          I'm currently using them and can say I've had no complaints and to this stage am happy with their services.

  • Telstra prepaid sims on discount via google play

    • -3

      They sell Telstra prepaid sims on Google Play?. What the heck are you talking about?.

      • +4

        if you are on telstra prepaid, when you recharge, you can use your recharge credit to buy apps/IAP on google play.

        if you manage to snag a few cheap telstra $30 starter packs ($5.00 or $10 or $15) you can pay for PIA through that credit which comes with the starter pack

        • How do you pay via the android app? I got an account with them and is due for renewal soon but can't find how to pay within the app to use my telstra credit…

        • @Jimmy007: thanks… However my problem is not with paying with telstra credit… Just couldn't find how to pay within the PIA app…

    • On the matter of prepaid sims… whats the best way to get the accounts cancelled once you've used all the $5 starter packs?

      • Call Telstra my friend.

  • +1

    best VPN!

  • The website is a little confusing - does this allow unlimited bandwidth through Australian exit nodes or only certain international ones?

    • +3

      It's unlimited everywhere

  • Very good VPN! Speeds are great, with a amazing spread of reigns!
    PC and Mobile Apps are easy to use :)

  • +1

    PIA is probably the best vpn quality/performance wise, just one great big flaw as far as anyone serious about there anonymity is concerned, is it is based in the US, and authorities can easily get a warrant to get them to log your data.

    • So their zero log policy is basically useless in this case? I'm genuinely interested as this can mean the difference between avoiding all US based VPNs and choosing something like NordVPN which falls outside US jurisdiction.

      • +1

        They pretty much all claim to just log your connect/dissconnect and maybe how much data if your account is limited.
        And Im sure thats true, right up to the point that the fbi or any american law institute demands that they do log your activities. How much resistance would you expect an american based (under the dcma) service to fight or even be legally able to fight. The main thing a vpn gives you is the ability to not become a target. Once your ip is logged doing something naughty (torrents are the worse) you can be targeted. If your ip isnt seen then why would anyone ask a vpn to log you in the first place? I dont even vpn (yet) Im just using some hungarian vps to do my stuff on, no dcma, get the locals…good luck. I think all these people putting all their faith in a COMPANY is nuts, better than nothing for sure but dont kid yourself its fullproof. I also fear whats going to happen in the future, vpns just made themselves a target.

        • Look up the term warrant canary..

        • @nedski: It's a marketing term I am sure they could get a court to rule that nothing indicating the logging is posted.

        • @Dlite:

          You didnt look up the term warrant canary did you?

          Look it up and see how it works.

        • @nedski:
          Look up gag order.

          BTW Warrant canaries are illegal in Australia

          Also the warrant may go direct to the data centre and the VPN provider may not even be aware.

          How often do you check for warrant canaries?

        • @Dlite:

          How old is this deal and you are still trying to be right.

          A warrant canary is a provider putting up a notice saying that they have not received a warrant or a subpoena.

          Now you are worried about the US jurisdiction.

          So while a provider cannot advise that they have received a subpoena, they also cannot be forced to say that they havent been served one under the 1st Amendment.

          So when a provider takes down the notice saying they havent been served a notice or whatever, that is how you know that they have.

          And no, I havent checked for warrant canaries however the news carries quite quickly if a VPN provider who has a canary has been compromised.

          Seriously how bored are you to keep writing about this?

    • Can you point me to a court case where PIA logs have been used as evidence or are you just making this up?

      • No one said PIA have only that they could and in the case of the law may have to.

        And Ive got nothing against PIA their great, but they are in the USA and so under their law and sooner or later thats going to count.

        PIA are awesome tho, one of the best out there. So if your not over paranoid this is a great deal.

        • -2

          So it's never happened? But you know US law well enough to claim that it's a problem compared to other countries? Even though it's one of the few countries that doesn't have data retention laws? What exactly is the problem with US law that you've identified that sites like torrentfreak haven't?

      • +1

        You would expect that as soon as someone gets taken to court via PIA VPN than PIA's business will be over.

        • Yes, I would definitely expect that. And I also expect that's why PIA would want to avoid that situation by continuing to do everything they can to protect the privacy of their customers.

        • @dazweeja: Agree with this. Only thing I dislike about PIA is there is no warrant canary or any other form of audit, least that I can find to the public, now while this can be good it can also be bad. Other than what they say to torrentfreak whom are sponsors, but that’s my two cents and luckily thus far they have remained secure.

    • PIA have said they will shut down before they hand over any data to the authorities. For a company that has their whole selling point as Privacy, being the complete opposite and handing over details would be business suicide, so I believe them.

      Here's some more info about PIA and the NSA:


      • For a company that has their whole selling point as Privacy, being the complete opposite and handing over details would be business suicide

        HMA are still in business

  • i've been using them for a month or so now and find everything prefect (windows x2, android & mac) except the ios app has never successfully worked for me.

  • Has anyone experienced Surfeasy?


  • Wow that sucks. I just paid $32 USD for a year earlier today. I used the link I was emailed which gave me 20% off…

  • Just signed up for the PureVPN deal which had a 7 day money back policy. How do these guys compare?

    • If we're talking speed it's excellent, I use the AU Melbourne server and I get around 60Mbit download. I've tried other countries that they offer and browsing doesn't even seem noticeably slower either.

    • +1

      They're big and they're cheesy.

  • +1

    Currently have an account my with Pia. Can I add onto my sub with this deal?

    • AFAIK, no you can't. You can cancel your account, but the subscription period will continue until it expires. You can't get a refund. I would be happy to be proved wrong as I use PIA and would like to take up the deal.

  • PIA user for 8 months now. I only have a 8mbit sync so no speed drop.
    Browsing is a little slower on the ping but not annoyig at all (I'm connected to west coast us)
    2/3s of the devices at home are on the VPN via ddwrt and I have no complaints at all.
    Netflix is perfect all the time. P2P flies.
    I reccomend them highly.

  • All the people getting good speed with PIA. What server/country you connecting too?

  • +1

    I have used PIA for 11 months and it's great. The only annoying thing about the deal is as a current user the best they offer me on their website (when logged in) is 39.95 per year or 59.95 for two years (2 year price is same as deal per annum). I suppose I could always start a new account. I might try their customer support link to see if a current customer can get the deal.

    • Post your results if you can use this deal to get your current account "extended" :D

  • Thought I would post my online chat with PIA to give a few people a laugh (and answer questions current users may have). I had already figured a new subscription might be the go.

    Max - Hi, your xmas sale offers one year for 29.00 but when logged in I only get offered 1 year for 39.95? How can I extend my current subscription at the xmas sale price?

    Dave R - Hello Max, my name is Dave R. I'll be happy to assist you today.
    The current promotional price is intended for new sign ups, and is only available for new accounts. To take advantage of the pricing, you would have to cancel your current account, and sign up for a new one.

    Please keep in mind that your current account will remain active for the time you have already paid for, then cancel. Refunds on existing accounts are only available within seven days of signing up or submitting a payment.

    Max - OK thanks. Yet another case of a business treating new customers better then the existing ones. Loyalty is not rewarded. It's no surprise I change providers for so many things annually.

    Dave R - Apologies Max, our billing system simply isn't setup to change a subscription. At this time, our billing system is not configured to change or edit customer subscriptions or payment information, for privacy reasons (we can't edit what we can't see, and such information is not visible to us, for your privacy). As such, our system configured that way so that every account is created as a separate account, and can't be upgraded to a different type because of the way that the Subscription service works. Most payment methods don't support changing the terms of a subscription like that.

  • Answered the question…………

    Can I use your "Christmas Sale" deal to EXTEND my CURRENT subscription ? Thanks.

    Live SupportAn agent will be with you shortly. After your live chat session, you will have the option to rate your experience. If you would like, there are answers to common questions available at https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/contact-us

    Mike D Hello ******, my name is Mike D. I'll be happy to assist you today.

    You can't, no.

    ******* OK.

    Mike D anything else I can help you with?

    ****** No, But if my account expires soon I could just start a NEW account with the "Christmas Special" ??

    Mike D You could do that, but make sure to cancel the old one

    ****** OK thanks.

  • How is this on the iphone? Does it connect automatically or do you have to go through settings each time?

  • How does this compare with unblock us performance/privacy wise? It's certainly cheaper.

  • Hi everyone,

    Would you have any idea how ExpressVPN compares with PIA? I know ExpressVPN is more expensive, and they look quite impressive too, but I'm looking for not just price. Quality should be important too. Any thoughts?

  • Anyone know when this sale ends?

    • +1

      I chatted with them. They said they don't know…..

      • +3

        Wow. Even the details of the sale duration are private.

  • Quick question. Torrents is ok? Used PIA a while back and i cant quite remember if they allowed…. Also do they also offer russian ip server to get around geoblocks? (looking at expressvpn as well. my freebie Freedome inexplicable expired itself.. :( ).

    • I use PIA for torrents without any issues.
      Yes they do have a Russian server.

      • thanks for confirmation. Signed up for 3 months :D

  • Does anyone know how this compares with Getflix for streaming Netflix and BBC iPlayer? I signed up for the 40% off Getflix offer 2 weeks ago (think it was $USD 20) and the free trial period ends tonight. I've only been given their smartDNS details so far - you don't get the VPN details until the trail ends.

    So far it's worked well but I'd prefer the security of a VPN. Typical download speed at mine is 8Mbps. Is it likely to be plagued with buffering over PIA VPN?

    • I get about 8Mbps on my regular connection, and I can stream Netflix from the US via PIA perfectly.

  • -1

    Conversion in title needs updating. Cost AU $41.44 for one year subscription.

  • I just signed up for this.
    I had been using PureVPN, mainly to watch Netflix from Mexico.
    When I changed to PIA, the Netflix catalogue in Mexico is different.
    Any idea why?

  • Is this good for netflix?

  • Does it help on playing a US server game on lowering the ping/lag?

  • Deal appears to have finished. Showing US $39.95/year now.

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