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Pebble Time Steel Black $204.99 @ Dick Smith Click & Collect


This deal was up on Christmas Day but went out of stock very quickly. Back up with click and collect. Catch it while stock lasts. NOTE: Access the desktop site as mobile site won't show click and collect and will show "out of stock" instead

Stock available at limited stores only including: Newcastle West NSW, Altona VIC

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • It still says it's out of stock?

    • Yes at alton

  • Try from desktop view. Gives you click and collect option.

    • Found any stock in any store though?

      • Yes at alton, vic

  • +1

    No stores in Sydney area. Tried most 2xxx post codes and no good. With Victoria post codes you might be lucky.

  • Altona does. Looks like there isn't much. I managed to get one. Hope others do too

    • Would you be able to get extra one and ship it to Sydney?

  • +1

    Pebble Time on eBay for $220.58 - 15% - 4% cashrewards = $178.67


    Only difference is style and 3 days battery life (7 days for Time, 10 for Time Steel)…

    • Good point. Good price.

      TBH though I like the design of the Steel Classic better, no mic though.

      Having said that, IMHO this is the Sony Smartwatch 3 with the steel / metal body the smartwatch to beat in terms of the best balance between style, functionality and price, and is an especially awesome value with the 15% off:


      It looks heaps better in person and I get complimented on it all the time. I have the silicon band for fitness / casual wear and the steel one for the office / smart wear, which I can swap in under 5 seconds.

      The only thing that bugs me is that people always ask me if it's the Apple Watch :)

      EDIT: forgot to mention that I upgraded from the red Pebble Classic - it was either this or the original Steel. No regrets, and the battery life (~1.5 days with sleep tracking) is not an issue as the is Sony using the micro-USB charger and I have a few at home (don't we all), one at work and one in the car.

      • I was considering the Gear S2 but after finding out it has no GPS, the Sony Smartwatch 3 is really the only choice.

        Have you ever used the GPS? I also plan to use bluetooth to connect to my wireless headphones. Have you tried doing that?

        • Not sure if it matters to you but the Sony doesn't have an HRM. I didn't care as I use a bluetooth chest-strap HRM, which is much more precise than any smartwatch based one.

          I think I've used the GPS once, a while back just to test it and it worked fine. I run with my phone in my pocket (it helps that it's a reasonable size) so usually use the phone's GPS and use it for music with bluetooth headphones.

          By the way, you don't need GPS for Google Maps to work on the watch. The watch displays the maps and directions from the phone - it's one of the biggest advantages of Android Wear over Pebble. Whenever I find myself in a car without to GPS I can just tell my watch, "OK Google…Navigate to <Address>" or "Navigate Home" and off I go. And the phone will give you audio directions too, of course.

          I have tested the watch with bluetooth headphones listening to music downloaded from my Google Play Music subscription and again it works without issues. Having said that, I'm an audiophile so could notice the drop in audio quality, which is understandable since the watch has no AptX and generally the audio circuitry in the watch is no match to my phone's. I don't think this would be an issue for most people though and if I didn't have the phone with me on my runs I'd have no issue listening to music using the watch as the player.

          Even though I use the phone for music rather than the watch, I still use the watch for playback and volume controls, of course. But this is no different with the Pebble.

        • @elektron:
          Thanks for replying.

          I was hoping to use it standalone, i.e. keeping the phone at home. I know this is possible now since I've heard people use it to go walking/cycling then once they get back, they can sync it to the phone.

          Right now the only thing stopping me from purchasing this for ~$250 is the possibility of a Sony Smartwatch 4 around the corner.

        • @ChillBro:

          If you don't need the steel / metal band, there's plenty of silicon ones available on eBay for $230-$240, which is not great but pretty good combined with the current 15% deal (it's still on, right?) and CashRewards.

          Otherwise, it's $233 delivered from Expansis (they also have the white version for the same price). I haven't dealt with them but they seem legit and have a Sydney contact number.

          As for the Smartwatch 4, I wouldn't hold my breath. It's unlikely to be announced at the CES in early Jan (but you only have a week to wait to find out and I could be wrong) and you'll probably have to wait until the IFA in September (Smartwatch 3 was announced at the 2014 IFA) and it's likely to have 4G, HRM and cost twice the street price of the current model. Personally, I won't be in a rush to upgrade and I've had mine for a year already.

        • likely to have 4G, HRM and cost twice the street price of the current model.

          Features which I don't really care for but I may still go for a more expensive option if it means longer battery life.

          I am in no hurry since I've gone quite a while without a smartwatch. At the very least, it might reduce the price of the Smartwatch 3.

        • @ChillBro:

          I hope you're right about the battery life but I wouldn't count on it. This is one spec that hasn't improved much (and has gone back if anything) in phones over the years. I predict more or less the same with Adnroid Wear devices. The next model is likely to have a bigger battery but more powerful processor + more features, resulting in a similar battery life as the current model.

          If it's of any consolation, Sony lead the market in battery life in pretty much every category they complete, from bluetooth headphones (I still have a budget model that lasts 40 hours), to phones to smartwatches (Pebble excluded). I've had my Smartwatch 3 last almost 2 days with normal use.

        • @elektron:
          Yeah it's true that the battery life of recent smartwatches and phones have either been getting worse or staying the same. It's the reason why I sold a newer phone to go back to my older LG: the 3 day battery life was too good to give up.

          I agree that the Pebble doesn't count since it lacks most of the functionality the Sony has (music, GPS, etc.) and it uses a very dim backlight for the e-ink display but having to charge a smartwatch more often than my smartphone is going to be a bit odd. 2 days for a smartwatch is definitely great but I would preferably want something that will last as long as my phone.

        • @elektron: Hey mate, just read this! http://www.appcessories.co.uk/sony-smartwatch-4-features-pri...

          Come CES 2016, which is set to run from Wednesday, 6 January to Saturday on the 9th, 2016, and Sony will pull the veil off its 4th generation of smartwatch brilliance. This is a change from the IFA releases we had for both the Sony Smartwatch 2 (2013) and Sony Smartwatch 3 in 2014.

          Hope it's true so I can finally make a decision.

        • @ChillBro:

          Interesting…they're not disclosing their source though as I haven't seen anything official from Sony confirming that the new smartwatch will be unveiled at this CES.

          Anyhow, if it is true (and we'll know before the end of this week) I don't think it'll be available for purchase another few months and the it does my prediction is that the price will be closer to $400 at least initially, with additional features you don't need and similar (albeit still best class) battery life.

          There's hoping that the price for the current model will drop but I don't really see it dipping below $200, at least not for some time.

        • @elektron:
          If the RRP is cheap enough, I think I might just get it on release. However, I think it will be closer to $500 AUD because rumour says it will be $300-350 USD and there's always some BS Australia tax we have to pay on top.

          I will keep my eyes peeled for further information and let you know.

        • @elektron:

          Hey mate, just following up on this. Looks like all that was a pile of shit. Last time I believe a baseless rumour. Had no idea people would blatantly lie like that for clicks.

          Guess now I'm back to Step 1. Get a Smartwatch 3 or wait for a 4 but god knows when that'll be out. Prices have not changed so essentially I've just wasted 3 weeks. :(

        • @ChillBro:

          Sorry to hear about that, mate. As I said at the time I was a bit sceptical since of the 3 generations of Sony smartwatches none of them were anounced at a CES. My only question is since the CES was now 2 weeks ago, why did you not pull the plug on the current model straight away if that's all you were waiting for? Even if it was released at the CES, it would have been way more expensive than the current model with some new but not so useful features and similar battery life.

          Oh well…you can wait for the MWC in March but you'd potentially waste another couple of months and, if I were a betting person, my money would be on this September's IFA, which is where Sony has traditionally announced its previous smartwatches.

          Btw, did you know that when Sony invented the concept of a smartwatch and released their first generation a few years ago they also trademarked the term, which is why they are the only brand allowed to use 'smartwatch' in their product name. Even Pebble, who were second to market, don't officially call their product a smartwatch, just a Pebble Watch.

          Incidentally, I just came across this article today, it's a really good starter primer on Android Wear and you'll find it useful if/when you get your watch. I even picked up a tip I wasn't aware of even though it's aimed at new users.

        • @elektron:

          I didn't get anything because I can't find anything on sale. The $240 - 15% eBay sale was a missed opportunity.

          It's weird how Sony didn't announce anything at the 2015 IFA. At CES 2016 they talked briefly about the Wena apparently but that device wasn't what I was looking for.

          That explains why no one calls their product a smartwatch as well. I'm surprised Sony's smartwatch isn't more common given it's reasonable price, functionality and the fact that they've trademarked the name.

          Interesting tips, thanks for that. I'm sure it'll come in handy once I find a cheap Smartwatch 3…

  • I picked up one of these during the last sale, haven't opened it yet (it's Brand new). If anyone wants it, pm me

    • pm sent :)

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