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Samsung UA50J5100AW 50" FHD LED TV $795 @ The Good Guys


I don't think I've ever seen a Samsung 50" TV under $800.

Samsung Series 5, 50" (127cm) Full HD LED TV

Keep in mind this is a "dumb" TV. So realistically, you're buying this purely for the 50" panel.
I'd much prefer my "smart" features to be separate anyway (PS4, Roku, Chromecast, WD TV Media Player, etc)

  • It's wall mountable
  • No Smart TV
  • No 3D TV
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 2 HDMI
  • 2 USB
  • 1 Year warranty

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +6

    better to have a dumb one and add chromecast, I have Samsung tv and smart tv is slow as, although it is a old model

    only problem with this model is 2 hdmi slots only

    • I agree with you there.
      Out of curiosity, why is 2 HDMI a problem for you?

      • I have a Chromecast and PS4 taking up 2 slots and occasional laptop hookup takes the 3rd spot

        IMO 3 HDMI is essential as it is a pain to reach back to remove something to switch all the time

      • chromecast, ps3 (Asian region), DVD blu ray player (aussie region)

      • WD TV
        Chromecast/laptop connection

        1 HDMI short, at least

    • Smart tv for me anyday over chromecast. Mine went in the drawer. Too restrictive. Plus I don't want a phone/tablet/pc as an intermediary.

      • +2

        have u tried the Samsung interface, its terrible! hopefully the newer models are better, laggy as %#^$, even changing channels get stuck sometimes

        • No. haven't tried it.
          Thanks for the warning. Something I better watch out for.

        • @redcreek200:

          My biggest grievance is the two Smart Samsung I have bought over the last few years.

          Slow very Slow to do simple tasks like navigate channels and getting into the smart menu.
          Then they only provide software updates for a short time leaving new apps unavailable and some old ones useless.

          Until I find a smart TV that simply opens a HTML5 standard Web browser Preferably Chrome.
          With ability to customise the Links that open and store the Link eg. to

          Then store said link/data source as an Input in the sources list for easy access along with HDMI/av/dtv etc.

          It seems rediculous to navigate open three menus to get into netflix, or view weather.

          I'm steering clear.

        • @carlb: you should try LG. personally LG > samsung panels. i just like the colours better, and with the interface, not slow at all. netflix is two buttons away for me, and i'm on the 'old' OS

        • @shuckeru:
          correct LG gave my samples at work and they were fantastic picture quality.
          Samsung, Sharp, Philips and LG gave my samples and LG had the best of all menus and features, but the shape and design of the enclosure was terrible at the time :(

          Hows your frame and base look?

        • @carlb: i have one with a pentagonal center base, and another that's split V legged on left/right sides. that one is wall mounted though, otherwise it would probably annoyed me :P

        • Have you tried the newer models interface? I quite like mine… I almost didnt buy it after playing around with a mate's previous Series 8 model but then tried it at the shop and was very surprised at how much better (and faster) the new ones are. I'd say they're on pair with LG's WebOs.

          I still got a chromecast2 though as the TV struggles to some of the more complex codec stuff.

        • @educalifa:
          codec stuff
          i was under impression chromecast only plays HTML5 videos on supported select apps like Youtube and Netflix?

        • @carlb:

          You can cast anything on google chrome. So if you run (and you can) a video from your PC via google chrome you can then cast it!

    • +1

      so true. smart tv is damn slow.

    • My Panasonic smart TV system is great I guess because its not android! it is java based I think!

  • JB sell their Soniq brand of 55inch FHD for under $800 all year round

    • +3

      OP meant, I don't think I've ever seen a "decent" 50" TV under $800. Soniq = kids TV.

      • +1

        Soniq uses LG and Samsung panels. Only difference is they are a generation behind the latest model. Being that the one in this post is series 5 means the Soniq would have the better specs. IMO

        • +3

          Just like Kogan using name panels, it's the electronics that run the panels you need to worry about. There's a reason they are so much cheaper when using the "name" panels - they cheap out on every other part.

        • +1

          … and about 2 generations behind in looks - picture aside. Soniq build looks crap, cheap looking plastics and stands.

    • Thanks, I wasn't aware of this.
      Hows the picture quality though? Soniq vs Samsung
      I usually stay away from Soniq… bad quality imho

      • Its one of those moments where you're best to go and and look side by side. JB carry the same samsung model,albeit $100 more but will price match any day of the week. Worth a look

        • +1

          And I doubt either of those 2 screens have a dedicated video feed.

          You can never audition TVs in a store!

    • +4

      Soniq??! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻ ━┻

  • +4

    Better to invest in something like a Panasonic 4K - 55" smart Tv 1000-1100$

  • For about 100 more you could get an LG panel with its great webos 2.0 and 100hz IPS panel at Harvey.

    The Samsung smart interface is probably about the worst…

    • +2

      The new Samsung Interface is actually pretty good. The old one was terrible

      • haven't seen the '15 ones, but I do have the previous Series 7 - when I'm browsing through freeview (iView, SBS etc.), sometimes it would just hang, causing the screen to go black for a few seconds then restarting the whole TV.

        Glad they've improved it then - too bad I've got the older version though, shame these TV manufacturers don't want to support older models once the new ones come up.

      • Agree, I recently got a Samsung and the Smart TV interface is good and isn't slow like others report of previous years.

        I would never use a Chromecast over it, Roku yes, Fire TV yes.

  • probably have to wait for the end of financial year sales for some better deals if not before that…

  • Got a Samsung series 6 55" smart tv and the interface is great and hardly any lag. Older series 5 was laggier yes.

  • Better off getting the smart 55inch samsung for $995 @ JB or Harvey Norman imo. Not sure what all the complaints about the menus are for, i have a one year old one and runs apps like a breeze.

  • Wouldn't the 50inch uhd from Panasonic for 1000 bucks be a better deal (Deal posted by Trent86)

    • this is $205 cheaper???

      • +2

        Yep, I know that I was talking about value though. The Panasonic is a whole step above the Samsung for only 200 more. uhd vs Fhd, 3D, Smart Tv, Push a screen to your phone or tablet etc.

        • +1

          Yep, totally better value

  • It's back to $795 again today.

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