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[PC] Free Steam key: Nux @ Indiegala


Another game for free on Indiegala. It's a claymation platformer. 37% positive reviews on Steam. Drops 3 Steam trading cards.

The very low system requirements will mean this will run fine on any potato.

How to get the key:

  1. Enter e-mail address
  2. Do captcha
  3. Go to your e-mail and activate giveaway
  4. Log into your Indiegala account and get Steam key
  5. Redeem Steam key

Steam store page

You are NUX, sole survivor of the Nexon warrior tribe. The evil Silthax has invaded your home world of Nexolus, devoured your fellow Nexons and stolen the sacred power crystals from your village.

Legend states that these crystals contain the power of life itself, and have protected your people for an eternity. They may even have the power to reverse the damage that the Silthax has done.

With your home in ruins and only your ship and your trusty blaster to protect you, here begins your final mission. Hunt down this vile creature, rid the galaxy of its evil and recover the power crystals!


  • 3 fun-filled game modes
  • Shoot, fly & explore on foot
  • Amazing claymation graphics
  • 4 planets to explore
  • 13 Action-packed levels

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closed Comments

  • Is this working for other people?
    I entered email, received Indiegala Giveaway Activation email and followed that link but Nux is not in my library. :(

  • Didn't work for me, clicked activate and took me to a page that said "Important Message" with nothing else..

    • That's normal, but after that it usually sends a second email with another link to retrieve the game. I'm not getting the second email message today.

  • not working for me either. :(

    • received a email from support which said they had ran out of keys already by 9AM AEST Thursday.

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