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2 Free Large Drinks with Any Flame Grilled Chicken Purchase (from $6.45) @ Nando's


Buy any item from our flame-grilled chicken range (includes share platters and chicken for one) and receive two complimentary 600mL Drinks. This voucher must be handed over to redeem.

Looking at the menu, it would appear that flame grilled chicken for one items start at $6.45 for a 1/4 chicken (to get your 2 free drinks).

How to obtain the voucher:

Sign up to Peri Perks and download the app. In the app go to Peri Perks then Peri-Extras and you'll see the barcode for the offer which will be scanned in store. Anyone can join and obtain the voucher immediately or soon after. Picture example <—— Don't use this barcode it will no longer work.

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  • just saw the email too, good deal I say!

  • Seems like you would need to buy a whole chook to receive it.. just think the offer is worded poorly by $7 in drinks if u buy a $6 1/4 chicken doesn't make sence

    • +3

      'Includes share platters and chicken for one',, who buys the whole chicken for one? LOL, if someone can confirm if this works with quarter or half chicken.

      • +2

        why would nandoes need to give someone 2 600ml bottles of drink for 1/4 chicken. surely 1 would be a great deal. I just think the deal was suppose to be for a bigger meal i.e. 2+ ppl. Yes If someone can confirm..

      • +6

        I buy the whole chicken most offen then not, for one.

        • +2

          You're a God among men who require 150g of protein per sitting.

        • @owli: They are a chicken amougts men! :D

      • +3

        Me. Who doesn't? True story: I walked into Nandos by myself. Ordered two whole chickens - the guy (by habit I suppose) asked if I was having it there or takeaway…

      • +1

        Have you seen the size of a chicken in Nandos?

    • +1

      Worked for me today buying 4 tenders.

  • +5

    Great ! I could go for some nandos right now, I usually bring my own discounted supermarket coke in or have the free water, but now I can have some dignity and get some freebies in store!

  • No Peri peri points earnt for the entire transaction! :(

    • +2

      Purchase chicken for 1 separately to get the drinks then do a second transaction for the rest of your order eg. Sides, other meals to get the points for those.

    • +2

      Its the SAME for Any offer redemption

    • +3

      But it still counts as a transaction for your free birthday meal ;)

  • +7

    According to their menu, the following comes under "chicken for 1" so should qualify.

    Flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken for one:
    1/4 Chicken $6.45
    1/2 Chicken $11.45
    4 Grilled Tenderloins $8.95
    8 Churrasco BBQ Ribs $8.95
    4 Churrasco BBQ Thigh Pieces $8.95

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    Thanks hamza :)

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    Shame that can't get bottles of water as the drinks

    • +5

      Bottled water is cheaper from the supermarket. Get the coke, stick it in the fridge at home and throw it to a mate when they come around next.

      • -1

        Still a shame I'd have to find a supermarket , or worse pay Nando prices for water

        • +4

          Ozbargain tip… Ask for a jug of water. It's free. In my local they are hidden in a chilled cabinet with kids drawings covering it so you don't see the water haha

        • +5

          @bigjezza: A chilled cabinet eh? Got a new name for that big household appliance in my kitchen that keeps things cool

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    Can confirm works for 1/4 chicken for only $6.45

    • +3

      Sweet I didn't want to be the weirdo eating a whole chicken by himself in Nando's haha

      • I just devoured half ><

        Still prefer the espetada though <3

    • +1

      Thanks for confirming dtox

    • Had the gympie rd Chermside QLD store refuse to do anything less than whole chicken, I showed them the t&c and their chicken for one menu. The guy was already committed so would not budge and said no. Carseldine however had no problem scanned off my phone no problem.

  • alright dinner sorted

  • No Peri Extra complimentary drinks coupon for me. Signed up an all.

    • same here - wtf is going on ? lol

      • +2

        Gerry rang 'em and warned' em about them professionals.

  • +7

    Confirmed worked with 1/4 chicken. Guy was confused and tried to give me two large sides but I already felt bad with ordering a quarter chicken so I corrected him it was just drinks. Two 600ml cokes to go with my quarter chicken, pretty good.

  • No longer working.
    Didn't see it in the extras part of the app so used the screenshot, their computer said it was already redeemed yesterday.

    • Looks like that barcode I showed is already redeemed, might have not been unique after all. You should see it in the extras part of the app soon though, appears to be some delay with it.

  • i dont have internet data on my phone, so would like to know would it work if i take a screenshot of the barcode with my phone ?

    • Yes that should work, or open the extras barcode on your phone at home via wi-fi and leave it open until you get to the store.

  • Can confirm its not working for me either- not sure if its finished or something i did wrong -

  • +1

    just used it with no problems, thanks for posting!

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