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Hush Puppies Shoes for $59 @ Hush Puppies Store


Hi guys,

Hush Puppies shoes on $59. Seem to be a good price with cash rewards %6.40 http://www.cashrewards.com.au/search/hush

$10 off with code "x4DhuJk10" thanks to d0dg3r

The original prices for shoes are over 100.

FREE standard shipping on all orders over $99, orders below this value are charged at a flat rate of $9.95.

NOTE: Free return is possible if the purchase made from Paypal, thanks to xis123 for providing this information


Here is Return and Refund policy:


Hush Puppies Online is confident that you will be happy with your purchase. If for any reason this is not the case, you are able to return your purchase within 28 days of the order date. Hush Puppies will not take responsibility for returned items not received if registered post is not used. Under the Australian Consumer Law, consumer guarantees outline that goods are to be of acceptable quality, fit for purpose and same as the sample. You may NOT be entitled to a refund, exchange or credit if goods fail to meet a consumer guarantee. We have 4 conditions of return for change of mind, item(s) must be returned:

Within 28 days of receiving your purchase
Unworn and unused with the original tags still attached - we are unable to accept shoes with dirty marks or damaged soles
In the original shoe box which must be in the original condition.
Postage is non-refundable
Hush Puppies reserves the right to refuse the return if these conditions are not adhered to.

Further update about some site stock:

KURT size 9 US only available: http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/kurt.html OUT OF STOCK

DARWIN all sizes available: http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/darwin.html

LEXICON UK sizes 6, 6.5, 8.5, 9, 9.5,10 available: http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/lexicon.html

ANTIDOTE UK sizes 7, 8, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12 available: http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/antidote-372.html

ANSWER Brown almost all sizes available: http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/answer-344.html

GRADUAL Navy UK 8.5, 9.5 11 available: http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/gradual-3664.html


SENTRY BROWN All Sizes Available http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/sentry.html

METHODICAL BLACK Not sure UK or US available sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/methodical.html

MONUMENT BLACK Not sure UK or US available sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/sale/mens/monument.html

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      • and Harris Scarfe too

      • I always try them in-store at Myer first before I buy it online at Sale time.

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    no sizes :(

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 2 pairs. Free postage and received $10 discount for the discount code.

  • Do they deliver to Australia Post Parcel Lockers?

    • +1

      Yes they do :) at least for PO Boxes they do

  • Thanks OP! Looks like most sizes for the nicer shoes have gone out of stock. Did manage to snag a pair though

    • I wonder if they will 'reload' the site tomorrow. My preferred shoes are out of my size.

  • By the way. Hush Puppy looks to be parts of Brands Collective…owned by Anchorage equity… the same people that floated Dick Smith…

    • Brand Collective Online Customer Service Team

      Hush Puppies 1800 135 393
      Clarks 1800 135 393
      Julius Marlow 1800 308 432
      Volley 1800 147 194
      Mossimo 1800 633 185
      Shoe Warehouse 1300 996 077

    • I thought they were part of pacific brands, as per below


      • http://www.brandcollective.com.au/the-business/

        Brand Collective was formed in February 2013 as a division of Pacific Brands Ltd. merging the Apparel and Footwear divisions. In December 2014, Anchorage Capital Partners acquired Brand Collective, starting our life as a vibrant, independent business.

        And… The Brands


        • @brannor thanks for the info brannor. Went to the anchorage website as well, and found an acquaintance on their team . small world.

  • The ones called "KYLE" do you think they meant Cahill? They're the ones I normally buy.

  • It was a further 20% off on Boxing Day so I paid just under $48 per pair (the $59 shoes)!

    • I am surprise to be honest if you get it with that price because I did see that deal and I was not even close to $50 after 20% off.

      • Well, your mathematics must be really bad.

        • Yes may be you are right, can post your invoice ? Even with this deal you get $50 a pair which is just $2 over then what you bought.

        • +1

          Shut up, both of you!

        • Calm down. If you missed saving $2, don't get upset at me!

        • @cupcake: wtf are you Muppets rambling about? Heh.

        • Just checked my Invoice. It was $94.40 for two pairs of the KADEY delivered. No postage was charged. Must have been free shipping that day too. It was delivered by courier promptly on Monday.

  • they said they are out of stock and unable to fulfil my order.
    is that allowed?

    • Yes. If they have no stock, they won't be able to give you anything - therefore, won't be able to process your order… Otherwise known as SOLD OUT.

    • +1

      I also just received an email that my order was out of stock and thus they are refunding the payment. Not very impressed.

      • -2

        my understanding was if it is advertised and you have paid for a product
        they are by law obligated to honour the request?
        given at the time of purchase, stock was available and hence the size could be selected.

        • -1

          Exactly! Very disappointing. I complained about it but the problem is not solved, except they could only give back refund and $15 voucher for a token of apologies.

  • No free returns (can't return instore, would have to pay for shipping) is a deal breaker for me.

  • for those who are really worried about returns, just use paypal as a payment method and then you can use free paypal returns…

  • just received an email that one pair is out of stock, the other pair has stock, so they refund me half of the money.


  • I didnt get any email at all, not even confirmation (only from paypal and cashrewards). Hope my order gets through

    • Same here, order was placed on Thursday and still no confirmation e-mail…

    • Same on me, no confirm email. only a payment email from paypal

      • You don't get any emails from them at all. Strange as other Australian websites keep you posted, but at least my order was delivered.

  • Just got an email. No stock so refunded me

  • Folks, save your time and disappointment. Most stock are gone. I ordered it yesterday straightaway and today received an email that the shoes I chose is sold out and was told to expect the refund in few days. SOOO DISAPPOINTING!

  • -1

    Just got an email saying 1 of the 3 pairs i ordered were out of stock. I was refunded 1/3 of the total order amount after discount ($56.66). I replied that it should be $59 refund. Awaiting outcome.

  • Ive been ozbargained, shoes I saved to my basket yesterday are now sold out. Had code EXTRA20 on full price items but KYLE style is no longer in stock.
    I should bought there and then as included free delivery as original price was over $100, but thought would shop around first

    • If you go to their site, does the pair of shoes that sold out show as sold out or you can still add them to the cart? I was thinking to buy a pair or two but I don't wanna go through the same drama as Bupa's. These businesses need to get their ish together and know whether they can fulfill orders or not before they take customers' money.

  • Awesome price! It's a pity the shoes I really want are out of my size, but awesome deal nonetheless.

  • Does anyone know where size is not specified as UK, US or AUS, which system is it?

    • I ordered a pair of the Methodicals and a pair of the Lexicons. Lexicons are specified as UK but the Methodicals don't say. I am going to assume they're AU/UK sizes by default and hope for the best! :D

      • The Methodicals are in US sizes. 😎🙂

        • Just rang their phone number and the woman reassured me that the Methodicals are in UK/AU sizes and there must be something wrong with the website. Phew!

    • I wanted to buy a shoe yesterday but noticed it didn't specify UK/AU/US, which I thought was annoying. I decided not to buy it because I didn't want to go through the hassle of having to return the shoe if it didn't fit. It looks like they fixed that problem, checked the website just now and it shows the correct sizing. But I think I lost interest buying any shoes after reading comments that people are being notified the shoes they purchased are out of stock.

  • +2

    Don't these companies know about their stock levels? What's with these sales they keep running while they can't fulfill orders, and then they tell the customers they don't have stock for such and such product after awhile? Usually if there's a deal and you go online and make a purchase then it's usually fulfilled, well at least by most companies. If there is no stock then you'll get 'Out Of Stock' right next to the product. In that case you take your money to some other seller and buy some other stuff or you keep it. These days some of these companies grab your money first, and then they tell you they have no stock afterwords so you have to wait for a refund now. Unacceptable!

    • They don't need to know if they have stock or not. Delay refunding your money is in their favor and there is a human mistake excuse they can use to protect them. Best case scenario for them is to appoint administrator and not refund your money like what Dick Smith did. Absolutely nothing to lose from their end mate.

      • Best case scenario for them is to appoint administrator and not refund your money

        You mean like a daylight robbery? I didn't know they could that and get away with it. Thanks for the heads-up, WTF no deal!?

  • Are they using AU or US size?

  • right so its just borrowing your money for a while type deal here?

  • 3 days and still no email…sigh

    • I still haven't received an email, but when I went onto the "View Order" page on the Hush Puppies website, the status of my order had changed from "Processing" to "Complete." There's also an Aus Post tracking number under the "Shipments" heading. (I placed my order on Jan 7.)
      So, fingers crossed, the shoes are on their way.

      • thanks for that
        i didnt make an account so cant check the status…
        fingers crossed itll arrive in the next couple days

      • Same stuff, no emails but order is on its way if you check au post tracking number..mine should arrive before weekend as it says in transit.

      • Same here, no e-mail confirmation but order has been "completed" on my account order.

        By the way, has anyone received confirmation from CashRewards on their purchase? No signs of mine either, will have to e-mail and ask.

        • I believe that the discount code (-$10 off) wasn't mentioned on cashrewards, from my experience, it means you won't receive cashback for such a transaction…

        • I did receive a tracking receipt on the same day, within hours.

  • got mine today , beautiful n comfy shoes

  • So I am not the only one who didn't get a confirmation email from HP it seems. Kinda weird! I didn't even make an account so I am not sure whether my order is coming or not. Fingers crossed!

  • I know many been turned away last few days with no stock excuses, but took a punt on ordering some HPs as for great price thought it was worth a punt

  • Order arrived this morning, they dont do confirmation email

  • Love Hush Puppies as some of their range are extra wide which I need.

    Does anyone know how to tell how wide they are or know of any other brands that are good for people with wide feet.

  • +1

    Ordered about a week ago, still not a peep from them…

    • Same. I fb them. Said they're having technical difficulties and would be in touch with 3 hrs pftt that was yest.

      • +1

        Spoke too soon. Came back from lunch and they were sitting on my desk at work. Here's hoping at least one pair fits.

  • was delivered yesterday and left near the front door, two pairs (one for missus and one for me) fit perfectly.

  • I've just received my two HP purchases. I am very happy with one of them but I made the stupid decision to order a slip-on pair while having a high instep. They're so tight and uncomfortable on the top. Already dreading the return and refund process. :x

  • This is the exact same deal as 2013, and I am buying the exact same shoes. Thanks OP

  • I ordered on 12th Jan and just got email to say shoes on their way ;-)

    • lucky you, i havent heard a thing. Which email is best to inquire?

  • eh size is too big, and style doesn't look as appealing as in the pictures (too chunky for my liking). luckily paypal does free returns

    • I've just printed out the return labels they emailed me. I've ordered 2 pairs and am about to return one of them (the second one was very tight; a slip-on pair). Make sure to email them first so that they can generate a specific 'Returns Authorization' number for you. And returns are free.

      • haha yeh you're right, I realised this kind of just after I posted. Less trouble than going through paypal

      • +1

        Are returns free without going through PayPal? I need to return a pair also!

        Suggest anyone who can access a store to check them out first, I just popped in one for size exchange and found the price in store cheaper than $59 :/

        • Yes, returns are free (at least that's what it said on the form attached to the email they sent me as a reply). They'll email you back a MS Word doc that has two labels that you have to print out. One (with your name, order & item numbers) goes inside the shoe box and the second one (that has their address and return authorisation #) on the box. All the info are already filled in so you just cut the labels with scissors and follow the instructions. The only extra cost (just $2.95 sticker from AusPost) is if you wanna make it a track-able, which I chose.

        • @AussieDaddy:

          How much does it cost to send the shoes back to Hush Puppies? (Cost of shipping?)

          Does Hush Puppies cover this cost? If not, I'm pretty sure I can just get my shipping fee back through Paypal.

        • +1

          @Kevon: Free to send them back to HP. If you wanna track them (which is optional, for your peace of mind) then AusPost will give you a sticker that will cost $2.95. I wont bother to claim that with PayPal. You have up to 8 claims per year so I would rather use those for other refunds, IF I have to. This is the first return for me in the last 12 months anyway.

          Just keep in mind Hush Puppies' Returns & Refund policy on top with the post. If those 4 conditions are met then you'll get refunded, so says HP.

  • I ordered side 8 but received size 9 can I exchange them in store help??

    • http://www.hushpuppies.com.au/delivery-returns/

      All the answers you need, regarding exchanges and returns/refunds.

      From that link:

      Size Exchange in store - If your local store carries the style and has the size you require in stock they are able to offer a size exchange. Proof of Purchase will be required for all exchanges. Please note our retail stores are NOT able to change the style, offer refunds, nor can they transfer stock from other stores for exchanges. For this reason we recommend you call ahead to avoid disappointment, please use the Store Locator to contact your preferred store.

    • no way, that happened to me as well. How to initiate returns? given exchange is not possible, via paypal?

      I never received my order number because never got the order confirmation email…..

      • I never got confirmation either just received my shoes yesterday don't know what to do now :(

        • pls let me know if you think of something

    • This is ridiculous. Same thing happened to me. This is pretty poor form.

  • Received mine, correct sizes. Wore them out Friday and were quite comfortable. Happy chappy! +1

    • +1

      Was looking at these the morning before deal was posted, got back from trying on sizes at Myers to find post - and my shoes sold out! Got a different pair when the remainder of styles dropped from $139 and the additional $10 off was compensation for the wait. Just arrived, didn't even check for confirmation email, sorry. Thanks!

  • Is this instore as well?

  • i bought a pair of methodical's on 29/01 - was marked expired by at least 4 days by that point. just arrived, good fit and very comfy. checked the link and sale is still on… :)