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Telstra 3GB Prepaid iPad Micro Sim $2 @ The Good Guys


Not sure if pricing/listing error… 3GB of data for $2 sounds too good to be true.

Put in a few postcodes, and there's stock at Bundaberg, Penrith, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Helensvale, Nowra, Warrawong, Oxley, Browns Plains - so it should be available for most stores.

Found using price hipster.

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The Good Guys

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    These are the older style sim packs that are supposedly expired by Dec 2015

    The ones i bought from the kmart deal months back ($1 i think) had an expiry date of 29 October 2015 and 16 December 2015

    Just a heads up guys if you dont want to waste ur time

    • My six from Kmart also had a 16 Dec 2015 expiry date. They were 50c each.

    • These will be very old stock (likely around 2 years old) & most likely expired. So what store stocks 2 year old SIMs?

      As EC wrote, don't waste your time.

    • Is there any way to reactivate the credit on expired SIMs?

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        There is no credit on these SIMs.
        Its a data allowance of 3GB.
        These packs are ancient!

        Past expiry it can't be activated, so can't be reactivated any time.

      • I activated one of these in dec, it expired in August, just did it online no worries

      • There is no way to reactivate expired SIMs

        and Telstra Starter usually expired before the expiry date on package

    • Can they sell expired sims?

      • They shouldn't.

    • I purchased expired sims from Kmart for 50c each. I contacted Telstra online chat who were able to transfer the credit to another Telstra pre-paid sim I had.

  • Missed out on the Nano but was able to get these. Ta

    • Are these ones two in one? Like the normal SIM cards where you can pop out the smaller one?

      • I think it was just the one micro SIM without a template for anything larger/smaller, similar to the 'Nano Sim kit' which only had one cutout for nano, nothing else.

        Good thing Telstra now packages all three sizing into one kit.

  • These can only be activated on Data Pass for 3GB and no recharge credit. I guarantee it.

  • Will you be able to use it in a mobile phone? Seems they are SIM for ipad only?

    • Yes although you will only be able to recieve (not send) calls and texts.

    • I've used them successfully in both a MBB hotspot and an android smart phone with no unexpected issues relating to data use or allowance.

  • So are these actually expired sims? if so what are they good for? Ipad only or any tablet?

    • If they're expired, they're useless. Don't buy them. TGG shouldn't be selling expired stock.

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    Reference price hipster in OP.

    • ??

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        Browsing to https://www.pricehipster.com.au/

        "Hi there!
        Price Hipster is a modern website and requires JavaScript to be enabled.
        Go here to learn how to re-enable JavaScript in your web browser,"

        Well Hello Hipster!
        I am a modern Internet user and know full well the [email protected]#$ you are trying to pull with your abuse of javascript et al
        I'll go somewhere else to avoid your attitude, oh yes, and your hidden sharing of my preferences with:


        I'll stick with OzB, thanksees!

        • Wow. Someone's a little paranoid. It's a great website.

  • Am in Sydney, saying not available for pickup or delivery??

  • No stock in ACT.

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    Well done price hipster!

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    Closest stock to Brisbane
    2 showing as in stock at
    Helensvale The Good Guys
    Homeworld Helensvale, Shop No.15 502 Hope Island Road Helensvale, 4212, QLD

    Ring & check stock level & expiry date.
    But its probably not worth it for SIMs that may have expired.

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    There is a big difference between being able to see stock on the system, and buying actual stock. Old stock like this may not exist, just remain on the system as ghost stock.

    Then there's the issue of being able to activate… is the stock within expiry date, otherwise its worthless & a waste of time & possibly money.

    I found 6 for sale at a very quiet Kmart - all months past expiry, selling for $5. Can't be activated.

    • And even if its not expired, Telstra will recycle the number close to expiry date. Failing to activate, they'll tell you to return to store. Potential and likely PITA

      • Totally agree. I hate seeing "SIM NOT VALID" during actication.

      • Yes. There's a chance that in the last two weeks leading up to the expiry date the number may get recycled.

        Live Chat have sorted the issues out for me in the past. They applied a $30 recharge and associated bonuses to an already active service on my account.

  • Still can be used for google play store credit? If cheap I'm okay, I can just use for in app purchases right away.

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      No credit on these, just data. Activated 1 recently.

      • Yes Infidel is right a lot of these old sims will give you 3gb data but no "recharge" = "Google play store useable" credit.. would think they would activate as per latest data sim (3gb + $30 rchg credit, but alas no)

  • if these are expired, is it illegal to sell them?

    • Probably.

  • -2


    • Different items. Not a dupe.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 2 Pickup @ store. Surely if they are expired, paying with Paypal offers protection…

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      Not against wasting your time ;-)
      Ring the store to check stock is available & within expiry date.

      Telstra hasn't issued these in about 2 years, which is the maximum length of expiry on Telstra packs, so they told me.

      • Only intend using for data. All good.

        • please update if you get expired sims, and If expired are you able to still use them for data?

        • @lethological: Will do. But they'll probably all be sold out by the time I collect them and can let you know.

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          Expired Telstra SIMs can't be activated or used for anything. Has been discussed many times.

          Sometimes the SIM can't be activated even shortly before the expiry date, as Telstra recycles its phone numbers!

        • Would they actually bother to sell something that is worthless, not as described?

        • +2


          So how are TCG allowed to sell them?? I already bought 3 >_<, hope they work lol

        • @Padzyk:
          Quite a few people have been sold past expiry Telstra SIMs. I've almost bought these SIMs from Kmart, but found they were months past expiry. The staff member just shrugged. I made the person withdraw the stock from sale.

          This is very old stock still showing on their system…
          Stock may not exist.
          It may may exist & be within expiry, or not.

          At the moment you just have an order. Ring & check expiry before picking up.

        • @Infidel: Good advice, will check when I 'attempt' to collect.

        • @Infidel: that's firm making them withdraw it.

        • +2

          I'm always firm ;-)

          Seriously, its in the store's best interests not to waste both a customers time & custom, and staff time.
          When it's put like that, its hard not to agree.

        • @Infidel:
          ahh will do, thanks for the info Infidel :)

  • everytime there is a special like that, it usually had expired in 1985

    • The 50c special on $30 Starter Kits had an expiry 9 months away.

      • Depended on expiry date of stock (some was June-Dec 2015, some were expired at the time of that deal) & when you bought. So up to about 8 months to use, if you found stock. I found 2 but Kmart restricted sales to 1 per person in Brisbane :(

  • Edit: Website link dead so have marked as expired -arend

    Website up again.
    But that does not mean stock exists
    Or that it is not unexpired stock.

    • Removed the expiry, though I'm still not sure it works.

  • there is still some left I think. I check online and there are in Northland Preston victoria

  • It appears none available in Perth

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    Don't bother, the ones I ordered expired June last year..

    • +1

      Ouch! Unfortunate :-(

      That's why comments are useful. EC warned about expiry issue 5 minutes after deal posting.

      Stock elsewhere had expired, so likely to have @TGG. Unlike almost everything stocked by TGG, these SIMs have an expiry date - which is not shown on their system.

      Using pricehipster to find deals has the downside of no quality control that we have here with comments. Mind you, deals like this are posted without it & still waste our time.

      • +1

        That's why comments are useful. EC warned about expiry issue 5 minutes after deal posting

        I wanted to save you guys your time. Nothing worse than wasting 1 hr travel/parking/traffic etc only to find that this is not a valid deal

    • So did they just do a refund? What did they say about the expired pack?

      • +1

        Yeah, processed a refund and were going to send them back to Telstra.

  • This item can not be order…..Oh no…..WTH

  • Just collected mine. Checked the expiry date and it was 26 July 2015. When I showed the staff, they refunded me on the spot.

    • +2

      As expected… a useless deal.
      Product not saleable.

      What a waste of time (& $) for OzBargainers & TGG.

      I'm going to be cautious of any deal sourced from PriceHipster.

  • JUst collected minee too. expired. Got the refund. The staff played dumb. I think this is intentional sale

  • If you can find stock they have the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover for $1

    Link http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-galaxy-s4-flip-cover--...

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