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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Gold, Green or White) $798 ($200 off) @ JB Hi-Fi ($598 w/ $200 Trade in)


JB Hifi $200 OFF Gold, Green or White Samsung S6 Edge $798 Gold Green White Only
Ends Sunday 17 January 2015

Outright, instore and online.

This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for instore & online transactions until the close of trade Sunday 17th January 2016, offer cannot be extended. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer. Coupon limited to one per transaction and valid for a gold, green or white Samsung S6 Edge 32Gb (Outright) only (SKU 728444, 728445, 706371). Offer while stocks last. Excludes delivery charges. $200 off will be calculated from the current ticket price. Offer can be redeemed through the presentation of coupon including the barcode contained within this email at any store in Australia or by visiting www.jbhifi.com.au, adding the specified product to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code number in the box provided at checkout. Barcode and numbers within the barcode must be legible when presenting instore.

You could sign up for the newsletter yourself and they'll send you a code:
Get your own coupon code here

GENERIC CODE 92250501819
**Generic PDF copy for in store purchases - Just print it out. Thanks samehada

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      • I went with green in the end. :-)

  • I signed up to the newsletter but didn't get any email for a few hours already. Can someone PM me a voucher? Thanks

    • +1

      sent u mine

      • Thanks addo!

  • Where is the trade in terms and conditions listed on the JB Hi-Fi website? Just need to make sure they will honour it at my local store.

  • Here's my code if anyone wants one - 924UPRT131NVHT

    Enjoy! :)

  • Here's my code if anyone wants it.


  • Registered, but no email. Someone able to email me a voucher to use in-store?

  • PM for coupon

  • Does anyone know if a pre paid Telstra cruise will qualify for trade in?

    • zee.. someone posted to gave a phone with slight broken case and they took it. of course they will take yours…

      • Just rang my local jb. The guy told me they wouldn't take it cos it is a pre paid. The thing is brand new in the box. I told him he can have the box too but he said no. Weird right? Thought the email said any working phone….

        • Would it be because the phone is locked to a only one network?

  • Hi can someone PM me a coupon? Thanks;)

  • For the trade in deal, does it only apply to the current deal, or for other phones are also accepted?

  • Can someone Pm me a code plz!
    Thanks heaps!

  • Anyone successfully trade in a pre paid phone for the extra $200. Got denied on a new Telstra cruise

    • What was the reason? I don't see how they could deny you. Talk to different staff or go to other store.

      • +1

        Was told by manager that they don't trade in prepaid. I think he needs to be traded in. The phone is brand new in box not even opened. They could pretty much put it on the shelf and resell it. Will try another store tomorrow

        • How stubborn they are …

    • I traded my Telstra Buzz prepaid today without any questions asked.

      • noooooo sifnt keep the buzz and buy an even cheaper phone and trade that in instead?

    • i trade in the telstra tempo prepaid today. it took 30 minutes because the staff dont know how to do. its always appear $0 value for my phone on the screen. i told her to call manager and then she read the instructions and type in the promotion code and the discount of $200 appear. :)

  • +5

    Says the deal is for 64gb model here https://www.jbhifi.com.au/General/Instant-Deals/
    But when you sign up you only get offered the 32gb model.. good job JBp

  • good phone

  • Here's my code if anyone wants it.


  • What's stock level like in this deal? Are we going to told no stock in store tomorrow?

  • -2

    if i bought this, would anyone be willing to swap their nexus 6p with me?

  • +2

    got one for wife. Thanks Nick at JB hifi sydney!

  • Any know if S6 or Note 5 deal is in the works? Not too keen on the Edge model. Prefer the plain s6 or Note5.

  • From tomorrow mobile phone standard will be curves… Flat is the past!

  • Where can I get a $9 phone? Cheapest at local woolies was $27.

    • Try search bigw target coles etc

  • +1

    I got my coupon code instantly when I just signed up.

    Going to trade an old Nokia for one tomorrow :)

  • +2

    I'm not sure how much truth there is to this, but I was told by my local JB that the $200 trade-in only lasted until 12 January (not sure if it was only this particular phone). I was originally planning on going home and finding an old crappy but working phone and taking it in the next day. But because of this I ended up running around the shops trying to find the cheapest phone available in half an hour before closing time!

    Couldn't find any $9 phones. Ended up buying a $29 Telstra phone from Big W. Just managed to get back to JB in time to get the deal done.

    I was also told that some third party is organising this trade-in offer, and they are probably sending the phones off to less affluent countries. If that is true, I don't feel so bad about spending a few bucks to give someone less fortunate a brand new phone. Mind you, I think it was a pre-paid Telstra Cruise, so I don't know if it will work.

    BTW, thanks OP. :)

    • Yes, from what I heard Samsung themselves shipped these trade -in phones to developing countries and they get a tax write off as donations. Win-Win

  • Just curious, what do they do with the old shitty phones that are given in?

  • Hi - I couldn't see a "Unique" code in the email. it is a generic code under the bar code and consists of only numbers. Can someone help!!!

    • Just print the email and bring it to store. End story.

      • Great!

  • can I do this but layby it? I dont have money a lot of money till two weeks :(

    • use credit card

  • Hi guys, just saw this post … here's a code if anyone needs it … 921QOZVIJVA5T2

  • Taken. Thanks!

  • Another code for people. I've already got a S6 (and very much enjoy it), so hopefully someone else can make good use of it.


  • 4 more codes, comment when taken.

    2) 923OUP80HG8Q5P
    3) 92YIQAT7MUYQ56
    4) 92WE1XIJFM2INT

  • +1

    I've got a coupon code if anyone wants it. Just PM me.

    • Can I get the code please.

      • Just sent it to you

  • Has anyone tried their luck with Parramatta George St store? I've never had a comparable bargain honoured at that store. Staff always just say we can't do this deal mate.

    • They pricematched the Sony FDR-X1000V action cam from digidirect for $428 during that epic $200 off deal

  • And another….. 92JN20TIDBI21O

  • I think someone paid Sean Bourke anyways. Sucker!

    • nah..he read the comments on OzBargain and got scared.

      • Bet he got SPAM by lots of ozbargainers and start to realize what an @r$ehole he is and took off.

    • Perhaps someone told him off.

  • australia post has a crappy phone for $14.50, calll to make sure there is stock…

  • +1

    Was at jb hornsby this morning. Staff advised they received email overnite advising trade in phone must have value of min $50 when scanned in system. However there was another option in their documentation process to overwrite $0 trade in. Staff still trying to figure out how. Anyone else with crappy phone traded in successfully today at other locations?

    • Just traded an 8 years old Sony Ericsson W200i at Tuggeranong store, ACT. No hassle at all.

    • just tell them read the instruction and type in the promotion code in there.

  • Just traded an old Samsung Galaxy S at Elizabeth Street, Melbourne this morning.

  • -2

    Traded in an old HTC Wildfire phone that showed up with a value of $0 on their system yesterday. No problem.

    However, amongst the crazy OzB rush to acquire this phone I didn't check to see if it had expandable memory.

    Alas it didn't so I took it back this morning.

    In true OzB spirit I asked for the old phone back and they said it halfway across the globe already and heading into the hands of those under privileged. That made me feel better letting it go.

  • anyone think 32gb is too small? you can get 64gb but pay $100 more.
    check in store.

  • Has anyone received a coupon for 64gb phone? If so, can I please have it if you are not using out? I signed up last night and the deal page said 64gb phone, but my voucher was only for 32gb phone. Now deal page has been updated to say 32gb phone. Cheers.

    • no one… all of us received the same coupon like yours. end of story. see my comment above re 64gb, add $100 at store

      • Thanks for that. Has anyone argued to try and get the 64gb at $598? Bit rude to have it on the deal page as 64gb model, get everyone to sign up and then only offer 32gb model.

        • no one.. all of us too busy to go and grab the 32gb, if you are slow you might miss/sold out

        • I asked about the 64gb this morning when I returned the 32gb back.

          They said they can't scale the $1200 price tag to match the 32gb model.

          In other words, they can't simply just add $100 to $598 for the 64gb model.

          It's $1200 and that's it. :(

  • my code if anyone need


  • If anyone is contracted to Lumo Energy, you can also use the Lumo Ameego rewards to get 7.5% off JB-HIFI gift cards. Only problem is you will need to purchase 12 x $50 gift cards because it will not let you choose a higher amount on a single GC. So its $46.25 for a $50 value GC or $555 for $600 value GC.

  • Guys when I take my phone in to trade this afternoon can I just give them the old phone or it has to have charger and box ?

    • people says just phone but to be safe if you have just bring all?

    • +1

      They didnt ask me for the charger or the box.

  • Got 2 for me and mu gf from holmesglen vic… And came with gear vr… Very happy😄

    • Gear VR for free??

      • Yes… They only comes with green though but the holmesglen rep was happy to give it to me with the gold

    • please upload receipt?

      • +1

        Receipt does not show the gear… Its a bundle item

    • what color of the phone did you get?

  • I got a free Samsung Gear VR innovator edition as well with my S6 Edge. I bought an Emerald Green S6 Edge this morning and the sales guy told me that only the Green one comes with free Samsung Gear VR (Innovator Edition). Pretty happy that I only paid $598 for S6 Edge with a free Samsung gear VR.

    • which store was it?

      • +1

        Westfield Plenty Valley

        • Thank You, i'm still trying to resist from buying this :)

  • i signed up to 2 different emails and received the same code 92250501819

    is this the right code??

    • I was Received the same one this morning. I will try to using it soon.

      • I recieved same code did you try is it working

    • I can confirm that this code is working. I got it in the email yesterday and used it in-store this morning no worries at all.

  • Has anyone got a screenshot of the 64gb offer on the deals page?

  • Just picked up a 32GB white one from Perth ENEX100 store. They said they have a few left but expect them to sell quick. Accepted a 2005 Samsung z140 as a trade in without battering an eyelid for anyone wondering. Thanks OP for the heads up on this deal. :) Now off to learn android again!

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