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ANZ FF Black Credit Card 75,000 Qantas Points ($2,500 Spend 3mths) + No Annual Fee First Year


ANZ Black Credit Card is back with a minmum spend of $2,500.

Apply for a ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card and receive 75,000 bonus Qantas Points and no annual fee for first year. New cards only after a spend of $2,500 on eligible purchases within the first three months of card approval

Eligibility: To apply for an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, you need to be 18 years of age or over, have a good credit rating, be a permanent Australian resident, earning a minimum annual income of $75,000 or be a non-Australian permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa, earning a minimum annual income of $75,000 or have $50,000 in Australian Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) accounts

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum

Apply for a ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card and receive 50,000 bonus Qantas Points and no annual fee for first year. New cards only after a spend of $2,500 on eligible purchases within the first three months of card approval

Eligibility : Earning a minimum annual income of $35,000

ANZ Frequent Flyer

Apply for a ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card and receive 25,000 bonus Qantas Points and no annual fee for first year. New cards only after a spend of $2,500 on eligible purchases within the first three months of card approval

Eligibility : Earning a minimum annual income of $15,000

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        • Yes, this is true, but according to my bill the other options incur a 1% processing fee, except direct debit by the looks of it. Still an option but unfortunately some cost involved

    • be careful telstra will probably only refund onto the same card number paid with.

      • yup - but that's what I want/expect. Once I pay the bill amount with new card and they confirm received, they will refund back to original card.

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    Can someone critique my plan.

    I plan on spending $15k on purchases and within the 55 day interest free period balance transfer to a St George 20 months interest free card. I'm a existing home loan customer with St George so they will waive the annual fee.

    Will it affect my eligibility for the bonus rewards points?
    Will every dollar spent over $2500 earn reward points?
    Are there any unforeseen issues with this plan?

    I will ask ANZ branch staff this week but curious to hear someone's response.

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    Hi All. Ive read through all the comments but wondering a few things with this offer as I just received my FF Black VISA and AMEX

    To ensure I receive the 75,000 QANTAS FF points;

    1) Are there any benefits with spending the $2500 on any particular card (ie VISA or AMEX).
    2) Can I pay $2,500 into a non ANZ account with this card, and when it arrives, transfer the amount back?
    3) Do I need to contact ANZ when I have spent the $2,500 to ensure I get my point credited?

    Thanks for your help guys.

      1. Amex gives more points.
      2. Read terms. I doubt it includes cash advances.
      3. no.
      • Just received an extra set of cards. Looks like a double up. Wonder if I can activate these as well and get another 75000 points?

        • i can almost definitely guarantee that it will not work :)

    • I asked the ANZ teller you earn points on every dollar spent so use the AMEX which gets you 3 points.
      When you spend $2500 you get additional $75k points.

    • Thanks guys.

      So - easiest way to amass $2500 on the card without having to forfeit $2500 on goods?

      • +1

        Fully refundable flight booking.

        • Ooh. Nice. My only query is will ANZ honour the QFF points if they see a returned payment from the airline on cancellation of flight?

        • @GaelicAU: Not if they've already given you the points…

  • I'm new to the credit card game, so I don't have a credit history/rating or anything. Is it possible for me to be approved for the platinum card? I earn much more than the minimum annual income required.

    • Should be OK. Go into a branch and see what they'll give you.

  • Anyone tried accessing www.entre.com with the Amex card?

  • +2

    One fyi I just found is they don't just send out the qantas club invites, see from their terms. . Account holders may request no more than two Qantas Club Lounge invitations in any 12 month period by calling the ANZ Personal Concierge on 1300 580 765. Qantas Club Lounge invitations will be sent to the account holder’s current mailing address within 4 weeks of request,
    I applied in December and was approved so am on the $7500 spend 😡

  • Got my black card approved.

    Any tips to waive the annual fee after the 1st year?

    • +1

      Call and ask. You're unlikely to get it based on other people that have tried.
      Plus even though the ANZ is a good card I would say cancel ASAP so you can start the clock running for the 12 months of not holding a card before you can sign up to another bonus points offer.

  • Would paying my strata repayments go towards earning my points?

    • As long as they accept proper credit card payments ie. it is not treated as a cash advance.

      • Thanks, ill check with them first

  • After a bit of wrangling I finally got approved. I must say that ANZ has come a bit of a way. Rather than just deny my application they went through everything over the phone and different scenarios to get approved. Accepted one of their recommendations and it was approved. Much better than declining the application with no explanation as they have done to me before. Kudos to ANZ.

    • Hey, did you apply for the Frequent Flyer Black card and did you meet the minimum income threshold?

      My application got rejected online, was wondering if you have any tips to get it approved via calling them?


      • +1

        Yes and yes. I must add though that mine wasn't rejected online but referred. If you have less than the minimum income they ask for then it will be a challenge unless you have another source of income. They will ask for proof of the other source of income via bank statements.

  • Perfect, thanks mate!

  • so i found anz application process great but their online banking compared to amex or cba could be better

    cant link a payment direct debit account to pay off the cc debt unless you fill out a form and mail it in…

    even the statement form doesnt list the reference number in bpay but says its your account number which is weird because all bpay forms ive every received list the ref number

    but still a great offer

  • Note change in reward point earnings: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/233002

    • Seems to affect ANZ Rewards cards rather than QFF cards

  • I am curious to see which Veloce airport lounges you have access to, but you need to have the card number first. Can anyone assist with info on lounges in Kuala Lumpur (KLIA 1 and KLIA 2) and Thailand please?

    • Anyone?

      • +1

        On the Veloce website after you entered the first 6digit of your card, Thailand lounges are Temporarily Unavailable while KL seems to be not listed anymore.

        • OMG !!! That's incredible considering the large number (7) of 'Pay for Entry'/Priority Pass/Diners Club lounges available at Bangkok (BKK) airport, and 4 at KLIA/KLIA2. I was considering making this my 'go to' credit card if/when I get it, and cancelling my $135 Annual fee - Diners Club (gives me a huge list of free airport lounge entries).

  • My application got denied. Earning roughly $80k…
    Might give it a try in a local branch.

  • Damn, my app got parked, waiting to hear back.
    Assume this will take a while.

  • I applied over the phone around 11:00am. Was referred, had to send in payslips and bank statement. Emailed that through straight away. Got a call around 14:30 saying it was approved.

    Should receive card in the mail around 3-5 business days.

    Anyone know when the 3 month period starts?

  • a calculated move - applied and got instant approval yesterday morning, 1 year + 1 day after cancelled my previous card, hopefully I would get the points

    • Please let us know. I am 7 weeks away (and sweating) away from 1 year of cancelling an ANZ card.

      • Do ANZ have the cancel dates available if you're unsure, or did you write down your date?

        • They wrote me a letter confirming that they had closed the account. Being a good record keeper, I kept a copy. :))

        • happened to do it at a branch when I had a day off back then, and I keep records of any day offs :)

        • +1

          @gotcha: FYI - I just called them, they were happy to provide me with my cancellation date. Just as well I did, it was in March, and I was ready to apply again. :)

    • +1

      got the cards mailed to me today. took only 3 days

  • Anyone know how long it usually takes ANZ to transfer points to Qantas once the minimum spend is satisfied?

  • Noob question - but I heard ANZ is removing the ability to earn points on HECS. Would a voluntary repayment still count for eligible spend?

    • HECS payments are just payments to the ATO. If tax payments don't earn points, nor do HECS payments. The list of places awarding points to the ATO (at a worthwhile rate) is shrinking by the month.

      • Thanks, but was wondering, even if they don't rack up points - would they be included in the 2.5k "eligible spend"?

  • minimum spend satisfied, says 3 months, let's see how long it takes to credit the points.

  • +5

    I applied via the link from OP on 12/01 - got approved, got cards+welcoem pack (took little longer than expected - up and running late Jan); All was well with the world. Rang up other day re a query on something or other, and as part of conversation asked about the min spend+bonus QFF points .. lady said I did not have the Rewards FF card, only 'Rewards' so was not eligible for any FF bonus.

    I retraced my steps through the browser history from date I applied and definitely followed the application path outlined here.. even repeated the process again to the point of entering personal details, and the top of the page confirmed I was applying for the FF featured card. So somewhere between me hitting the final 'GO' button on the application form page, and then receiving the cards, I'd been moved to the ANZ Rewards black card account type.

    Phone rep could not explain why, but has switched me over to the ANZ Black FF account type now and I'll get new cards in the post shortly…. anyway, just wanted to mention this in case someone else find themselves with the Black Rewards only card.

    Now that I realise, the clue is the Qantas symbol on the cards themselves… obviously! But I didnt think to check/notice that at the time.

    Keep an eye out!

    • +1

      Further fun and games ..
      Now, having had my online profile rebranded as FF account as process of change over, I went in to branch to see if cards arrived yet .. no, but that's OK happy to wait. Guy at branch (35 Pitt St, Syd - ANZ closest to Circ Quay) said he was not sure if the amount spent on card already would provide similarly valued FF points once the transfer into the new FF featured account was completed. This is in direct contradiction to what the rep told me on the phone other day (10th or so)!! I was adamant about wanting/expecting the FF point value to transfer over - it was not my fault the original account was setup incorrectly, so I did not want to be further disadvantaged by not earning the FF points on value already spent.
      Anyone have experience with this?

      Barely started with this mob and already had some run arounds that make the experience less than pleasant….

      • +1

        Thank you for posting, I also somehow ended up with Rewards instead of FF and am going to see if it can be changed

        • it is a bit odd - the call centre rep suggested (as in was not at all certain) that maybe there was a point during the applicatino where you chose "Rewards" or "FF Rewards" as the account type, but I am certain there is not an option of this nature. I clicked the OP link to the ANZ page, it lists "FF Rewards" everywhere, click apply, the application page has "FF Rewards" at the top throughout the process, and that is all there is to it. No manual selection.

          Anyone see differently through their application?

        • @swampson: Sorry to hear about the troubles. I suggest that you keep the name of the call centre person and harass them until you get the right outcome.

        • @peck:

          Definitely will be chasing that up for sure. Years working in cust service / call centres has made me very aware of keeping records of times/dates/names, so hopefully this will come in handy. Cheers for the support!

        • @swampson: Funny enough this same thing happened to me. Only difference though is that I caught it on the application referral page. I had to call the approval team who advised that I should withdraw the application and re-apply for the QFF black.

        • @caribwa:
          hmm that is interesting.. i must admit that I did not realise that being on the QFF black branded page from OP https://www.anz.com.au/personal/credit-cards/frequent-flyer/... and then clicking 'Apply Now' button would take me to any other application page other than the QFF Black card - but I will grant that it appears to have been a technical possiblity! Magic :)
          Good work for noticing it in your case!

      • +1

        just a quick update : when I switched the package to FF black last week on the phone, the cust service rep confirmed the amount spend on the card pre-switch would still be eligible for the per $ points reward (separate to the 75k points bonus after $2.5k spend). Got a conflicting uncertain report of that from the guy at the branch the other day as he said he was not sure. Rang the call centre this morning, and a fellow there said he guaranteed the amount spent up to the switch would definitely still be eligible for the points. So hopefully that's all that needs to be done now - I'll check that out later once the account is in full swing.
        But looks like the outcome is thankfully looking very positive. Fingers crossed. Should be collecting the new cards from the branch today.

    • Same thing happened to me. Rang up and was advised that a transfer to QFF Black would mean I would not be eligible for 75k bonus points on either card. Further advised I could apply for a separate QFF Black card and be eligible for bonus points on both the ANZ Rewards Black and QFF Black. Provided I met the credit criteria for the second card. So I applied but was knocked back. Bring on the next QFF deal! :)

      • +2

        hmm that seems odd… i have confirmed from multiple ppl that the transfer would still make me eligible for points for prev spent $; and the 75k bonus would be intact. In fact when I have verified for the 3rd time (as a query tacked on the end of other legitmate questions - i didnt just phone them to ask that 3 times!) :) , the last phone rep said very politely "I can see via via notes on the ticket that my last 2 colleagues have verified that with you already, so all good."
        So if your outcome is different i would contest it with them, so they've def confirmed i'll still be eligible for those 75k bonus pts.

  • -1

    I got my card and have spent $80 at Dan Murphy's online for the statement credits offer. Next I am going to make a purchase for $2425 which will bring the total spend to $2505. When I get the statement credit for $15 will this reduce my total spend to $2490 meaning I have to spend another $10 to qualify for the bonus points?

    • +4

      WHy risk it for the sake of spending another $10 ?

  • So I have spent almost $3000 now but was told I still have to wait till the three months are up, and then its an up to three month wait for them to be in my account. grrrr

    • Were they able to confirm your eligibility for the bonus miles?

      • They said nothing about me not getting them just about the wait.

  • Received a visa and amex card in the mail. Can anyone please clarify if the spend requirement is on both cards combined or it has to be $2,500 on the amex alone?

    • +1

      They are the same account.. It's minimum spend on the account, regardless of which card you use

  • anyone been using ANZ eDine card in the last few years? any thoughts on it?

    It was some good discounts 10 years ago though, mostly used in restaurants in city

  • Has anyone actually received the bonus points yet?

  • +1

    A tip for those who are struggling with making the minimum spend - prepay health insurance for you and your family. It should lock in the current fee for 12 months (thus saving you approx 6%)

  • Just curious is it 2,500 normal spending including BPAY.

    • How do you Bpay from a Credit Card ??

      • easy mate, biller code and reference

  • +1

    Not sure if this has been noted before, but this card is also eligible for 2 Amex Lounge Sydney visits per calendar year: https://amexnetwork.com.au/goodgoing#

    So overall 2x Qantas Lounge invitations + up to 4x Amex Lounge visits + international Veloce lounge access is pretty outstanding value for a 12 months free deal!

    Wouldn't mind keeping it for longer, any reports on whether people have managed to extend another year for free after this? How can you maximise chances of getting it through?

    • hopefully spending some decent amount on the cards would give you better chance?

    • Please explain '4' Amex Lounge visits. Is that 2 for primary card and 2 for supplementary card, or 2 for primary card holder plus guest?

      • Note "All other eligible cards are entitled to two (2) entries into The American Express Lounge per calendar year (1st January to 31st December) for each American Express Card account. The entries may be used by the basic Card Member, Supplementary Card Member or a guest travelling with a Card Member. " It sounds like if you have a 1 year membership going over 31 December you might be able to swing 4 entries in total.

  • "have $50,000 in Australian Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) accounts"

    is that mean have 50k or over savings in CBA or ANZ bank will be considered meet this condition?

  • has anyone received the points yet? how long does it take after spending the minimum $2,500?

    • waiting for my points as well

    • still waiting as well.

      made the minimum spend on 12th Feb, but only got the statement on the 28th Feb,
      so probably 3 months from the later.

      • I actually received the rewards points already at the start of this month.
        They didn't send me any notification tho.

        • How long did it take from making your eligible purchase minimum?

        • @kheng: umm didn't get notification but I would say immediately after, I got the card in Jan, reached the amount by mid Feb. happened to check it start of this month and it's there.

  • +1

    made the minimum spend couple of days ago, waiting for points now...

    • same it's been a week how do you know that the points have been added ? do you get a notification ?

      • +1

        Doesn't the t&c's say up to 3 months, so might be waiting a while

  • +4

    Why has it been marked EXPIRED ? Can still go to the offer link and see the offer!

  • Received my 74,925? points!

    After @nightfever mentioned he received his, I emailed ANZ asking about mine, and they replied.
    "We can confirm that 75000 bonus points were credited to your account on 08/03/2016 and the same will be itemised in the next statement. "

    Checked my frequent flyer account today and it has been credited.

  • Just signed up for frequent flyer black with 75 000 bonus points and got told no decision had been made they might contact me, but had an email saying approved. sweet, thanks for the free points!!

  • +1

    Agreed - this is not expired. Link still works. Just signed up today!

    • I just read a comment by 'Colin2905'
      "ANZ Frequent Flyer Black. The offer of 75,000 bonus points with no annual fee for the first year has just been extended until 11/5/16 (according to the Qantas site; there's nothing on the ANZ site)"

  • Deal reposted here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/236581#comment-3590334

    Got my card yesterday so looking forward to the meeting the spend requirements and the points.

  • Got the card in January, did the spend in February and received points a couple of weeks ago.

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