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Freebie Wednesday @ Topbuy on 17 March 2010. Buyer Pays for Postage


Freebie Wednesday 17 March 2010. Sale starts 12:00 Noon.
Max 5 freebies per customer. Get 5 or more freebies, Top Buy will throw in a free jumbo calculator.
40+ freebies on offer. Buyer pays for postage.
Ad: http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/images/banner/topbanner.j...

Yes, I know. It is not exactly a total freebie but someone actually might want something from this sale.

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  • If the items on that link are highlights, then I have a feeling that this is going to be pretty average.

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    I added 5 items to the cart and got postage of near $30.
    personally i wouldn't spend $6 (on average) for each item I added.
    maybe useful for others, but no bargain for me.

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    no deal….. free postage.. but thats a ridiculous postage..

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    I added the leather camera case and got $2.00 only for postage. I think that's an alright deal on it's own.

  • Sign up to the newsletter and get $20? Makes shipping $10???
    I'll have a go now

    • Nevermind FAIL

    Please find $20 worth of coupons for you to trial Topbuy's products and services.
    $5 Discount Coupon: TBCZ790200, $50 minimum spend excluding postage
    $5 Discount Coupon: TBCZ790201, $50 minimum spend excluding postage
    $10 Discount Coupon: TBCZ790202, $100 minimum spend excluding postage

  • Added 5 items I wouldn't mind. Postage came to $42.30.


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    They are mainly "handling charges" I believe.

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    postage prices make these items around normal price
    so not much of a bargain

  • Topbuy make profit from giving freebies !?

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    The postage price is way too much….

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    Just check it out some items are ok but postage is a total rip off can't believe how much they are charging to post some small items.
    Neg for me no good deal after postage

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    9$ to ship this: http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=320...

    11$ to ship this:http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=20828

    There's nothing there that I really would've bought anyway, but unless someone from TopBuy is riding to my house to hand deliver it, no thanks.

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