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Xiaomi Piston 3 for $27.90 Delivered from Mushtato


Hi all,

After fighting with myself for the longest time, I've decided to take a plunge with the Xiaomi Pistons. When looking through some trustworthy stores for the Xiaomi Piston 3s, I came across this deal. Seems like a pretty good deal and slightly cheaper than the previous one @ $29.70 with free shipping (Should probably specify that these are cheaper than the last mushtato sale and not any other company)

Now to think whether I should get these or the hybrids… decisions decisions >.<

Thanks to odc for spotting this, you can have the 16000mAh Xiaomi Powerbank for an additional $29.95

Enjoy guys!


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  • It's $26.95 on shopping square ebay, which is also a trusted seller.

    • Hmm, didn't think of checking ebay. Is shopping square the one that ships from overseas or local? Worth considering these if local.

    • The price for these earphones on Shopping Square's Ebay has gone up and is now $29.95. I bought them on Mushtato's Ebay last month for $27.95. I've purchased quite a few cheap earphones from various brands. Sony, Philips, Moshi, the Dolphin noise isolating earphones at Woolies. I'm not an Audiophile/expert but according to my ears, the Xiaomi Piston 3s are definitely the best sounding earphones and most comfortable to wear that I've bought for under $30.

  • $18.31 AUD from this site with free shipping to Aus - anyone used this site before?


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      You might get a few replies to this so I'll start off - stay away. Stay so far away you forget you ever heard of gearbest. Once you get that far, keep going, don't look back, walk for years until you're old and grey. Then, after your journey, return to your mailing address (if it is the same as your billing address) and you may see your earphone parcel waiting for you.

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      If your prepared to get it next year sometime, maybe not at all…

    • Awesome prices. Really poor service with crazy slow post.

      The worst of all the Chinese sites by far.

    • I got my xiaomi power bank after about 3-4 weeks… its not that i wanted them urgently.. i just saw a deal and acted… dont know why ppl are in such a rush to get it immediately…

      if the deal is not published most of them wouldn't buy it anyways for that long…

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        The deal from Gearbest are not on Ozbargain because they got banned after so many people didn't receive their parcel from them. Probably why some people really dislike Gearbest as well.

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    I saw the Hybrids going for $25 on TinyDeal (http://www.tinydeal.com/original-xiaomi-dual-driver-stereo-i...).

    Are the Piston 3 considered better than the Hybrid?

    • I reckon they will probably be about the same with the hybrids having newer driver technology (?). Regardless I did not think of checking tinydeal, should of checkwed first.

      • Hybrids aren't that new as a concept (diaphragm for bass, armature for mids/highs) but I think these are the first multi-driver earphones for Xiaomi. I did a quick scan through reviews and it seems:

        • Piston 2 were a V-shaped sound.. emphasized the los and highs over mids
        • Piston 3 had a more flat, balanced sound
        • Hybrids emphasize the highs and the bass in particular, but not as much of a V as the Piston 2s

        I also read there's a bit of "burn-in" with them (ie you don't get the best out of them until you've used them for a few hours). I'm interested in hearing from anyone that has used them though.

        • Piston 2 were a V-shaped sound.. emphasized the los and highs over mids
          Piston 3 had a more flat, balanced sound
          Hybrids emphasize the highs and the bass in particular, but not as much of a V as the Piston 2s

          Based on what you said, I'd personally favour the piston 3 as you can use an EQ to do that.

        • @ProjectZero:
          I think the trade-off may be that you might get more precise highs with the armature driver in the hybrids… based on my experience with my Sony XBA-3

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    Hybrid is the successor of the Pistons range so they meant to be better and as pointed by simalcrum its cheaper.

    See reviews :

  • Mushy FTW!

  • The sound quality is not worth at this price. I got it from tinydeal for AUD $6. The ear cushion is not fit well and the sound quality has no bass. Only good for talking.

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      Could you please link the deal you got them from? I think the version you got are the "Youth edition" or "Dazzle edition" which is supposed to be lower tier earphones when compared to the piston 3.

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      You sure you didn't get fakes? For $6, I would be very suspicious…

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      I think you've mistaken it for the Dazzle Edition one from this deal which is $6.52: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/234257

      The piston 3 on Tinydeal is $19.88.

      • Oh sorry. I got the dazzle version which is not good.

  • BG has it for under $23 del.

  • Add promo xiaomi 16000mAh powerbank $29.95 makes even a better deal. Thanks op

    • I couldn't verify this as I didn't see any 16000mAh power bank from xiaomi for $29.95. Could you let me know how you got this and I'll update it to the deal.

      • Just below the add to cart button in the piston 3 link. Can't miss it.

        • I see, didn't see that before lol

    • I bought this deal. The Piston 3's are surprisingly good for under $30.

  • My Piston 2s are awesome.