This was posted 5 years 9 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Play Music - Normally $11.99 Per Month - Now $5.99 Per Month (50% off)


Normally $11.99 per month, can buy up to a 6 month subscription for $35.97 (which equates to $5.99 per month).

You can gift yourself.

Edit - 13/12/16 - Seems Google has noticed and has changed the pricing of the 3 month and 6 month subscriptions. You can still get 1 month at 5.99 and stack these.

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        How does this Telstra prepaid credits business work?

        • Buy cheap pre-paid starter pack (e.g. forementioned HN $30 credit for $10, and you can use that credit in the Play Store)

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          Simple answer: Telstra Freedom Plus prepaid include the same amount of "credit" as per the cost of the recharge amount. So recharge $40 you have $40 every month of credit which you can do various things with such as buy items on the google play store on android devices. Note this has no bearing on the expiry of your prepaid service, so if you use all the credit it doesn't prevent you from using the phone or needing to recharge it further to make calls, if you would normally need to recharge in 28 days it still stays exactly the same.

        • Right but to leverage that with this deal you'd need to do that several times.

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    Thanks bought a 6 month gift for myself

  • Amazing - thanks!

  • So can you store offline music on SD storage using Google music?

    I heard a rumour you can now do that on Android Apple music…

    It would be rather absurd if Apple is better on Android than Google?

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      Yes, you can store offline music on your external SD card!!! Been doing that for over a year now!!!

      • Good-o!

      • But you can't read the offline files without the Google Play Music app, can you? i.e. with a 3rd party MP3 player, etc.

        I've been trying to do that for quite a while with no luck. All I could find was a few old forum posts that said you used to be able to do this.

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      It can cache offline music on your Android phone, but my Android phone don't have external SD storage so not sure if that's what you want.

  • Noob question - but can you use Google Play store credit to pay for this?
    Hack: Could you do say 15 Google surveys a month and maybe bring this down to $3.00 per month?

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      Yes. I paid for mine with GPC. But you need enough GPC to pay for it upfront. Otherwise it will charge your CC or whatever payment method you have associated with your Google Account.

      • I just did a partial payment with credit. There was a tick box that enabled it to drawn on the credit during the purchase

  • Thats pretty good timing, my 3 month free GPM sub just about to expire and was just gonna pay for the monthly sub out of Rewards credits month to month, but this is a much better option.

  • Can you keep the musics downloaded offline after your subscription expires ?

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      Unfortunately not. It removes it once your subscription ends. Unless you keep your device in "Flight mode" and never connect it to the Internet again!!

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      No, the downloaded music is cached not 'downloaded', it can be used offline but only for 30 days after your subscription expires or the first time you go online.

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      try searching for "play music exporter"

  • I'm tempted given the price, but I had two big issues with GPM when I subscribed previously.

    First is that when you seed a radio station with a song or artist, you seem to end up with hundreds of songs that sound the same: it doesn't seem very varied and not so good for exploration of new music.

    The second was Chromecast support. For some reason, despite being the same company that makes them, the GPM app would drop connections all the time and instead of recovering and catching up like Pandora, Spotify and others do just fine, it would get to the end of the song and just finish, because it didn't know where to go next. Sigh.

    Although for this price I might get GPM for the full catalogue access and Pandora for the great radio features. It's a pity Rdio got consumed coz I liked their slider from adventurous to conservative for radio stations. You could get lots of variety.

    Not sure if any of these issues have been addressed recently?

    • They revamped Chromecast support a few months back, I believe that it now caches a playlist on the Chromecast, rather than asking the phone what to play next every time (leading to drop outs).

    • I find iHeartRadio quite a bit better than Pandora in case you want to try that one out.

  • To those using Telstra billing, is anyone getting an error "Payment unsuccessful: User not found"?

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      I haven't done this particular GPM thing, but I've seen this error before. Usually I wait til the next morning and it works. So give it time and it'll come good.

      • +1

        Waiting worked. Cheers. :)

  • Thanks OP , I've got the voucher but not sure if I can sign up for the family plan with this?

    • Based on the comments above, I don't believe so. Just the standard plan

  • is there a way to change the quality of the streams to 'ultra high' or something like on Spotify?
    Like many, I've been with spotify for years but i'll give this a go for this price.

    • Yes there is on the app, low, medium and high. High is 320kbps

  • Thanks Op. Bought two 6-months subscription.

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    Thanks. Just bought 2 years with Telstra credit from $5 starter kits which makes the subscription about $1 per month :)

    • Lol, that's awesome! I've been pumping all the Telstra "Main Balance" from the $5 sims through the Rebatr app to my PayPal account :D

      • Try making your own app. Then you can get 70% of the credit back instead of 55%. A bit of a risk though because you get the money on the 15th of every month and they can shut down your account at any time and you would lose your money.

  • Fantastic. Thanks OP. Have just bought 2. "Congratulations!Enjoy your gift of 6 months of music. Regular monthly billing for your subscription resumes on 13-Feb-2017" I've been subscribing for a year or two now - using credit bought with discounted Play gift vouchers and discounted Telstra sims. What a winner. Am going to top up the credit and buy a few more of these.

  • Is it possible to get this through a non-android device?

    • Just buy it on a PC. Google play have a browser UI, there's an iOS app as well. Works with ChromeCast too.

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        hi guys, firs timer with the telstra prepaid kits. so i have 30 credit but the 6 month pack is 36. How does it take the rest of the payment? I have a spare android with my google account logged in so i used that with the new sim. it says pay with telstra account but no option to pay the other$6. I'm also with telstra post paid (on my main phone). So hoping it's not billing that?

  • can you add google music account onto sonos? like what you do with spotify premium?

  • +4


    I sure hope this service exists 5 years from now.

    • So 5 years is not the limit?

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        5 years is the limit, my current (monthly) sub ends on March 1st, then the 10x 6 month gift periods carry it on until March 1st 2021.

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    I'm still seeing the 59.99 price for 6-months, am I missing something here?

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      It was cheaper last night. I assume they've had more people than they'd like stacking up 6 month subscriptions for years.

      They've probably changed it to make it more work, aiming to deter people. Now it will take 6x the effort by buying stacks of 1 month cheap subscriptions.

      • Well that sucks!

        • +4

          Spend hours of effort in order to obtain the slightest of savings? Sounds like Google have just turned it into a typical ozbargain to me!

        • @Major Clod: Took me <10 minutes all up. Had my phone in my left hand buying the gift from within the Google Music app, and on my laptop clicking the redemption codes through at the same time. Bought 47 in total… very quick if you can multi task !

    • Suspect that we were given the US pricing initially, not the AUS pricing.
      Good score for those who got in quick

      • Dunno about that because we can still get it for $6/month.

  • One of those extremely rare days when i hate my favourite speaker for not supporting google music and could not avail the amazing offer
    +1 for the post though OP.

    • I use Airfoil to stream from firefox browser to my pioneer A4 speaker over wifi.
      works great

      • Using phone / tablet? playing playlist from google music? Any idea?

        • +1

          One of the new Chromecast audios should work if your speakers have a 3.5mm Jack. Likewise a regular Chromecast if you have HDMI.

        • Airfoil just takes the sound from your browser and sends it to the speaker via wifi.

          I'm over 30 so i think tablets are stupid, so I've only used it via laptop.

          As for phone- i don't know if:
          A.airfoil have a mobile app? and
          B.if you can use google music thru browser on mobile?

        • @Major Clod: will certainly try..thanks Major Clod.

    • which speaker is your favourite?

      • Bose Soundtouch 30 Series III

        • My only issue with these and others like them is the lack of stereo separation.

  • +3

    Can confirm stacking 1 month gifts works fine. Just a lot more effort.

    Bought $140 worth of 1 month gifts using my Telstra Prepaid Broadband credit.

    Already a google music subscriber so this saved me a decent amount!

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    I just switched to Google Play music family. Fail….

    • +1

      what happened?

      • I was on a single subscription plan and as soon as I switch to the family plan cheap vouchers for the single subscription come out. Unlucky me.

  • Won't even work for me.. Just sits there loading.. LOL!

  • We're actually getting a better deal than the US since we're paying 6 AUD and they're paying 5 USD (= 7 AUD). I've only got 2.5 years in so far. Can't seem to find any more SIM cards.

  • +1

    I haven't taken advantage of the free 3-month offer yet. If I were to buy a 6-month Google Music subscription, when does the subscription start?

    • Should be at the end of the free trial. But there isn't any 3-month trial at the moment and this deal will finish in 2 days.

      • Managed to get a 3-month trial with my Chromecast!

  • Great deal - just loaded up on a heap of one months

  • +1

    Great deal, added 9 months to my three months free. Not bad! :)

  • Awesome - but so annoying that I have spent the last 2 months getting a ton of playlists right on spotify… not sure if I can bothered creating them again

  • Hi folks… sorry another Noob question, I already pay for the $11.99 monthly subscription via Telstra Billing on Freedom Plus. To use this do I need to cancel that subscription within the App then purchase the gift card to myself to then reactivate the subscription with the code provided?? And I can stack with another form of payment to e.g. Google Play Credit to make 12 months for example??

    • No it just extends your current subscription. You want to buy as many of these 1 month vouchers as you can (using Google play credit or Telstra billing) then apply them to your account. Just sentd them to yourself and click the link, it'll ask you if you if you want to apply it to your account and then it will extend your subscription.

      Hope that's clear and helps!

      • ok cool… so how does that work when my current plan is just month to month via Telstra Billing I have no end date on the account so there is date to extend from or to?? I did not pay for 'X' of months in advance….

        • Yeah it'll just extend out your next billing date. If you add 10, it'll be in 10 months time.

        • @poop: Hi poop, yeah I worked that out when I added 1 month that was the part I didn't get it just makes your normal $11.99 billing move out a month or more… many thanks for your help!!

        • @karakaan: np! Enjoy!

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    I want to start my subscription in a few months after my purchase of gift codes. How long does this 1-month gift code last once I purchase one ?

  • Thanks for this. I've been enjoying Google Music for months, thinking the regular price is worth it for me. But now at half price it's double worth it.
    I wonder how many months I should buy, though. You never know what possibly better deal or service is coming around the corner…

    • +1

      I've been with GPM for over a year now. Been pretty happy with it, and I can tell you that this is the best value promo I've ever seen it.

      • Used up the rest of my Telstra credit - right through until Oct 2020. Great deal, been using GPM since it launched, so it's only $9.99 a month for me, but still a 40% discount. Incredible value - on top of the fact that the Telstra credit is essentially funny money (especially when the $30 starter packs were $2 & due to the data glitch).

  • Stacked vouchers until the end of the year.
    Question is, "do I need more???"

  • bought 5 years worth, one month at a time. painful…… but, used some of the free credit telstra gave me during a recent outage. cheers op!

  • hey, can anyone confirm the time that the deal ends tomorrow? was thinking maybe finish Sunday night US time, so late morning out time ?

  • I am trying to use telsta billing to purchase the GPM a month sub. I have enabled carrier billing and if I try to buy a cheap app it offers telsta billing as the payment method but when I try the gift subscription it does not allow Telstra Billing as the payment only my credit card. I'm on a Galaxy S4 running Android 5.01 using the Play Store App what am I doing wrong ????

    • Fixed it turned out the Music app needed updating after that the carrier billing was available.
      In the end this all turned out a little harder than expected but as a true ozbarganer I preserved :)

      • Similar probs for me. Took about 2 hours to get it working. I was using an iPhone and Telstra SIM for an hour!

        • Ooo did you get it working using an iPhone? How ?? In the end I borrowed a friends old android I couldn't get carrier billing set up any other way.

        • +1


          No .. that was why I wasted the first hour! Doesnt work on iPhone.

  • It has taken a while, but have used my Telstra prepaid credit to get up to 12 March 2018.
    Do you think that is long enough?
    Still have about $250 left in Telstra credit.

    • +2

      I don't think we'll get a better deal on a music subscription service - I didn't have much use for the credit otherwise, so I spent the remainder of mine through till end 2020.

      • Hmm .. 2020.

        Ok, I will keep going then to catch up with you.

  • +1

    Does any know how long the vouchers are valid for once bought. I bought 48 last night (4 years worth). I have activated about the first years worth so far but was thinking that i may activate 6 months every 6 months, so that way if a better/newer service comes around, then i would still have the option to sell these credits on ebay or something, rather than be locked in for the full 4 years.

    • Did you find out? I'm curious as I bought 1.8 years worth of vouchers as well.

  • Is Google play music can only display song name in English even Chinese song?

  • I dont get telstra billing option in payment options :(

    • use android phone.
      call telstra activate 'carrier billing' and wait an hour or so.
      restart phone a few times.
      try 10 times.
      check googling billing.
      after a few hours of trying it will eventually work.

      • You can get carrier billing activated on the 24x7 chat in just a few minutes

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