Any Recommend Compensation Lawyers on The Northern Beaches in Sydney?

I was involved in a car accident that I was not at fault.

My 2 year old is not well after the accident that he could not sleep well for a month now.

He keeps wake up at night and cry.

I cuddle him to sleep, however he wait up straight after I left and cry again.

He used to sleep quite well at night only does it when he is sick. I have taken him to see GP and GP would not find anything physically wrong with him, therefore recommend to see children's Psychologist.

I feel very upset due to my son's situation. Well at least will the other party who is at faulty pay for the doctor bill rather then me?



    which northern beaches?

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    Just stop right there.

    A lawyer is going to cost much much more than what a child psych will. A lawyer is looking for a big pay out to cover all the "hard work" he does.

    Go to your GP and get a mental health plan and referral to a child psychologist.


      Do you know who much that will cost me by any chance?


        Just the gap payment, if there is one. Medicare covers the first ~$88 (not sure exact figure). Just google child psychologists in your area and call them and ask. And get a referral from your gp.

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    Your child sounds like he is suffering from PTSD. When he turns 4 he'll be able to communicate more effectively and it'll be easier to talk things out with him.

    I would just keep encouraging him/her to confront their fears and to allow your child to socialise as much as possible. Hopefully that'll give him/her more courage.

    I've used these guys when someone I knew had an accident on a faulty staircase.

    They're based in the CBD. Sorry if that's too far from your area.

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    The child is two years old. He / she is probably going through the 'terrible two's' At that age the child is unlikely to have any recall of the accident. PTSD - really? Who diagnosed PTSD and recommended a child psychologist? Suck it up, look after your kid and stop looking for a payout.


      Lots of love and kisses should do the trick. :p
      They're adorable at 2. When they learn to speak is when they become a pain in the backside.


    How do you even know your 2year olds sleeping problem is due to the accident?
    I started getting into emo stuff after my parents had a near miss, perhaps I should've taken the other guys details…


    Was your son forward facing or rear facing in the accident? If he was forward facing, has your doctor investigated the possibility that he may have gotten a whiplash injury? If his neck is sore it may be interfering with his sleep.

    I am not making this suggestion to give you something else to claim for against another driver, but so that you can seek appropriate treatment for him if he needs it and it hasn't already been provided.

    EDIT: In fact, if this ISN'T something that your GP has looked into or considered before saying you should just see a child psychologist, I'd be looking for another GP.


    My 2 year old just started doing the same thing, over stimulation their world is widening. Its just what some of them do.

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