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KFC: 9 Original Pieces for $9.95 on Tuesdays (Excludes Wollongong/Newcastle NSW, and TAS)


One of OzBargain's most favourite food deal is back. Starts Tuesday 23/02/2016.

I'm sure confirmation will be up on their social soon.

ib4 fat comments.

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  • +22

    This is why I love living in QLD: it's always cheap Tuesday, this deal is permanent for us. Makes up for all the coupons we miss out on.

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      dont you also always get hot n spicy?…. damn you…….

      • +5

        Yep, that is also permanent….

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          I believe QLD doesnt have the same KFC management as the rest of Australia.

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          you lucky bastards, why the (profanity) dont we have hot n spicy all the time in SA

        • @XCOM v2: different parent companies

        • +1

          We only get Hot and Spicy once a year in NSW!

        • +1

          @grizz_li: No idea why they do that, I thought NSW was more than multicultural enough for it to be all year around.

        • @tonyjzx:

          QLD & WA are run by another company
          Both have H&S all year round.

      • +2

        wait where do you live that hot n spicy isn't always on the menu?

    • +6

      Definitely makes up for the unicameral legislature too! =D

    • +1

      I just moved to NSW from QLD and happily discovered that a large zinger combo is a $1 cheaper here.
      So you can keep your cheap Tuesday, I'll take my cheap everyday.

    • +3

      Has anyone else noticed the quality of the chicken has gone really downhill since this 9 for 9 deal came out?

      • +2

        Taste the same to me. I think when the 9 piece deal comes, they usually cook in bulk and it just sits there. Once a while I get soggy pieces.

        Also read a study where when pays more to dine for the same thing vs paying partial the amount for the same thing, it just so happens to taste better when paid more.

      • +2

        Thanks for your confirmation !! It's smaller, skinnier , more flour than meat , dry hard old meat … But still buy them :) …

        • +1

          Yeah the last ~5 times I've had the chicken pieces they've been incredibly dry and hard. The burgers have been ok though. The chips not so good, very soggy and tasteless.

        • +1

          @cashews: I complained to my local KFC that their chips were starting to consistently be soggy, they were once one of the better stores. The manager apologised and sent me a $10 voucher. Win

  • +11

    something something heart attack
    something something obese

    • +20

      Rather heart attack than kale.

    • Why do you hate freedom?

    • +6

      Haha OzBargainers' favourite food.
      I think we here in OzB are taking away too much profit from many business, so they are now trying to kill us off with KFC.

    • No they are asking for password.

  • +2


    Just about the best fast food deal around imo

    • +1

      yawns it never left for us lol


    • Chicken treat in WA ( coupon ) has got the same deal …

      • Maybe… but it's not the same food.

  • Awesome love my fried chicken.

    • I can sing "Chicken tonight" on Tuesday from now on. LOL

  • +9

    9 Original Pieces

    How many wings do they include and call them 'pieces'

    • wings are great i reckon.

      • +2

        but tiny………….

        • +1

          Microscopic if your local store substitutes the chicken for quail pieces.

    • +6

      Set combination tends to be
      1 breast
      2 ribs
      2 thighs
      2 drumsticks
      2 wings
      =9 pieces

      Edit: ex-employee

      • -2

        That's about 7.5 'real' pieces for me…

      • +7
        • 2 feet & 1 chook head if you smile extra hard
      • +1

        So one chicken.

        • Nope seems to be missing one Boob

        • +2

          @MaMan: Nopes that is one chicken.

          2 x Drumsticks
          2 x Wings
          2 x Thighs
          1 x Breast + 2 x Ribs = the chest part of the chicken

          The chest part is cut into three pieces.

          The breast is the bottom part of the chest part and then the top part gets split into two to become 2 x rib pieces.

        • +2

          @jlogic: I want feathers with my potato gravy.

        • @jlogic: Thank you. I stand corrected.

    • all but i think once ive asked for no wings and no drumsticks and have got it. once they claimed they could only do set combinations and so i told them to shove it and didnt order.

      • +6

        I think depending on the store, if you ask nicely they would do it for you.
        Personally the thighs are the tastiest.

    • In KFC QLD, you get 'a whole chicken' so 2 of every piece except the breast.

    • -1

      Wings… skin, bone, fat with a little bit of meat.. :-(
      I bet they throw in as many as they can with this 9 for deal.

      1 profit item for kfc.

      • not usually but this week i got 5 wings and 4 legs,

  • +1

    Saw the banner advertising it out front if one earlier today in Adelaide

  • Does this include Canberra a well?

    • +28

      No, just the 9 pieces….

      • +5

        I wouldn't want canberra anyway. Would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

        • +1

          That reminds me of Monica Lewinsky

        • Too much Turnbull**** and Bill Shortchange and a thousand other scumbags.

    • It should, I think. They don't always advertise it, but at least the ones I've been to in Civic, Dickson & Belconnen have honoured the deal in the past.

      • Thanks. Civic is almost always closed by the time I get there from my client site but I have Tuggeranong nearby to try.

    • This just means that Kingsleys should follow suit, which means free chicken for me when housemate goes and buys it.

      • +1

        Yep, that's what I'm waiting for. Kingsleys for the win!

  • anyone know the macros?

    • Don't they live next door to the Habibs ?‎

  • +1

    Given past history, this deal should get at least 250-300 votes. The rest are either too health conscious or are vegetarians.

    • -3

      I just upvoted.

      And I'm a gym junkey who lives of IdiotFood2.0 er Soylent er I mean a diet shake that people have been making since like the 1940's. ;)

      Quite why the breathless idiotic internet thinks Rob Rheinhart invented something new is anyone's guess. My guess is they educate themselves by reading headlines only lel.

      I support Freedom (except for the delicious chickens :)

  • Neat

  • +12

    I upvoted cos this will slow down some ozbargainers which will give me an advantage over them on future bargains


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      • +4


  • What is usually the best time to buy this? (as fresh ones taste much better)

    • +8

      When you're hungry on Tuesdays.

    • +2

      Probably 10am, 3pm and 5pm just before peak traffic hits.

    • In the morning 10:00 am

    • Sit around and wait for the hot box to run out then line up for fresh ones.

    • 10.30-11am … No que and first batch

    • You can just ask to wait for fresh ones.

  • +3

    id still rather 24 nuggets for same price !!

    • that's gold !!!

    • Had them yesterday, you think I'm waiting until Tuesday? :O

      • -1

        I don't know, it depends on how low grade you are. do you normally eat dog food?

        • I'm not a slut, so you'll have to use your life experience to answer that question :)

    • Agree with you, love their nuggets.

      • -1

        Have you seen what that crap is made from? It's disgusting.

  • +1

    This is the real reason I keep coming back! KFC is the best, can't wait to taste that skin. Oh that tasty skin!

  • +1

    QLD had this since like, forever.. Used to be good or at least the same quality as any other day. As of late, the 9 pieces were terrible, they were either too small or burned somewhat.

    speculations; sick chicken hence the price,
    recycled chickens hence the price (from any other day maybe),

    just speculations…

    but, that does not deter me from KFC itself, but just not on Tuesday.

    • +1

      same chicken, different day. lol

      probably has more to with the individual store and/or timing. try a different store or go earlier or later

  • +2

    Chicken is better than that chick who said she would even die for you… Chicken actually died for you. Chicken is love #KFClove

    • The chicken had choice you weird person. You do know that? Low level.

  • +2

    Horrible portion sizes, seems like the drumsticks are from malnourished chickens out of China. Just bought this week and It appears that QLD is getting all the third grade chooks and Tuesday is the day to dump it on customers. Will see it the above trick of excluding drumstick works as they appear sickly.

  • +2

    Will the 24 nuggets for $10 deal end at the same time? Or will I be able to get a feed for the kids as well, paying only $19?

    • +6

      24 Nuggets deal will finish in store but will be extended in the Xpress app for an extra week.

  • +3

    Might buy some tuesday night for dinner for the wife!

    I might even get clucky later that night :)

    • +1

      Might need more than 9 pieces after that night… extra mouths to feed and all.

  • +2

    Hooray!! Obesity city here i come!!! (love KFC :P)

  • +3

    i prefer the 9 chripsi strips for $9,,, dono why they dont offer then. when it was $12 for 12 split 6/6 it was alot better, but i guess they dont like to listen to their customers.

    • yeah strips is a lot better than this boneless chicken…

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