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Smart Balance Two Wheel Electric Scooter - Samsung Battery - $499 Delivered @ Supreme Gadgets


Smart Electric Self Balance Scooter 2 Wheels Board aka Hoverboard

Blue - Black or White

AUSTRALIAN COMPLIED - ACMA approved - 2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Unicycle 4.4Ah Samsung Battery

Scooterboards/ hoverboards/ self balance boards were making waves in the technology sector starting with celebrities and numerous articles being written about them. Then all of a sudden cheap knock off's flooded the market with new Self Balance Scooter businesses springing up out of nowhere, selling these knock off's which caused the issues such as the boards catching on fire. Now there's more compliance around these boards a lot of the overnight businesses that sprung up have now disappeared. The reason why the knock off's were catching on fire was because the battery chargers were not compliant and the battery inside the scooter was a cheap version of a Li-On Battery.

  • Now our boards are from the same manufacturers as the big named retailers
  • Best materials used and all compliant with Australian law
  • ACMA and Australian approved charger and board
  • All tested before shipped
  • Genuine Samsung Battery used
  • 350w Motors

Don't pay up to $798

Our's is the same deal for only $499 (including free shipping Australia wide + 12 month local warranty - deal with us directly)

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    Oh no…

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      Rep, site says $749… Got a coupon or something?

      • Prices just updated about 15 minutes ago. Please hit refresh and let us know if there's any further issues.

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      Review on productreview in 3… 2… 1…

      • you mean racist and dank fire memes in 3 2 1

        • Yeah but nah. Sooky store reps with dodgy deals go here

        • @Clear: lol never read that before. true true

        • @kima: Mods had a few of them taken down as Ozbargain gets mistaken for being an actual store sometimes.

  • +1

    What a deal!

    • includes free house fire?

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    Added in chart and it show $798.

    Also please provide the certification for this product which it is full COMPLIED not only the adapter.


    • Shows $499 when added to cart on my screen.

      • they just changed it so by the time I have seen it, it is $798

    • please email us at [email protected] I will forward copies of compliance for board and charger.

  • +10

    Might want to grab some items from the Aldi deal to go along with it (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/236241)

    • Lol…. only need the extinguisher if you're buying this product from a retailer/ supplier who can't provide proper compliance documentation :) This is why we provide full 12 month warranty. Our warehouse is located in Melbourne, even though we provide free shipping, we allow pickups for people who rather deal with someone in person.

      • +1

        Lol you and about 50 other companies in Australia.

      • I think SBOB is referring to putting out the fire in the kids bedroom after the board lights up.
        That fire wont be covered by a 12 month warranty, just a good insurance policy.

        BTW, I don't think your boards will start fire.

  • catching on fire was because the battery chargers

    Citation? I though the problem was with the batteries.
    With Li-Ion, most of the smarts are in the battery, not the charger.

    Genuine Samsung Battery used

    I think you mean cells?

    • The cheaper Li-Ion batteries caught fire due to overheating.

      The cheaper non complied battery chargers caught fire due to overheating too

      • Your website says:

        Scooter is a commuting machine instead of a transportation machine


        • Id assume that means "put yourself on it but not all your junk as well"

  • You can't use any electric scooter/bike with engine above 250W on Sydney roads/footpaths.

    • move to a better city

  • We understand each state and council's have differing laws about using these smart electric scooters in public places. We advise all customers to check with your local authorities in your state to ensure that it is not illegal to operate your scooter in public places. Private property is fine and I believe all of Queensland is ok to use on public places

    • Correct, in all Australian states except Queensland these can only be used on private property.
      Everywhere else yo can get hit with fines for operating an unregistered vehicle and an uninsured vehicle.
      Amounts to a few hundred bucks and differs from state to state.
      It's not a council matter, the states legislate these matters.

      It always annoys me that sellers know this full well and don't put it on their websites.
      The best you'll see is "check with your local council" or whatever.
      Bonus points for the above statement that gets much closer but it should still be on the website I think.

  • Seems to be a decent deal considering you're getting a free wheel on your new "Self Balancing Electric Scooter Unicycle"

  • AUSTRALIAN COMPLIED - ACMA approved - 2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Unicycle 4.4Ah Samsung Battery

    Is that the charger itself or everything?

    • -1

      Everything - board and charger are ACMA complied, otherwise we wouldn't be able to import them

      • Is there any proof? You're not the first to come on here claiming it is when it's not.

  • They cannot be used in most states

  • NEW Feature: Will not burn down your house and kids

  • How can this be "ACMA approved"?
    What has the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) got to do with it? It's not a transmitter and it doesn't seem to have any form of RF communication so that statement is obviously a lie.

    • Labelling is a fundamental element of the ACMA’s technical regulatory arrangements. Labelling indicates compliance with all applicable ACMA technical standards and associated record-keeping requirements.

      Products that are subject to an applicable standard listed on the ACMA website must be labelled with a compliance label prior to the supply of those products to the Australian market.

      • Yes, but ACMA do not do the approval. That is managed by ERAC.
        Also, I am unable to find this product or the supplier on the ERAC database. So unless they can provide the approval details, I'm sticking by the fact that it's a lie.

    • +1

      Hopefully it doesn't generate RF interference and cause noise on my HAM gear;-)

    • The motor will emit some RF but I'm no expert so I don't know if this is within the remit of ACMA.

      • As far as I know, ACMA simply requires that some sort of compliance takes place for non-transmitter based electric devices. They don't take part in the compliance process. That is done by other organisations. Once the compliance (eg A-Tick, etc) has been completed, it goes into the ERAC database which can be searched here.


  • -1

    Wow OP your English is very good!

  • eBay is selling this for $330 from an Australian seller.

    Way overpriced!!!

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