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115 $0 Categorised eBooks @ Amazon (Links Inside)


Been a long time since I did one of these. All free at time of posting. Enjoy :)

us au Baffin's Desire for Fire
us au Elphie & Dad go on an Epic Adventure
us au Little Bird, Little Bird, It's Time For Bed
us au Spike the Dinosaur
us au The Perfect Shade of Green

us au Love and Money
us au Pride and Prejudice
us au The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
us au The Tale of Two Cities
us au Wuthering Heights

us au 30 Minute Meals
us au Asian Cooking
us au Cookie Recipes
us au Low Carb Recipes
us au Top 30 Easy & Delicious Recipes

us au A Fate of Dragons
us au Greensmith Girls
us au Phantasia
us au Sparks and Ashes
us au Touched By Magic

us au An Eye For Murder
us au Cocoa and Chanel
us au The Actress
us au The Sheikh's Secret Bride
us au Tomorrow I Will Kill Again

us au Dios Contigo
us au El Amor Huele a Café
us au Libro en Español Para Niños
us au Revista Maná
us au Yo no la Maté

us au Clean Food Diet
us au Lose Weight Fast
us au Organic Body Care
us au Quit Smoking Today
us au Reflexology

us au Foraging
us au How To Raise Backyard Chickens
us au The Working Chicken
us au Tiny Homes
us au Woodworking For Beginners

us au From Away
us au Left Alive
us au The Bank of the River
us au The Hunting Tree
us au The Scarecrow

Info Tech
us au Content Marketing 2016
us au Deploying Windows 10
us au Google Adwords
us au LINUX: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
us au Niche Sites With Affiliate Marketing

us au Basic Japanese Expressions
us au Medical Dictionary English-Spanish
us au Spanish
us au Speak German Now
us au Speak Japanese in 90 Days

us au Charlie Chaplin
us au Eleanor Roosevelt
us au Her Unwanted Child
us au Murder in the Synagogue
us au The Kennedy Brothers

us au Catapult Your Business to New Heights
us au From Ramen to Riches
us au Penny Stock Trading
us au Save Money Without Really Trying
us au Upward Entrepreneur

Mystery & Suspense
us au 3 Lies
us au A Suspicion of Strawberries
us au Buried
us au Once Gone
us au Sign Off

us au 100 Things This Father Wants His Daughter to Know
us au Indoor Activities For Kids
us au Invisible Grandparenting
us au Ten Fingers & Ten Toes
us au What To Get When You're Expecting

us au 47 Little Love Boosters
us au A Smart Woman's how to Date a Man Guide
us au Divorced Before 30
us au Get Your Ex Back
us au White Rice Dating

us au Cowboy, I'm Yours
us au Hit the Road Jack
us au Marked
us au Misled
us au The Consequences of Love & Sex

Science Fiction
us au Last Stand of the Legion
us au Planet Urth
us au Rising Tides
us au The Symbionts of Murkor
us au The Wrath of the Orphans

Self Help
us au Brain Hacks
us au Chakra Balancing
us au Free Your Mind
us au Parables from Shambhala
us au The Universe Doesn't Give a Flying F* About You

us au Experiencing Father's Embrace
us au Hope Being Gone
us au The Daily Walk Bible
us au The Holy Bible
us au The Pursuit of God

Sports & Outdoors
us au Chest and Arms Workout Plan
us au Eaten Alive on the JOHN MUIR TRAIL
us au Run Faster With Less Effort
us au The ABC Workout Plan
us au The Ultimate Camping Experience

us au 14,000 Miles Through the Air
us au 6 Months in Thailand
us au Backpacking Europe
us au Guide to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics
us au Havana Tips and Tricks

War & History
us au Children To A Degree
us au Smoke Boat Sailor
us au The Art of War
us au The Black Death
us au The Crusades

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  • +ve vote for posting the titles (unlike some other here…..)

    • +18

      A + vote from jv. May have to screenshot this and show the grandkids one day.

      • +3

        This is a defining moment in history TA, all of OzB is joining you in celebrating this moment :)

      • I got +ve'd by jv twice! I feel like I can die in peace now.

    • i like your sarcasm

  • Thanks, might read me some dickens and always appreciate some new cookbooks.

    Lol also, someone wrote a 'How to get your ex back' book.


  • the au website for The Black Death is still $1.39 while US website shows $0.00

  • thank you!

  • +2

    Just remember to check the price before you 'Buy now'! A few of these have changed.

  • woodworking for beginners no longer free in AUS
    same for Quick and Easy Recipes: 30 MINUTE MEALS

  • The Black Death AU comes up as $1.39

    http://www.amazon.com.au/Queen-Seven-Stories-Illustrated-eBo... (Illustrated novel written by Hans Christian Andersen) and
    http://www.amazon.com.au/Timothy-Tolliver-Bully-Basher-Bully... (Timothy Tolliver and the Bully Basher: A Story About Bullying, a Living Robot, and Its Young Inventor) are both $0.01ea.

    Massive thanks TA once again.

  • Cheers TA!
    No longer Available: The Pursuit of God
    No longer Free: The Crusades, The Black Death

    • All still available and free via the US link.

      • My account is Australia is there a work around without setting up another separate account?

        • On amazon.com -

          Manage Your Account> Manage Your Account and Devices> Select the "Settings" Tab> Select "United States"

        • @carlenet: Thanks but now it asks for a physical US address. Do I just put in some random address? Also can it be changed back?

        • +2

          @figarow: Hmm, I can't recall it asking me that, but I did change mine to the US many years ago.

          Yes, it can be changed back easily in the same manner and the physical address is a shipping/billing address that you'll obviously never use.

  • +1

    Thanks but about 40% of them aren't free on the Australian store.

    • +1

      I've just gone through and checked all the links again. I've expired the ones that are now charged. Please remember these were all free when posted. It's unfortunately the nature of the beast with these eBooks and you need to grab them quick before they revert to full price :)

      • Just updating you, a few more of the cookbook sales have ended too. Thanks for the link though!

  • Thanks!

  • No longer Free in US: The Crusades, The Black Death

  • Thanks :)

  • Impressive compilation of books.

  • Terrific post, I secured many hours of new reading material. Thank you :)

  • Thank you! :)

  • Black Death and Crusades are still free on US amazon

  • Thanks, as always, TA. I got these results just now:

    • The classics were all still free for me just then.

  • Great post, thank you for the time and effort in putting it together.

  • White Race Rice Dating

    Oh… might've actually been interesting…

  • I don't agree with the Spiritual category being just Bible books. That misrepresents Christianity as a spiritual pursuit. Just label it Christianity since there's no other books listed for Buddhism, Hinduism, Astarte, Meditation etc.

    As much as I don't agree with the category name, I'll plus this because of the effort clearly put in.

  • Thanks TA

  • The reviews for Brain Hacks are clearly fake.

  • Another great list. TA = legend!

  • Parables from Shambhala is now 4.33

  • dam these finds, makes me have a back log of reading to do!

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