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Powerade Silver Charge 600ml - $1.50 Via 7eleven Fuel App & Cheap Fuel


Download the new Fuel Price Lock-In App from 7eleven and get a 600ml bottle of powerade for just $1.50. Just look in the offers section once you've downloaded it.

Good idea with the fuel lock-in price too.

Register on the app to find your lowest prices locally and lock in that lowest price for the next 7 days when prepaying for your fuel.

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  • What do yhey actually mean…lock in the price?

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      Yes, it protects you against price rises in the next 7 days. Providing you pre purchase your fuel via the app.

      Today is a perfect example. Some servos on the Gold Coast have put the price of unleaded up by 25c a litre today, no doubt the rest will follow suit.. so the app finds the lowest price for any local 7eleven (which incidentally was based on the price at 6am this morning - 92c). You can then lock that price in for 7 days by pre-purchasing upto 100 litres of fuel. Then when you need the fuel, show them the barcode on the app at the counter and save.

      Works out at around $15 saving for me if prices stay high for the next 7 days.

      • What if you do not refuel for 7 days can you lock new price? Or if price reduce during the 7 days do we release and acquire a new lock?

        • Reading the lengthy t&c's, it appears you would need to wait for that 7 days to expire before you can lock in a new price. And as your account is preloaded with actual money. If you don't use it within 7 days, the balance just stays there.

          So in other words, if the price of fuel goes lower than the price you locked in you can just use your balance on your card and pay the regular pump price.

        • @gooddealmate: Thanks… Installed it as most of the time the cheap fuel around me is at 7-11 when i check on compare the meerkat….

      • Do you have to get the fuel from the 7eleven that had the lowest price or any?

        • Redeemable anywhere nationwide, but getting the best price to the lock in appears to be based on your local 7 elevens.

  • Thank you very much!! I live next door to a sev eleven!!

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    FYI - I just installed the app & it showed cheapest lock-in price in my area for e10 @ 111.9.
    Using the Woolies fuel app there is a servo close by that currently is 98.9 with rewards card or 94.9 if you also spend $5 in store.
    Just sayin so that you make sure you have a good look around.

    • Mines the other way around. Regular Unleaded is 93.9 @ 711 and 124.9 @ Woolies/Caltex. Good thing I don't need to get out of bed to go fill up now :D

    • So true! Independent fuel stations are usually cheaper too. Don't like this pre-paid service as I cannot get 2% cash back off my ING card. But I can see how this can be beneficial for some!

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    Price is Rising in melbourne….

    • yep. From under a dollar a litre, to 1.25 a litre overnight

  • $1 Snickers 3 Nut 2-Pak is a better deal for me. The Powerade is try now for $2 anyways on their website so only a 50 cents saving.

    $1 Popcorn is better too as the Salted caramel is the best and worth the $2 regular price. I haven't tried the other flavors.

    • I got the sweet chilli popcorn once and it was awesome.

  • Just got one. Not a fan of the flavour.

    • I tried it today. Tastes like lemonade. Quite refreshing.

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