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Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick $558.40 Pickup @ The Good Guys eBay


NEW Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick - Might as well get the best of the V6 range at this price.

1.35% cashback via Cashrewards

Original CTECHIE eBay 20% off deal post

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    You are an absolute handstick

  • Good price.

    Thats pretty good for the absolute.

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    Thanks OP, got one.

  • -2

    A little bit more, I'd pay $265 for this.

  • Good find. Paid $585 for mine which I thought was a good deal at the time.

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    These things really suck.. in a good way ;)

  • Thanks OP. Great price! Just ordered one :)

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    Stealing this from mcduncan2 from a previous post.

    Grabbed the V6 Motorhead.
    For everyone interested.
    1. All V6 models come with the Crevice tool and the Combination tool.
    2. V6 (basic) comes with a head that has a air-powered rotary brush.
    3. V6 Animal comes with air-powered rotary brush head (as per basic) PLUS a smaller 'Mini Motorised' Animal Hair specific brush.
    4. V6 Motorhead doesn't come with the air-powered rotary brush head. Instead, it has an electric powered brush-head, which has more power and is better for heavier carpet, but uses the battery faster. This model also comes with the 'Mini Motorised' Animal Hair specific brush.
    5. V6 Fluffy comes with the fluffy rotary head for cleaning, not the electric head, or the head that the basic and Animal comes with. It does also come with the 'Mini Motorised' Animal Hair specific brush.
    6. V6 Absolute comes with the electric motorised head for deeper carpet, and comes with the fluffy head for hard floors, and the 'Mini Motorised' Animal Hair specific brush. It also comes with the better HEPA filter.

    So, comparing the models to the basic V6
    V6 = ~ $356
    V6 Animal = ~ $559.20 . .. So the extra $200 only gives you the mini motorised brush (definitely not worth buying this sale)
    V6 Motorhead = ~ $462.40 , So the extra $110 gives you mini motorised brush, an upgraded to a better carpet brush,
    V6 Fluffy = ~$462.40, so the extra $110 gives you a mini motorised brush, a soft fluffy brush, (but no carpet brush)
    V6 Absolute = ~$558.40 , so the extra $200 gives you a mini motorised brush, an upgraded to a better carpet brush, a soft fluffy brush,

    • Pretty sure you are incorrect about the animal. It does have a motorised head. The are electric prongs going from the end of the wand into the turbine head that comes with the animal and at the bottom of the head, it has electrical information sticker with voltage and regulatory info. I'm 99% it's motorised.

      I got an Absolute to add to our Dyson collection. X2 V6 serve our purposes better than 1 V6 + 1 DC54 Animal. Excellent price considering I paid $600 almost a year ago for the Animal

      • I bought a v6 animal before and then a v6 normal for my girlfriend's house.
        Only difference is different coloured tube…..same main vac part, same floor head.
        The animal came with an extra mini motorised tool that I've never actually used apart from the first time unpacking and trying everything out.
        If I had hairy animals that sit on the couch maybe…..

        The absolute in the deal is a good deal.

        I wish I'd bought now just the cheaper v6 basic that I recently bought, for the GF and this absolute for myself.

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    shame the battery lasts less than 10 mins on turbo, ill buy the next version (if the battery last longer)

    • -1

      actually its 20 mins..

      • +2

        Supposedly 6 or 7 minutes continuous with the "max" button on.

        20 minutes without max.

        • I haven't timed mine (V6 Motorhead), but I would be surprised if I got 6 minutes on turbo. Having said that, I rarely use turbo and I can do my whole 2 level 2BR house including the carpeted stairs on a single charge. My biggest issue with it is the small dirt cannister but I suppose that is the tradeoff for the size of the unit.

  • wow that is incredibly cheap. paid the same price for the fluffy late last year. was waiting for the absolute to drop but it never did sigh

  • This is a very good price!

    I was always skeptical about dysons and their price. The missus got the absolute as an upgrade from our miele s5.

    On the first day we bought this, we had already vacuumed in the morning so gave the dyson a test go. To our surprise, it picked up so much dust. I was blown away!

    This thing lasts us around 20 mins which is plenty for our 25sq home and charges pretty quick too.

  • Why get this over the much cheaper v6 stick ? The suction and capacity are the same the only difference I can see is washable filter surely thats not worth $200 more?

  • Finally bit the bullet, thanks OP, it hurts but it hurts good!

    I wonder if I should've gotten the V6 instead….$214 price diff >.<

  • Paid $555 previously. This is a good bargain.

  • +2

    Also available for free pickup at Bing Lee, or $10 postage:

    • Saw that - just curious if one company is more preferable over the other (better for warranty, customer service, etc…)?

      • The Good Guys at least have their 30 Day Price Guarantee. Not sure if that applies to eBay purchases, but I did get a genuine sales invoice from them so it might still be valid.

        • Nope, I bought the Absolute in store yesterday and only saw this today - rang them and the store rep said that eBay is a separate (and is an online) company so they don't do price match with them - quite BS.

          Thankfully I've only unpacked mine and haven't used it, so I'll just need to repack it and get a refund, and purchase a new one after the refund ( and before this Wednesday of course )

          Bit of a pain on the backside…!!!

    • Bing Lee stores give an ETA of ~10 days for pickup whereas TGG give same day or next day. Not sure if it's a worse case scenario, but went with TGG just in case.

      • Yeah, I saw that too, but I ordered last night and they called me this morning saying it was ready to pick up from the Haymarket store.

        I bought from Bing Lee just because the store was closer to me.

    • +1

      Thanks for mentioning this, ordered from Bing Lee Haymarket in the morning picked up in the afternoon, very happy.

  • Thanks Op. Bought one. The JR in the commercial brought back fond memories of my JR.

  • I was going to buy the standard V6 but wanted the mini motor head for an upcoming dog purchase. House is a mix of floorboards and carpet and in the end I got the Absolute in my typical upgrade-itis style. Great price though so can't really complain. I see this taking over as the main vacuum (older style Dyson barrel with no motor heard etc).

  • Thanks mate,
    I was about to buy this two weeks ago for $628. Then did a bit of research from Ozbargain for the lowest price it was on sale earlier. Looking at the past sale prices dropped the idea. This is a good deal!! Purchased it today & will be picking up in the eve. Hope its a good buy.

  • thanks, just got the absolute. better price than my mate who works there could get!

  • bought one from the ApplianceOnline deal, i thought Dyson products was all hype and now using the V6 Absolute im sold, this machines sucks majorly.. pun intended.

  • Got mine delivered. It was wrapped in black plastic. Upon unwrapping, i found an empty plastic 'invoice enclosed' pockets stuck directly to the dyson box. But it was empty. Thought that was a bit strange (there was one of these envelopes already on the outside). Anyone get the same?

  • Thanks Heaps! Just Purchased mine via Ebay and works like a charm (also got one for my mum). will be picking it up tomorrow.
    Been waiting for a decent sale/promotion before i got this and this is a huge discount.
    Love this site :)

  • I bought the motorhead version, should have gone with TGG, Bing Lee shipment is very slow

  • No idea what this is or what it does (I know Dyson specialises in vacuum machine products but I have no idea what a handstick does…) but my mother and I were browsing around in Dick Smith (~$650) and she thought to buy one of these as a gift. I hopped on OzBargain and found this. She bought two and picked the free pick up option. Cheers!

  • do u charge this all the time? hows its electric consumption?

    • Leave it plugged in, charges as needed
      No more than anything else.
      You won't notice it

  • Am I too late for this one? Price is coming up as $719.20 for me:(

    • Have you apply coupon CTECHIE at checkout page?

      • I was trying through TGG but when I tried Bing Lee I got it for $568 delivered - thanks!

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