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$1 for the Return Flight (Pay for the Outgoing Flight) @ Tigerair


Just went to take advantage of the this deal and noticed that my return Gold Coast-Melbourne flight was only $1!

Update: Deal now available again and officially advertised.


^^Pay to go, come back for $1

^^$1 Light fares are only available for the return sector for two-way travel and on all domestic routes, during the specified travel periods and return sector must be on a Tuesday or Wednesday only. No day restrictions apply to Sydney to/from Coffs Harbour, Melbourne to/from Coffs Harbour and Sydney to/from Whitsunday Coast. $1 Light fares are subject to Light Fare conditions set out below and may attract a booking and service fee depending upon choice of payment option. Outward bound trips are additional fares and all other usual Tigerair Light fare rules apply.

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  • Thanks. Traveling dates?

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      Looks like Tuesday/Wednesdays in May/June

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    Seems to be Tuesdays and Wednesdays have $1 flights when I checked SYD-MEL.

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    Looks to be working on all legs, I just checked early May and it pairs up with that current sale!

    $90 return Per-Mel! Wow

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    The fare then doubles when you fill in passenger names, glitch in system. My bad it seems that baggage is automatically added, needs to uncheck

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    Thanks so much jezzaj87, great first post!

    • +9

      Ive been a long time lurker, I'm glad I finally found something to give back to the community :)

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    Just make sure you're not pregnant..

    • +4

      How to check?

      • +2

        I believe that the Crocodile Dundee test is an effective early screening assessment. ;)

        • +1

          I thought that test is only to see whether or not you'll cop it for a pair of bollocks

        • @muncan: Yup, if you fail that one though you know you're definitely not up the duff…I do have to acknowledge the test limitations though, it is very much a preliminary screener, further assessment may be required! :p

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          @StewBalls: c'mon StewBalls, don't leave us hanging here

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      you talking about the post on facebook about the family in sydney??

    • Not 35 weeks pregnant,anyhow

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      That Aileen Chand woman did the wrong thing, and she knew it. It's a shame that Tiger gave her a refund just to put on a good face for public relations.

      The conditions of carriage of airlines are well disclosed at the time of purchasing tickets. If the airline's cut-off for accepting pregnant women is 35 weeks, it doesn't matter if you're "just 2 days over". You are over 35 weeks, plain and simple, and it should be the onus of the passenger to realise whether they are eligible for the ticket that they are purchasing.

      This is what I don't like about some good-for-nothing individuals. These select group of deficient people think that they are entitled to everything, even if they're wrong. That 35-week pregnant woman knew she was wrong, she knew she was pushing the limits of the airline's conditions, but I bet she thought that she could get away with it. Even if she didn't know, that's not anyone else's fault except hers and hers alone. The fine print isn't there to be ignored. Don't like the conditions? Vote with your feet - choose another airline that meets your needs.

      When she got caught out upon boarding, she had the nerve to call Tracey over at ACA to push her claim that 'Tiger don't allow pregnant women to fly'. How does she think that she is entitled to any compensation when she failed to adhere to the conditions of carriage and the airline is not to blame?

  • nah can't see the deal anymore

  • +1

    Great find Jezzaj but it appears to be a glitch. It becomes the normal price once you continue to the next step.
    Have you or anyone purchased any flights with the $1 return?

    EDIT: Glitch appears to have been fixed, can't find any $1 returns anymore.

    • +1

      I purchased with $1 return, anyone else get one?

  • That was fun

  • +11

    damn… it changed just as I was getting Jet Star to price beat… :(

    • +4

      hahaha a true Ozbargainer

    • +8

      Price beat $1?

      • +5

        They pay you to fly

  • +1

    Probably a sign of an upcoming sale

  • yeah I had a look cheap flights then all of a sudden price went up.

  • damn I was looking for SYD-PER. By the time I search for a new date the price is back to normal.

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    Nice one jezzaj!

  • MEL-SYD return still has $1 return 4-5 May

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    FYI these are back online

  • These prices seems to come and go!

    Looking at PTH-SYD, a return ticket works out at $90 - forward leg $89 and coming back at $1.

    Don't forget use your MasterCard debit card, then there's no booking fees.

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    Sale advertised on the 3rd page of specials on the main page :)

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      Looks like its not supposed to work in conjunction with the other special, but it does!
      eg PER-MEL says $175 with $1 return, but the $1 return also works with the special $89 fare.
      I suspect they will close this loophole soon!

      • Other sale finishes in 24hrs or so, so the 2 sales are combining :)

      • They sure as hell are combining.
        $35+$1-10%=$32.40 for a JetStar price match.

        Sweet Jesus!

  • Just booked MEL-PER return in mid June for $90. As mentioned by others the return was on the Wednesday for the $1 price. Great deal, thanks for the post.

  • Legendary thanks OP. Just managed to price beat Hob-Mel, Mel-Per, Per-Mel & Mel-Hob for $164 (all with seats).

    • +1

      Welcome to Australia, Tasmaniac!

      • It's a bit like that, us poor Tasweigens have to fly to Melbourne first :/.

  • Thanks for the post! Managed to get MEL-CFS(Coffs Harbour) for $36 return.

  • They'll be paying us to fly soon!

  • so upset that i booked yesterday 😭

  • Good time to get in with jetstar price beat

  • So does that mean they can cancel your return flight and refund you $1?

  • Does MEL mean Tullamarine or Avalon with Tigerair? Only flown to Melbourne with Jetstar before.

  • does anyone know when this ends?

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