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Flight Centre Gift Cards at Woolworths, Get 20% Back as Woolworths Dollars (~16% off)


Requires a Woolworths Rewards card. Get Woolworths Dollars back with Flight Centre Gift Card purchases. Limit 5 per person. Effectively a 16% discount on Flight Centre purchases.

Buy a $75 gift card plus a $3.75 fee, get $15.75 in Woolworths Dollars
Buy a $150 gift card plus a $7.50 fee, get $31.50 in Woolworths Dollars

Buy using a 5% off egift card and the discount becomes 21.25%.

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        • @bbqwer: I was thinking to buy the JR pass too!

          Do they offer any price beat for that? or at least a price match? :D

        • +1

          @nightfever: price-match for sure. 5 days ago I was quoted $347 from flightcentre, same price as http://www.jtbtravel.com.au/

        • @bbqwer: NICE! :D Thanks man. I am excited! :D The place I normally get tickets from is called HIS Travel - www.traveljapan.com.au

          They have it for $347 as well :D

          Have fun in Japan, I am going to ask Flight Center tmr if they also sell any Universal Studio Tickets too :D

    • There are plenty left at Marsfield (where I got the last 7 I needed).

    • My maths is pretty poor.

      What value eGC should I purchase through cashrewards to buy 5 x $150 flight centre GCs?

      • +2
        1. Buy 4 in one transaction (if you don't mind calling over the attendant)
          4 x $157.50 = $630. This will give you 4 x $31.50 = $126 in Woolworths Money.

        2. Buy the last one. You should get $120 off this shop.
          $157.50 - $120 = $37.50. This should give you $31.50 more Woolworths Money + the $6 remaining = $37.50 remaining on your card to use later.

        The amount you need to buy is $630 + $37.50 = $667.50 (max is $500 per card so you'll need more than one).

  • So is there any confirmation if you can actually use Woolies GC to buy flight center GC?

    • +1

      Yes. Supervisors at 2 stores didn't care in the slightest.

      • Thanks =)

      • Also I cannot get my head completely around the process.

        For a $1670 flight do I:
        1. buy about $1300 of Woolies-eGC online
        2. Go to Woolies and buy 5 FC-GC
        3. Repeat step 2 another 2 times in new transactions. Each subsequent transaction will have the $31 credit applied as a discount, there for less I have to pay on the WC GC


        1. buy about $1300 of Woolies-eGC online
        2. Go to Woolies and buy 9 FC-GC
        3. Claim cash rewards and buy more Woolies-eGC
        4. Buy the remaining FC GC

        Sorry for being slow. Just I cannot work out the logic here =/

        • +3

          Just get a bit more than you'll probably need. You top up your Opal later with the remaining if necessary.

          For everyone's sanity buy in lots of 3 cards but get the last card in a single transaction.

        • last Question.
          Can you use your Woolworths reward dollars to buy the gift card?

          If so, do those dollars automatically come in when you scan your rewards card?

        • @Jase_: Yes and yes.

        • @cooni:

          Thanks! Now hopefully I can do this at a Self Serve so I can make sure everything is done right =)

    • +1

      You definitely can.. I have done it personally before for a variety of gift cards, and others have mentioned it too, including cooni.

      edit: Whoops a bit slow

      • Thanks =)

  • Are people getting the cashback right away?

    • +1

      Yes. Well it applies to your next transaction…

      If you were asking about the cash rewards 5% off, it's applied as a discount when you buy the eGift Cards - so also immediate.

      • do one at a time at self checkout, after the first one each 150 card is 120 bucks pretty much.

  • Has anyone bought the Woolworths e gift card via entertainment book? I bought some this morning but hasn't come through yet. What is the length of time you had to wait?

    • I haven't personally but it looks like it goes through the same portal website as Cash Rewards.

      Mine came through after about 2 hours last night. In the past it's taken up to a day but usually just a few hours.

      • Its been 7 hrs now and still nothing…

  • Another thing:
    Looking back at my many receipts, sometimes the reported WW Dollar balance is wrong at the bottom of the receipt.

    At one stage I had a balance of $90+ but it only took $40 off the next transaction. The balance at the bottom of this receipt was $50 short for what my running total should be but the next transaction after, the missing balance returned and was applied as a discount.

    Sometimes the WW Money balance lags - don't worry, all your money will be there - but maybe you'll need to shop at Woolworths again (which we're all going to have to because the last card you buy is going to earn WW Money anyway).

  • Anyone know if you can scan a temporary woolworths rewards card when buying these? I have one, but I need 10 cards so I assume I need to use another (due to the max of 5 per user). Obviously I then need to activate card online before I can use the rewards dollars?

    • You won't need two cards. I bought 22 with one card.

      Not sure if temporary cards can claim the dollars first or not but just activate it!

    • You can't get woolies dollars with a temp card unfortunately.

      • What about if I have activated the paper card yesterday and was planning to use it today?

        • +1

          If you registered it online then you should be able to use the paper card :)

        • @ssjmark:

          Thanks mate!

      • +1

        Actually, you do get Woolworths dollars on a temp card, you get 6 months to activate it and claim the $. Did it myself.

        • Right answer is here.

  • +1

    Can someone please confirm if they got woolworths dollars if they bought more than 5 cards

    There is a limit of 5 per customer in the catalogue

    Wondering if they have enforced the limit on the rewards card in a way where you cannot earn woolworths dollars for the 6th card

    Can someone who has bought more than 5 cards please confirm ?

  • I can add I just purchased 30 over 2 stores. First store inner west Sydney only let me have 10 since they only had 22 left in stock. I then went to another store and used the self service. I found out like above that if you buy 4 or more the attendant required messages come up. With some suspicion I did all 20 remaining. Also when you buy egift cards wait 1hr to use then, I tried 4 minutes after I got them in my email and it declined. Now to flight Centre

    • -2

      Very greedy of you.

      • Excuse me they're for my family of 5 to visit our relatives overseas. Read the above posts, nobody is just going to buy 1 or 2. Finally some stores will have boxes of these, I know from last time when a staff at Woolworth opened the display when I bought 1 card in another offer a year ago.

  • It is really incredible that they don't even enforce the 5 cards limit on each rewards card.
    On the $150 cards it is a 19.05% net discount!
    And it is a 25.3% if you use 5% off gift cards!
    And considering that you can get FC to mach the cheapest quote you can find this is really a winner!
    Just have to hope that FC does not go belly up as DSE!!!

    • +1

      There is a $7.5 activation fee which brings the card to $157.50 as written in OP's post. 16% is the "net discount".
      then it is 5% off $126 which comes to $119.70 for a $150 valued card.
      This make it 20.02%

      If you bought it with the bigw gc then it would be 24.40% off.

      Either way still a big saving but not as big as you had hoped

      • Combine with AMEX Dan murphys deal, deal of the year!

      • You are right. I was calculating it as how much more value you get for what you pay (i.e. you pay $119.7 and you get $150 value…gain 25.3%). Your discount calculation is the correct one.

  • People still able to buy more than 5?

    • Would love to know this too

      • Yes yes it works. Just bought 8 $150 at ww wolli creek.

  • +2

    i ended up purchasing $5400 total (36 cards). Pretty happy for a family of 5 I am saving almost 1.1k

    Tempted just to upgrade from economy to premium economy on our next holiday

  • Managed to snag the remaining $75 ones at my local…hoping to snag some more tomorrow. Cheers OP!

  • I get 11% off all of my Woolies groceries delivered to my door. Simply go through cash rewards for 1% and use my Woolies credit card for $10 off. Keep the purchases at $100 lots to avoid $11 deliver fee. It kind of makes this FC deal less attractive to me but i can see it is worth it for others. Come to think of it i might still do it :)

  • Fantastic opportunity to get a good discount on our upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

    Have purchased quite a few today. One store wouldn't let me do more than 5 per card so I went to another store and did 20. Will be going back again tomorrow to hopefully get some more to finish paying for our trip completely.

    Have had them credited by my FC travel agent already against my account.

  • What would suck is if theyc retroactively enforced the 5 purchase rule on all the cards

    • Too late when the woolies bonus has been used :)

  • Anyone know how to check the flight centre gift card balance to see if its activated properly?

  • just price matched bestjet at flight center, for $1192 bne to paris…. using fc gift cards came to $1011.

    couldn't get the egift cards in time…

  • Just purchased five $150 FC vouchers using eGift cards. Sales person said i could not use vouchers to purchased gift cards. Manager said the same. I basically refused to take no for an answer and they scanned it and it worked no problems.

    Then went and purchased five more $150 cards at another Woolies. No questions but weird looks!

  • So I bought 50 * $150 in the end, 20 of which have already been redeemed for flights. The other 30 will be used for accommodation and tour booking within the next month or 2.

  • How long is this available until? Is tomorrow the last day?

    • +1

      today is last day but it may be really hard to find stores that still have stock

      • +1

        Today last day. Many ww has plenty of stock. Moorebank area radius 10kms always have stock.

        • if I purchase $1000 of flight centre cards for a $900 flight. the remaining $100 (from a $150 card) can be used at a later date right?

        • @teehee: yes remaining balance valid 12months.

  • Man, this is such an amazing deal, I hope they bring it back again, bought 6 of the $75 last night. Will use it to buy the Japan railway tickets I need later this year :D

    Thanks to OP for posting it!

  • Happy Days - Yesterday I took advantage of the Woolworths offer and booked accommodation through the Flight Centre and paid with the Gift Cards.

    Total Savings $325.

  • Picked up $3k worth of gift cards, saved over $500, flights to Hong Kong booked !

  • Anyone managed to open an account at Flight Centre and redeemed their GC's with a view of having no expiry date on their credit? I spoke to my local FC branch and they said the credit in my account would still expire as per the GC. So I'm not opening an account.

  • Gift card I think expires in 13months?

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