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Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Bracelet w/ Heart Rate Monitor AU$21.19 (US$15.99) Shipped @ TinyDeal


Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Bracelet w/ Heart Rate Monitor for only AU$21.19 (24 hours limited). The orders will be shipped within 48 hours.

Main Features:
Heart rate monitor
Free password to unlock android phones
Call reminder
Sports tracking
Sleep monitor
Alarm clock

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    • +3

      That's the original Mi Band for $19.92 AU, the 1S starts at $29.76 in your link.

      • -1

        get your select right, as you have selected the wrong model (also its the app only price)

        • +2

          ur wrong smacko - AngryAlfred is right - check again

        • +9

          the 1S on the app costs US$21.26 - the first gen (non heart rate) costs US$14.23

          can people stop negging comments for no reason - they are not very helpful

        • @smacko:

          Only Mi Band 1 is showing up as $18.93 on aliexpress

          1S is showing up between $28.27-$30.89.

          The app price is still cheaper than the web price shown for each model, but very misleading by aliexpress.

    • +2

      get off the smack

  • About the call remind,

    Does this mean that the band will vibrate upon incoming call?

    • yes - you can set what apps give a notification vibration & if you are an android user there are some really cool fully customised apps that allow your phone to communicate with your miband for a variety of notifications.

      • As sinners007 said, only Android gets extra features such as vibrate alerts/wake up alarm and auto unlock if band is nearby.

        iOS users get the basic suite of steps counter, hr monitor (also continuous hr monitor via seperate app) and sleep measurements.

        • +1

          Wake up alarms works on IOS

        • How's the vibration intensity? I only needed this for call reminder only = )


        • @notewar:

          i have one..

          call vibration won't work properly if u are too far away from the phone…
          and if u are in sight of a phone, then the vibration is pointless..

          I turn off vibration to conserve battery…
          and also it gets annoying fast.

          Lasted for 40 days between recharge.

        • +1


          I got it mostly for call notifications, works fine for me.

          Works fine within bluetoothrange, not sure what tyler is talking about

        • IOS gets alarm and incoming call vibration too

        • @aldoduco:

          i am talking about if I leave my phone in a living room and walk out to the kitchen, I notice and vibration.

          There's a very short blutooth range that will cause vibration to not work.

          Also had a vibrations for emails and it was annoying get vibrations every time an email came in.

          Also I prefer to have longer battery life…

        • @Baxters: holy cow, I just discovered a new feature :) Gonna test it tomorrow when i have to get up 4am to catch a plane, it better work!

        • @tyler.durden:
          The call notification is a bless when outside in a noisy env… like Easter show… I could hardly hear the ring but the vibration was very noticeable.

          I also like the alarm feature, but 3 alarms seem not enough for me….

        • @mauxmee:

          Why don't u have your phone on vibration and keep in in your pocket.

          Problem solved.

          Alarm feature is alright, I never really need it cos I wake up at the same time each day without alarm.

          For a $30 item, it pretty good.
          And does 90% of what a fitbit does.
          Plus it last 40 days or longer..I like this better than other devices that need to be charged every 5 days or daily (ie smartwatch)
          Problem is while u are charging each of those fifth day, you are losing tracking data.

          Only shit thing is the app is too basic.

          The best app is the jawbone UP connect app.
          Only wished it was able to use the miband data.
          You can only use google fit data or only their jawbone device..


  • Good price.
    I have been using the First Gen Mi Band. Great device.
    Now thinking of getting a Smartwatch to use with other app like: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/240955
    I do not want to carry the watch and a Mi Band.

    • but now u need to charge smart watch daily..so that will be another chore..

  • +1

    I can't get my band paired. The lights flash, I tap metal sensor, it says it's paired, then 5 seconds later it says it's not paired and I'm back at the start.

    • +1

      I had quite a bit of trouble getting it paired but then it just worked and suddenly it was all fine and been fine since… try pairing with a fully charged phone and also restart the phone after installing the app and then try pairing.. I for the life of me could not work out where to "press" as the lights would sometimes never come on for me until it just happened to work eventually.

    • Most likely the app. Go to the mi fit forum and download it there.

    • +1

      I had two of these - one paired quite easily while the other took a few goes. Make sure you do the pairing far away from other bluetooth devices - especially another Mi Band 1s.

  • Will this only work properly with either a phone that has Android 5.x (it mentions 4.4 as well which confuses me) or above or a Xiaomi branded phone?

    Think i got it. Unlock function will only work with Android 5.0 or above (if you using android phone).

    App itself will work with Android 4.4+ (and bluetooth 4.0+)

    • Works fine on iOS, should be fine on android

    • Was more concerned with not getting complete experience unless you are on Android 5.0 (im on 4.4)

      • I don't think you get smart unlock on 4.x

  • Purchased 2 of these Xiaomi Mi Bands 6 months ago .. very flacky and frustrating to get going .. could not recommend!

    • +2


      I found it way easier to set up than fitbit.

    • If you are going to throw away the ones you don't want, I am happy to pay postage๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Are these actually any good for tracking run calories? I want a device that can continually track heart rate like the Apple Watch, not something that's only going to check every minute or whatever.

    • +6

      and you want that for $20

      • It was a question. Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing.

        • Good reply .. probably doesn't have a clue ..

        • -2

          Good reply .. probably doesn't have a clue ..

        • -2

          Good reply .. probably doesn't have a clue ..

        • @Look43Bs:

          More like Look43replies amirite? :)

        • +1


          thanks for not double posting!

    • +1

      "Are these actually any good for tracking run calories?" Define good? It tracks calories.. presumably based on steps, so not sure if it adjusts for running rather than walking. "I want a device that can continually track heart rate like the Apple Watch, not something that's only going to check every minute or whatever." By default the stock app only does it on demand… you can purchase other apps.. the one I purchased can monitor continuously if you set it to that.

      • Thanks for your response!

        Actually I worded it really badly. I don't mind if it only tracks on demand, i.e. when I go for a run, but I want it do do it frequently, not just every two minutes while running. Get what I mean? Ideally it'd integrate with Runtastic. but that's probably a pipe dream. If you could use the Apple Watch with Android I'd get that, hands down. But you can't.

        I've google around and I can't actually find the measurement frequency. I'm looking at some YouTube videos now.

        I'll probably grab this. At that price, if it's shit, who cares!

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQSl8UzmOA4

        This review actually says the exact opposite of what you said, that it only tracks intermittently in the background?

        • +1

          I don't have time to look at the review but what I said was the stock app does it on demand, and by that I mean you press a button, it takes you heart rate.. 1 off reading .. that's it.. I have purchased "Mi Band Tools" and that has much more functionality and I checked it before posting as I actually had mine on continuous as it turned out.. and changed it. It bought up a graph with my heart rate for the last hour… but I could not seem to go back historically, so may well be limited as well but technically does continuous. It can link in with Google Fit and possibly other apps as well.

        • +1


          On IOS: there is an app called MI HR that works with strava, runkeeper, apple health, etc. the paid version tracks HR continuosly.

          battery will last a few days if HR is on all the time tho.

    • This is not the fitness tracker you're looking for. Go with a fixbit which tracks hr and calories and compiles all the info in a cool app. Mi band is basic as, sure you can get continuous HR, but it won't record / graph it for you. I wouldn't trust the calories used, I went mountain biking the other day and boy did I do lots of steps

      • +2

        $30 vs $180+

        I rather get this, then that overprice fitbit.

        also 40 days recharge is better than 5 days.

    • If you want to accurately track your heart rate you want a chest strap, not a watch.

      • I have one. It's a huge pain in the ass and the running apps never connect to properly.

        The Apple Watch tracks your heart rate really well on your wrist. The only reason I don't have one is because I use an Android phone.

  • why is this one more expensive http://www.tinydeal.com/xiaomi-mi-band-1s-heart-rate-sleep-m... ???
    it has a diferent model number and i think it comes in differnt packaging but i cant see what it does diferent ???

    any one ??

    • +2

      The cheaper one says it's packed in simple packaging which means it'll probably just be the band+cable+manual in a padded bag and not the original packaging (fairly large and heavy box iirc). I'd go for simple packaging unless you're really keen to have the box sitting around?

    • The one you link to says waterproof..? they do look the same though…

      edit: had a closer look and both are IP67 waterproof (i.e. not for swimming)

      • oops, took mine swimming last week… still works!

  • I would buy/upgrade to the 1S if/when reliable/working continuous heart rate monitoring (instead of on-demand) is available for Android?

  • +1

    Are these things actually decent? I see them pop up a lot here.
    Comparable to other fit-band products or a waste of money?

    • it's not bad.

      I have one and been using it for 40+ days.now.

      It lasts 40 days between recharge, vs fitbit 5 days or smart watch 1 day.

      It tracks sleep and steps..

      The steps tracking is good but if u are washing your hair, it records those hand movements..
      So u will 200 steps while u are in the shower.

      Does fitbit do the same thing?

      • +2

        Yeah i always rack up about 1000 steps in the shower for some reason and i dont even wash my hair

        • +2

          You must be doing something else in the shower then lol

        • +1


          Yeah im stumped. Only started once my gf left me. Hmmm

        • @rowshow: Pure coincidence…

        • +1


          So u call your mini me "stumped"?

          1000 steps?
          Does your stump look like this when finished?


    • same as what Tyler said, they're pretty good value if you want to try out a fitness/sleep tracker device

      I;ve had mine on for a week now, it's surprisingly comfortable and im someone who cant stand wearing watches/jewelry

  • How do people find the shipping time on this?

    I'm going overseas on 10 April so need it before then. The more expensive shipping looks to add on quite a bit to the price

    • Not a chance. You will be lucky if they ship it before 5th April. Shipping from their warehouse to Australia takes upto 2 weeks unless you want to pay for express.

      • Why on earth does it take two weeks?

    • +1

      Bought this from them from a previous deal, took a bit more than 2 months to arrive.

    • I bought this from TinyDeal and it took 29 days to arrive. They do give you a tracking number so you can track it online. The package seemed to be go from Asia to Netherlands before being sent to me.

  • +1

    Never pay for express, no difference from normal delivery, did that and missed the date I wanted (for a birthday present) by a big margin, on top of that they sent the wrong item!

  • No Sleep as Android integration, plus a manufacturer that tries to lock out 3rd party integrations by constantly changing the firmware is a dealbreaker for me.

    • +1

      no fart tracker either. This deal is rotten

      • Agreed, it stinks…

  • +1

    Wife just had a baby several weeks ago & I've been using it primarily for the alarm - works great without waking the little man.

    The steps counter is useless at least for me, but the notifications is great for the work environment if you dont like having device too loud.

    • Probably a dumb question, but can you explain how the alarm feature is setup?

      I'm looking at buying one just for this feature.

      • +1

        I use the free Mi Fit app and the alarm setup is in the app itself. There's also a 'Early bird' setting where it wakes you up when you're in light sleep less than 30min before the alarm time.

  • +1

    hand movements…. in the shower….

    • +4

      hey, it all counts as exercise right?

  • Good price if your willing to wait 2 months for shipping to Australia. Bought this from them on one of their previous deals:

    Only arrived last week, bought a more expensive Garmin after 1 month had passed so now its just sitting on the side :/..

  • so is this the same as xiaomi mi band 2?

    • Mi Band 2 doesn't exist, but some places are advertising the 1s that way.

  • I tanned after a short visit in Cairns and then I got this. Guess what. The hr monitor just doesn't work. It says in at 160, 180, 195bpm when I'm in bed. Utter crap. The silent alarm is handy. The steps taken are very inaccurate. Nothing good here. I was comparing it tk my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge stats. I waaayyy off. Don't waste your money.

    • +1

      But what were you doing in bed when your heart rate was going up?? ;)

      • +2

        Thinking of Ozbargain deals?

    • +1

      I haven't found that at all.

      I use a Polar H7 chest strap to get the HR when I work out and those are supposed to be very accurate. Today I compared the continuous H7 HR readings against the instant Mi Band 1s readings (using the free Mi Fit app) and found them to be within 10% while warming up (ie H7-96bpm vs 1S-106bpm)and pretty much spot-on during intensive workout (ie H7-144bpm vs 1S-145bpm). I haven't done a comparison of the HR while at rest but I just did a reading on the 1S-76bpm which sounds about right.

      How does your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does HR readings?

      • It has a heart sensor on the back. The alarm works well. The notifications work well but for whatsapp too and I get a million messages can't figure out how to have notifications for calls only.
        Haven't charged it since I got it so it's going strong.

  • +1

    Would this be worth getting just for the silent alarm? Anyone think of any other product which would be better/cheaper for that purpose?

    • +1

      I bought the 1st gen for the silent alarm when my wife was pregnant. It works/worked really well, and allowed me to get up without disturbing her too much. I don't need it anymore now that I have a mini-me, although it has been "interesting" to look at the sleep tracking and just how little deep sleep I get now compared to 18 months ago.

      • Thanks ebosh….we've got a 6 month old, and I was hoping to use it to get up for work without waking the wife.

        For a second there I though a mini-me was some other gadget with a silent alarm :P

        • +1

          Yeah, it works really well for that. FYI I have an old Nike GPS watch and went for a couple of runs with the band on one hand and the watch on the other and they were both within 100 metres of each other after about 8km.

  • Price is now showing AU$20.99 each.

    • Bonus 20 cents saving.

  • ordered one from Gearbest for USD$15.59 http://www.gearbest.com/smart-wristband/pp_263275.html?wid=1

    • Good luck

      • Thanks, I ordered more than 10 times last few years and so far so good. Happy with their service and price, email correspondence would be a bit of delay sometimes.