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Mind Games Brighton VIC - Closing down Sale Ends June - 50% off Family/Kids Games, 10% off Trading Card Games


Mind Games Brighton is closing down and we are offering the following discounts off EVERYTHING in the store.
1. All Red stickered products 50% off - things like family games and kids games, joke/gag stuff
2. Trading Card Games such as MTG, Yugioh, Pokemon and LEGO/Duplo - 10% off (does not include booster boxes of MTG unfortunately)
3. EVERYTHING ELSE in the store is 20% off. That includes all the strategy games, chess sets, backgammon, jigsaws and other games.

We will be running this through to the end of June 2016. See you soon!

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Mind Games Brighton
Mind Games Brighton

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  • It would be great is sale is available online as well.

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      Hi, this store doesn't have an online presence so its just in the bricks and mortar shop.

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    You can check prices with: http://www.boardgamesearch.com.au/

  • Any prices that you might be able to post OP?

    • Anything in particular? Our range is quite extensive. Do you want the euro and card games or young people's stuff?

      • A friend of mine is interested in CAH (US). Anything on those?

        • Reduced to prices: CAH $39.20 and 1-6 Expansions $20

        • @Foxecat:

          Thanks, and how about board games? Popular items here have included Monopoly + variations, Scrabble, etc…

        • @Foxecat:

          OP - just inboxed you.

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    Prices for the various Ticket to Ride and Catan games would be appreciated

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      T2R's reduced to $72
      Catan base, Cities & Knights, Traders and Seafarers - $64
      Explorers… $72

      • Thanks mate, appreciate the quick response

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        thanks for listing the prices, personally I was hoping for better prices than what could be found online :(

      • Is that $64 for the Base And the 2 expansions? or $64 each? is that with or without the 20% discount?

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    Sorry to hear you're going out of business. Good luck in your next venture.

    • +1

      Thank you! It is sad, but on to new and exciting things. Mind Games will still be around… just not Brighton

    • Second this sentiment. Best of luck with what's next.

  • How much is "werewolves"?

    • Werewolves of Millers - $16.80
      One Night Ultimate Werewolf - $36.00

  • Pandemic and expansions ?

    • At this stage only have expansion In the Lab. Expecting a back order of pandemic to arrive shortly. I'll update here with the prices tomorrow.

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    Do Nanoblocks come under LEGO or are they 20% off?

    • Nanoblocks are 20% off.

  • Do you guys sell Bicycle Playing Cards? If so, please advise costs. Thanks.

    • Yes we do sell them, very low on variety though.
      They'd be $8.00 for the majority and some special foil ones are approximately $15.60

  • Oh, you made the post :) Thanks for the Splendor game today and good luck with the new ideas!

    • Hi, yes, thank you for the advice. I hope you have enjoyed Splendor?

  • Looking for the price on a couple things: Cosmic Encounter expansions (Dominion, Storm), Eldritch Horror: Strange Remnants, and Legendary: Marvel

    • Hi Scott482, I don't have the expansions to Cosmic Encounter or Legendary Marvel. Eldritch Horror Strange Remnants is now $36.00

  • Sorry to hear it cuz, greetings from Perth! Good luck with the next venture!

  • Shame you're closing down. I love browsing stores like Mind Games but have to admit I rarely buy anything. I sometimes wonder how much success stores like this have nowadays.

  • @Foxecat, would you be able to share the prices of these games:
    - Pandemic Legacy
    - Viticulture Essential Edition
    - Tigris and Euphrates
    - Lewis and Clark
    - Castles of Mad King Ludwig
    - Eldritch Horror
    - Imperial Settlers
    - Yedo
    - Lords of Waterdeep

    • He geox124
      Sorry for the seriously late response.
      I actually don't have most of these games in stock.
      Lewis and Clark is $80.00 reduced by 25% now.
      Check out latest update on Closing down sale.


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